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I want to say thank you to a few people for making this project possible. First and foremost is a big thank you to my loving
wife Gillian for putting up with the constant late night typing and gamers in the house. Thanks for understanding my hobby
as a fun and normal thing. I also want to thank my children too. Lailah for her cheering on her old man rather than being
embarrassed. Colby for telling me when something wasn’t right. And to Keeley for being the best tempered baby while I
wrote this and play tested through all hours of the night.
Next, I want to thank Andy Hall at Specialist Games for allowing me the opportunity to bring this project to fruition. Along
with Andy, I also want to thank the Games Workshop staff whom have undoubtedly seen what I have written in the past or
answered a stupid question of mine or even know that I am Arbitrator General on the forums.
I cannot forget the original rules designers, Andy Chambers and Jervis Johnson (Necromunda) and Chris Ward and Stuart
Witter (Ash Wastes). Without their original thoughts none of the following would ever have been played, reworked, rethought, or revised, and maybe would only be found on eBay instead of here in your hot little hands. I know without their
creations I would never have had the opportunity to put my chimera onto the Necromunda table with lots of bits to make it
look out of place, my scratch built buggies, my Nomads, or my scratch built crawler.
Next, I want to thank the team that helped me put this project together. In no order they are…
John Houchins (aka s4G) for help with stories and the re-writes on some of the Ash Waste Gangs. Also, most of the larger
stories through this work are his contribution.
Pat Wells (aka Chops) for help play testing and painting my Ash Waste stuff, anyone in my group knows I cannot paint too
much with a wife, three kids, a full time job, and keeping tabs on the Necromunda online community.
Keith Toms (aka Auzure) for letting me bounce ideas off him and his ever present attention to details and grammer and
sppellign two.
Scott Mc Millian (aka Truckler) for his help bouncing ideas off and his thoughts on how things need to be balanced, or at
least I needed to attempt to get things balanced and allowing the use of the EFF for quick and behind the scenes discussion.
Mark R. (aka mastermime) for helping flesh things out and play testing these new rules.
and lastly, Mark Mitchell (aka Kal), for without our constant bickering over this rule of that, his Mad Max inspired GyroCopter, his initial rules input, and without his copies of Gorka-Morka this project would have never gotten further then my
league’s house rules and a simple little pipe dream. Oh, and for being one of the worst die rollers too.
Thank you again to all of you. Now, on with the topic at hand, how to play Necromunda out in the perils of the Ash
Arbitrator General
a.k.a. Mod_Arbitrator General
a.k.a. Robert J. Reiner