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Press  Release  

Paris,  19  May  2015    


Stéphanie  Wismer  Cassin,  a  passionate  entrepreneur  and  Chief  Executive  of  the  JADOR  Group,  launches  
Biilink,  The  first  marketplace  for  startups  
Revealing  the  new  economy,  a  global  issue  for  the  future.  

The  new  economy  and  its  ecosystem  are  not  very  transparent  at  the  moment  (for  example,  there  are  no  exact  figures  
the  number  of  startups  in  the  world),  so  it  is  crucial  that  we  get  a  new  tool  to  make  everything  much  clearer.  
Biilink   is   very   committed   to   the   new   economy   and   entrepreneurship,   this   is   why   it   is   targeting   hundreds   of   thousands  
of  entrepreneurs  around  the  world,  to  provide  a  simple  and  attractive  tool,  designed  for  “startups.”    


Biilink  will  be available  from  19  May  2015,  and  will  enable  startups  around  the  world  to  meet  up,  to  reference  and  
promote   themselves,   assess   one   another   and   be   connected   to   the   ecosystem   as   a   whole,   thanks   to   geolocation   tools,  
an  advertising  module  (for  staff  recruitment,  finding  contractors,  guidance,  funding  etc.),  whilst  having  “links”  to  social  
networks   and   various   key   tools   for   the   new   economy,   inter   alia   professional   networks,   finance   platforms   and  
Biilink   intends   to   be   THE   catalyst,   which   will   speed   up   project   management   by   establishing   the   necessary   links  
between  referencing,  communications,  financing,  HR  resources  and  guidance.

A  star  is  born…    

At  first,  Biilink  defined  itself  as  being  a  social  network  for  women’s  initiative  and  mutual  help,,  
by   putting   women   entrepreneurs   in   touch   with   one   another   and   with   a   network   of   business   partners,   who   could   help  
them  develop  their  projects.  
When   Stéphanie   Wismer   Cassin   decided   to   prepare   a   new   version   of   the   site,,   she   based   it   on   her  
observations.   She   had   followed   over   1000   projects   and,   despite   progressive   measures   from   the   public   authorities   and  
private  players,  had  noted  that  startups,  a  major  economic  issue  for  the  future,  were  still  confronted  with  a  significant  
number  of  obstacles,  such  as  the  extremely  limited  time  span  between  concept  development  and  raising   capital,  lack  
of  transparency  in  the  market,  fragmentation  of  resources,  local  isolation  of  players,  protecting  ideas,  etc.  
This   new   platform   is   therefore   aimed   at   startups   and   entrepreneurship   in   its   widest   sense,   destined   for   men   and  
via  the  internet  and  its  mobile  application,  translated  into  French  and  English.    

The  sky  is  the  limit!  

Biilink  has  a  two-­‐fold  objective:    
! Preventing   projects   from   moving   to   other   countries,   reducing   the   failure   rate   by   generalising   resources,  
reinforcing  project  protection  and  supporting  international  exchanges  in  terms  of  “skill  resources.”    
! Showing  potential  and  real  market  figures  with  analytics,  in  order  to  raise  public  authority  awareness,  so  that  
entrepreneurial  standards  worldwide  can  be  harmonised.  
Stéphanie  Wismer  Cassin  says,  “What  about  a  “Gumtree®”  for  startups,  as  instantaneous  as  Twitter®,  with  a  “micro-­‐
blogging”  dimension  like  Tumblr®  or  Medium®,  which  is  so  important  for  young  fledgling  entrepreneurs,  who  just  really  
All   of   this   with   a   sort   of   “matching”   logic   like   an   entrepreneurial®.    
What   is   our   aim?   We   want   to   bring   together   50,000   to   60,000   new   startups   on   our   platform   every   year!    
We   are   aiming   for   a   worldwide   and   far-­‐reaching   potential.   Internationalisation   and   geolocation   are   important  
strategic  elements  of  the  project.  How  could  it  be  any  other  way?”  
“Hi!  I’m  a  business  angel  from  L.A.”  
“Hello,  we  are  developing  our  innovative  startup  in  France.  Here  is  our  concept  ...”  
“Hey  guys,  you  project  sounds  f…  awesome!  I’ve  seen  you’re  looking  for  funds?”  




But  who  is  behind  it  all?  
Stéphanie  Wismer  Cassin  -­‐  Social  entrepreneur    

