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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Anita Glesta's SPIN at Art 15 London

New York, NY – We are pleased to announce that Anita Glesta's video triptych SPIN will
be on view during the Art 15 London Global Art Fair from May 21 through May 23 at
Olympia Hall in London.
SPIN explores how the urban landscape both facilitates and disrupts our awareness of
the moving human body through the medium of the revolving door. The revolving door
was invented to control the internal environment of a building by preventing the loss of
heat. Yet the interior of a revolving door is its own microenvironment in which one is
momentarily "trapped" or suspended in between transparent sheets. Within this glass
cocoon, one is forced to relinquish control for a few seconds and, guided by someone
else's design, trust that the unnatural circular movement of the door is the best way to
traverse the boundary. Through their circuitous movement, revolving doors also offer a
hyperextension of the moment of transition: from exterior to interior, from one
environment to another, and from the journey to the destination.
Despite this complex web of movement symbolism, most people move passively through
the many revolving doors that pepper the urban landscape, with little awareness of their
bodies. In SPIN, men and women move in an unconscious stream of humanity through a
series of revolving doors while talking on cell phones, listening to music, and even eating
lunch. Into this detached and dormant world SPIN interposes the nude figures of a man
and woman spinning apart in a slow, deliberate dance. Their transparent nakedness
shows the human body pared down to its most vulnerable state, while simultaneously
commanding our attention. Nakedness is also an empowering symbol of transition,
bringing to mind birth, death and sex. The superimposed image of the frog brings the

natural world into this dance by formally paralleling the woman’s gestures,
demonstrating that even the most seemingly “unnatural” movements are still connected
to nature through the human body. SPIN ultimately seeks to awaken in the viewer an
appreciation of the moving human body as a physical manifestation of the transitory
period between birth and death, humanity and nature. Limited edition stills will be
available for purchase (contact
Anita Glesta is an artist whose
international works include numerous
large-scale public art commissions
and museum exhibitions. Recent
solo exhibitions include the Museum
of Contemporary Art (Krakow) and
the Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art
and Archaeology (Beijing). Other
museum exhibitions include the New
Museum (NYC), the Museum of Art
and Archaeology (La Paz), the Art
Gallery of New South Wales
(Sydney), the Queens Museum (New
York) and the Hudson River Museum
(New York). In addition to her
museum exhibitions, Glesta’s work
has been exhibited internationally at numerous gallery spaces. She has successfully
realized several major public art projects, including a permanent outdoor integrated
landscape sculpture for the Federal Census Bureau building in Suitland, MD under the
GSA’s Art in Architecture program.
Glesta’s upcoming project WATERSHED, a public art/public space mediascape, will be
projected on the face of the National Theater in London as part of the Totally Thames
River Festival and in New York on Pier 40 in Hudson River Park.
Examples of Glesta's past works can be found at

Admission: May 21 - 23
Art 15 Global Art Fair
Olympia National Hall
Hammersmith Road
Kensington, London

Contact: Cynthia Reeves | +1 917 328 3801 |

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