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Ali Brubaker
T +01 404.676.2683

The Coca-Cola Company
Global Public Affairs &
P.O. Box 1734
Atlanta, GA 30301


Partners include FRENDS, Hershel Supply Co., Assouline, Moleskine,
BECKSÖNDERGAARD, Skinny Dip and RooTote
The collection is exclusive to colette for one month before its global

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April 20, 2015


ATLANTA, April 2015 – Born on Nov, 16 1915, the Coca-Cola bottle was designed by
the Root Glass Company in Terre Haute, Ind. With its unmistakable curves and a distinctive
contour, the bottle has become a global icon, inspiring a century’s worth of signature
moments in film, social history, design and the arts.
The Coca-Cola Company invited contemporary designers and artists from around the
world to reimagine vintage artwork celebrating the bottle throughout its 100 years, using only
Coke red, black and white. The result is a stunning array of “mash-up” artwork, which was
introduced in February as one element of The Coca-Cola Company’s campaign to celebrate
the 100th Anniversary of the iconic glass bottle in 2015. The project is a global activation of
design and creativity celebrating the brand’s history and embracing the future through design.
Over 200 designers, artists and illustrators submitted artwork.
“We approached creative minds from around the world and asked them to recreate
iconic Coca-Cola artwork from the last 100 years”, said James Sommerville, VP Design, The
Coca-Cola Company. “We wanted to celebrate our past while simultaneously writing our
future through design. The final selected pieces of artwork both surprised and delighted us
with their diversity and authenticity”
In early April, Coca-Cola and leading retailer colette launched a limited edition
collection of “Mash-Up” products including a new book with Assouline, handbags and
backpacks from Herschel Supply Co., FRENDS headphones, scarves and bags by
BECKSÖNDERGAARD, journals by Moleskine, phone cases by Skinny Dip and tote bags by
RooTote. The collection is available exclusively at colette and through May 7th,
before rolling out globally.
Kate Dwyer, Group Director, Coca-Cola Licensing adds, “To celebrate 100 years of
the iconic Coca-Cola bottle, we have partnered with fashion designers and iconic brands to
release limited edition products throughout the year. By leveraging a mix of design assets from reimagined art to vintage classics – we will offer a wide array of unique and everyday

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April 20, 2015


items from Moleskin notebooks to Herschel bags. Pop-up shops will travel around the world
to showcase the evolving product mix in a brand immersive and experiential environment.”

Coca-Cola, in partnership with French publishing house Assouline, released a limitededition book celebrating the rich history of the Coca-Cola bottle as interpreted by designers
and artists, titled Kiss the Past Hello. The book is available in select retailers and online

Sharing a strong passion for fashion and entrepreneurship Lis Beck and Anna Søndergaard
founded the Danish accessory brand BECKSÖNDERGAARD Copenhagen in 2003. With
their love for colors and Scandinavian simplicity BECKSÖNDERGAARD creates stylish
accessories with a playful twist. A vibrant color palette and unique hand drawn prints has
become the signature of the brand. Three designs for scarves and bags will be available by
Christian Montenegro, Ashley Tipton for Coca-Cola Design and Paul Meates of Droga5. The
collection will be available online at
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April 20, 2015


Based in Vancouver, Canada, Herschel Supply Co. is a design driven global accessories
brand that produces quality products with a fine regard for detail. For the “Mash-Up”
collection, Herschel Supply Co.’s Little America and Heritage backpacks, along with the
Novel duffle, Anchor laptop sleeve, Charlie wallet and Chapter travel kit feature a custom
print designed by forpeople. The bags will be available at Coca-Cola retail stores.

The Moleskine brand is synonymous with culture, travel, memory, imagination, and personal
identity--in both the real world and the digital world. It is a brand that encompasses a family
of nomadic objects: notebooks, journals, bags, writing instruments and reading accessories,
dedicated to our mobile identity. Moleskine objects are partners for the creative and
imaginative professions of our time. They represent, around the world, a symbol of
contemporary nomadism. Moleskine design is by David Schwen of Dschwen LLC and the
collection will be available at

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April 20, 2015


ROOTOTE is a brand specializing in tote bags started in 2001. Each sturdy
ROOTOTE has a handy and spacious "ROO POCKET" (it takes name from a kangaroo's
pouch) on one side. ROOTOTE selected the designs by HI(NY) and forpeople for their
collection. Bags are available at

FRENDS headphones launched in 2011 with the aspiration to give women what they really
want…fashionable electronic accessories that defy expectations of function, versatility and
style. By creating products and experiences that blend fashion, technology and music,
FRENDS has emerged as the must-have brand for fashion electronics. For their collection,
FRENDS has selected the designs by HI (NY) Design, forpeople and Ashley Tipton for
Coca-Cola Design. The set, which includes three styles of headphone covers, is available at

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April 20, 2015


Skinnydip, founded in 2010 by Lewis Blitz and brothers James and Richard Gold is a unique
accessories line. Skinnydip phone cases by Paul Meates of Droga5, HI(NY) HI(NY),
Ogilvy & Mather Paris and HI(NY) HI(NY). Design will be part of the limited collection and
available at
Throughout the year, Coca-Cola Journey will act as a hub for all Coca-Cola Bottle 100
celebration content, providing a single destination for consumers to experience the campaign.

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