Stéphanie  Wismer  Cassin  has  been  an  entrepreneur  since  the  age  of  23  and  at  the  age  of  36  is  
currently  in  charge  of  Jador  Group.    
Stéphanie   is   passionate   about   business   and   digital   technologies   and   has   been   providing  
project  guidance,  going  beyond  her  professional  duties  as  manager.    
This  dimension  as  a  social  and  humanist  entrepreneur,  notably  pushed  her  to  create  Biilink  in  
2013.   It   is   the   1st   social   network,   to   provide   business   project   guidance   for   women,  It  helps  women  entrepreneurs  to  get  into  touch  with  one  another  and  
also   with   a   network   of   business   partners   that   can   help   them   develop   their   projects   (banks,  
the  site  brings  together  30,000  women  users.    
 Stéphanie  Wismer  Cassin  launched  3  national  competitions  over  a  year  in  this  framework:  
“Ma  première  entreprise”  awarded  by  Fleur  Pellerin,  Associate  Minister  in  charge  of  small  and  medium-­‐sized  businesses  and  the  
digital  economy,  “Mon  Business,  ma  passion,”  and  in  partnership  with  Marie-­‐Claire  magazine  “Je  crée,  je  développe,  je  pérennise”  
sponsored  by  Jacques-­‐Antoine  Granjon,  founder  and  Chief  Executive  of  Vente-­‐privé  
Her   commitment   to   business   also   led   her   to   take   part   in   AfricaFrance’s   kick-­‐off   meeting   in   Bercy,   which   is   a   Franco-­‐African  
Foundation  for  Growth  chaired  by  Lionel  Zinzou.    
In  May  2015,  Stéphanie  Wismer  Cassin  is  launching  a  new  version  of  Biilink.  Biilink  has  a  community  site  and  mobile  application  and  
will  become  the  first  world  marketplace  dedicated  to  the  new  economy.  

Proudly  Propulsed  by  Biilink  Agency  
Biilink   Agency   is   a   digital   agency.   Its   core   business   lies   in  
developing   collaborative   platforms.   It   puts   its   experience   and  
know-­‐how   at   its   clients’   disposal,   as   well   as   its   internal  
developments.   is   a   typical   example   of   this.    
We  are  constantly  pro-­‐actively  monitoring  developments  in  the  
market.   Our   expertise   and   knowledge   about   various   web  
technologies  mean  that  we  can  develop  all  sorts  of  sites,  applications,  ranging  from  institutional  to  internet-­‐commerce  websites,  
Our   position   as   a   “general   agency”   means   that   we   can   provide   comprehensive   and   tailor-­‐made   guidance,   from   producing   tools   for  
our  clients  to  managing  their  internet  reputation,  whilst  ensuring  strategic  coherence!    Biilink  Agency  is  a  Jador  Group  company.  

Created   and   chaired   by   Stéphanie   Wismer   Cassin,   Jador   Group   employs   105  
members   of   staff,   with   a   turnover   of   €15M   and   3   main   subsidiaries:    
Prestabat  Energie  &  Biilink  agency.    
Hubb  specialises  in  Hi-­‐Tech  solutions  for  brand  distribution  B2B  -­‐  B2C,  in  telecom,  
computer  and  internet  sectors.    
Prestabat  Energie  is  a  service  provider  in  the  field  of  new  energies,  renovation  and  
building  lay-­‐outs.  
Biilink  Agency  is  the  innovation  subsidiary  of  Jador  Group,  specialised  in  digital  
communications.   and,   are   therefore   2   frontrunners   from   a   group,   which   is   committed   to   business   and   making  
positive  contributions  to  the  economy.  The  Biilink  project  is  entirely  financed  by  Jador  Group.  
Its  leitmotiv  is  detecting  talents  to  lead  a  community  of  men  and  women  around  the  group’s  DNA  “one  for  all  and  all  for  one!”  
Press  Contact:  
Agence  Albera  Conseil  -­‐  +33  1  48  24  04  50  -­‐  Farida  Koulibale:  



Editorial: “One for all and all for one!”

I am passionate about business and digital technologies and have been providing project
guidance, going beyond my professional duties as a manager.
This dimension as a social, humanist entrepreneur, encouraged me to create
Without any capital of my own, I invented an internet service, which my group used to
develop this social network specifically designed for business women, who are a driving
force for economic growth, which has never been used up till now.
In the space of a year, the website managed to bring together 30,000 members and helped
us to identify a fundamental need: to highlight players in the new economy and improve the
ecosystem’s visibility as a whole.
Indeed, during a time of globalisation of services and communication, startups are confronted
with several major issues that we are all aware of. Limited time span between concept
development and raising capital, lack of transparency in the market, fragmentation of
resources, local isolation of players, protecting ideas, etc.
Startups need to be identified just like any other market player. Identifying them helps
speed up links between project leaders and financiers, ensuring everyone’s success.
This is why I developed Biilink, the first global marketplace.
This tool is the solution to a major economic challenge. The startup market is
planetary and needs are interconnected and are the same for everyone.
In France, only 322,800, out of 538,000 companies that were created, required funding
and only 352 received backing from a business angel!
So, with the help of Biilink a business angel in Los Angeles can find a startup to back even
on the other side of the world! And conversely, companies will be able to post their
requirements on-line and the whole world will be able to help them too.
Biilink has two goals: stopping precarious business conditions and making the new
economy’s market more transparent, estimated at 300,000 startups according to The
On 19 May a project will be born, which will have a positive impact on the world by
highlighting today’s economy for tomorrow.
“One for all and all for one!”
Stéphanie, Social entrepreneur

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