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Engine Damage (UK TPI)(2030808/1)

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Technical product information
Engine Damage (UK TPI)

Transaction No.: 2030808/1
Release date: 06-Sep-2012

Customer statement / workshop findings
Poor running, non-start, damage to mechanical components, engine noises, loss of coolant or oil.

Technical background
The following TPI has been created with the aim to assist workshops when considering major unit
replacement. Although no obligation has been set, it is advised that the attached forms are completed and
attached to a DISS report (not a technical enquiry) in order to ensure your diagnosis follows a logical
sequence and is clearly documented in support of your repair.

Production change

The forms found in the attachment section of this TPI have been split into check lists (a PC with Microsoft
Word installed is needed to view the files):
Check list 1 – Compression test, cylinder leakage and oil pressure measurements
Check list 2 – Cylinder head assessment
Check list 3 – Piston and bore assessment
Check list 4 – Crankshaft and bearing assessment
Please also refer to the check list named “Petrol/Diesel Engine Condition Assessment Check List” as a
prerequisite to assessing engine damage.
When considering a replacement engine, please use the attached forms as a record of damage found. Where
possible, images should also be taken to support your findings. Guided Fault Finding should always be
completed and any stored fault codes investigated through to a conclusion.
Note: this is NOT a reporting obligation. Volkswagen Group UK are always looking at continual improvement
methods and as such would like the cooperation of the network when faced with damage to the engine.
Completing the attached forms will help with product quality analysis and provide a strong case to the warranty
team when considering a claim.

Warranty accounting instructions
Although there is no obligation to complete the attached forms, their use will ensure your diagnosis follows a
logical sequence and is clearly documented in support of your findings; which will also support a clear
auditable record of your findings.
Normal warranty/goodwill terms apply.

Parts information
Refer to ETKA.

Customer information



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