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We would like to offer students at your university the opportunity to take part in Azafady's unique
and award-winning volunteer programmes in Madagascar. Azafady is a UK registered charity
working in partnership with a Malagasy NGO on sustainable development, community health and
conservation projects in the southeast region of Madagascar.
Our programmes give volunteers the chance to gain first-hand experience working with a
grassroots development NGO, on projects that have all been requested by local communities and
respond to their directly expressed needs.
By volunteering with Azafady, students will also attain vocational skills, whether it be research
and survey techniques, English teaching or construction, our programmes are ideal for students
looking to pursue a career in conservation, international development or humanitarian work in the
We are still accepting applications for our programmes starting in April, July and October this
year. For more information, please visit our website at or contact our
London office on +44 (0) 208 960 6629 – we would be more than happy to answer any questions
you may have.
Many thanks for your help in supporting Madagascar and we look forward to hearing from you!
Tegan Jones
International Volunteer Coordinator, Azafady

The Azafady Conservation Programme (ACP)
combines hands-on conservation research,
environmental education and community-based
projects in the critically endangered coastal
forests of southeast Madagascar. Volunteers can
choose between a research or community-based
module, enabling volunteers to shape how their
time is spent over a 2 to 10 week placement.

Azafady's Pioneer Programme is a 10-week
scheme, giving volunteers the opportunity to work
in all three of Azafady's project areas community health, construction and sustainable
livelihoods, environmental education and
conservation. Depending on what the local needs
are at the time of your visit, volunteers can
expect to help build schools, teach English to
help locals benefit from the growing tourism
industry, build wells to improve access to clean
water, teach environmental education classes
and maintain tree nurseries.
Volunteers on Azafady's Short-Term Community
Construction programme will take part in a variety
of construction activities such as school building,
repairs and renovations, or working on other
locally requested construction and sanitation
projects, such as the building of wells and
latrines. As with Azafady's long-term
programmes, volunteers on this scheme can
expect to gain invaluable hands-on experience,
working alongside NGO Azafady staff and
local communities.
Azafady's English teaching programme provides
a fantastic opportunity for both TEFL-qualified
and inexperienced English teachers to gain
experience planning and teaching English
lessons. Madagascar's burgeoning ecotourism
industry means that English is a highly valuable
skill which can improve the job prospects for
some of the country's most impoverished

In order to participate in Azafady's programmes, we ask volunteers to make a minimum donation to
the charity - some 90% of which goes directly to funding Azafady's project work in Madagascar.
This donation, which includes volunteers' food and accommodation during their stay, can range
from £595 for two weeks to £2000 for the ten-week Pioneer Programme. Azafady actively helps
volunteers to fundraise their donation by providing a wealth of resources, a fundraising manual and
support from Azafady UK staff and previous volunteers.

Copyright © 2015 Azafady, All rights reserved.
We send emails to relevant university departments worldwide to encourage students to get involved in our
worthwhile and rewarding volunteering and internship programmes.
Our mailing address is:
1A Beethoven Street, London, United Kingdom
London, W10 4LG
United Kingdom

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