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Malek Bennabi Middle School
Level: MS4
Third Term English Examination

May 2015

My grandmother
My grandmother was eighty years old when I was a young child. She was
tall and thin. She had small brown eyes. She liked telling stories and was famous
for her jokes.
All kinds of people, young and old, rich and poor, loved her because she
always had a pleasant word for everybody. Children came to her for stories and for
little presents. They were always happy to be with her.
She liked tea and had a special way of making and drinking it. When
children asked her for tea, she served it to them in little glasses.
Children asked her for tea not because they liked it, but because they liked
her little colourful glasses.
Part one:
Section one: Reading comprehension : ( 07 Pts )
A) Read the text carefully then answer the questions:

(02 pts)

1- Children came to her for for stories and for little presents.
2- She liked telling stories and tea.
B) Read the text carefully then say: True or False

(03 pts)

1- My grandmother was famous for her tea. ____False____
2- Some people loved her. ____False____
3- Children always asked her for tea because they like her glasses. ____True____
C) 1- Find in the Text the synonyms to the following:
liked = ……loved……………..

saying = ……telling…………………….

2- Find in the Text the antonyms to the following:

……always ………

(01 pt)


(01 pt)

Section two: Mastery of Language
A) Complete this table with words have the sound from the text:
/ ai /

/ ei /

(02 pts)

/ i: /




B) Supply punctuation and capitalization where necessary : (03 pts)
The weather in London is very cold in winter.

C) Complete the following table:

- Large
- Heavy
- Beautiful
- expensive


(02 pts)

larger than
heavier than
more beautiful than
More expensive than


the largest
the heaviest
The most beautiful
The most expensive

Part two: Written Expression: (06 pts)
Complete the paragraph with one word
donkey - man - souk - the - away - fell
There was once a man who had several donkeys. Every day he choses a donkey and loaded
it with the goods he wanted to sell at the souk that day. One day, the man bought a load of salt
and went to the souk as usual. On his way, he crossed a shallow river. The donkey slipped and
fell into the water. When the man helped him up, most of the salt dissolved and washed away.


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Best of Luck

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