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Auteur: Marie-Dalia Van Marcke - Iskenderian Alex

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Dear all,
AfterApril24th2015 (Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg) is very pleased and
honoured to announce that as of today, June 3rd 2015, Mr. Arman Sargsyan
joins our managing team as Representative to the Republic of Armenia
(Hayastan). He will be based in Yerevan. Arman is an economist of the
Armenian State University of Economics in Yerevan. Arman has gained
substantial experience in Hayastan setting up NGO work as well as project
management on account of AfterApril24th2015. He speaks Armenian,
English, Russian and has good knowledge in French.
For any questions or informations, contact Arman Sargsyan as follows:
Mobile: +374 950 424 15
Hrachk Hay
We wish Arman our most heartfelt welcome and a successful start in his new
endeavour… A big & huge applause!
Marie-Dalia Van Marcke-Iskenderian Alex

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