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Durham University is delighted to announce a limited number of fee waiver scholarship
places available for the ‘Energy Transitions in Contemporary and Emerging Societies’
course here at Durham University International Summer School, Course Dates: 13 - 24 July
2015. The waiver covers the programme fee which includes tuition, accommodation in one of
our University Colleges and meals. Participants are responsible for their travel, any visa and
additional subsistence costs.
The course provides a unique interdisciplinary understanding of how energy is shaped by, and
gives rise to, issues associated with development, politics, climate change and sustainability,
technologies and lifestyles.
The school will help you to gain a critical social perspective on the interconnections between
energy and society and how these relate to energy research and practice. Key theories,
methodologies and understandings from geography, sociology and anthropology that will be
introduced include:

Everyday practices (uses, users and understandings of energy)
Governance and politics (who, how and at what scale?)
Behaviour change (who, how and at what scale?)
Materiality/ ‘stuff’ of energy (e.g., energy and transport infrastructures/systems of
Development (where, who by and in what way?)
Low and high carbon lifestyles and transitions

For further information, please visit
We would like to invite students from your University to participate in this programme, please
forward on this information to students who might be interested. To apply for the fee waiver
students need to submit an application before Monday 8th June 2015. Applications will be
assessed on a first come first served basis.
Please do not hesitate to get in contact with me if you have any questions about the
programme or this opportunity.
Kind regards,
Bill Hoare| International Summer School Officer | International Office |Durham University |
The Palatine Centre | Stockton Road | Durham | DH1 3LE | UK
+44(0) 191 334 6248| bill.hoare@durham.ac.uk|
Durham University is a World Top 100 University

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