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Engine Component Damage (UK TPI)(2029773/4)

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If you suspect that the fuel is the cause of the engine damage, it is the responsibility of the authorised
repairer to investigate this further. Fuel analysis suppliers operate regionally and should be utilised
where necessary.
Note: Volkswagen Group would always advise that fuel chemical analysis is used as a last resort. In
the first instance, always use your own ability through smell/appearance to make a judgement. Where
necessary, address your suspicion with the customer and ask that fuel receipts are inspected.
Special tool VAS 6774 can also be used for analysis of the diesel fuel. However, this tool does not
replace laboratory testing. Please contact for questions about this
special tool.

Warranty accounting instructions
Claims where the failure is not caused by a manufacturing defect will be debited. This includes repeat
failures as a result of not considering the advice within this TPI.
Do not refer to this TPI when considering a warranty claim – this is a workshop guide only.

Parts information
Refer to ETKA

Customer information