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Hotels Near Vernal
Extended Stay Cottages is a family owned and operated business run by Joe and Terri Witt.
Their goal is to provide you with an affordable, clean and comfortable place for you to stay
whenever you’re in the Roosevelt, Duchesne, or Vernal, Utah area.

Filling the Extended Stay Need
Give us a call or fill out our contact form to learn more or to book your cottage today.
When Joe first started doing work in the Uintah Basin as a general contractor, he discovered it
was a challenge to find lodging for himself and his subcontractors. Not only were the options
limited, but the available options were all pricey.
From there, the Witts realized Utah needed more affordable, fully furnished, temporary
housing, and Extended Stay Cottages was born. Since then, Joe has worked building the
cottages andTerri serves the customers and takes care of the cottages.
The couple plans to keep up with Extended Stay Cottages, and since the beginning, they’ve
aimed to welcome out of town workers and vacationers and provide anyone who needs a place
to stay, a clean and comfortable alternative to a stuffy hotel room. These Myton, UT cottages
were made to allow visitors to come and go as they please, without having to pay first and last
month’s rent up front.
Discover why this is a “home away from home” for so many discerning travelers. Whether
you’re coming for a family event or reunion, visiting the Uintah Basin on vacation, traveling on
business or are even just passing through, find out why Extended Stay Cottages is the leading
hotel alternative for the Roosevelt, Duchesne and Vernal area.

Why choose us:
Clean and comfortable
Fully funished
Weely maid service
Spacious secure parking for big trucks
Located in the center of the Uintah Basin
15 min. from Duchesne

10 min. from Roosevelt
30 min. from Vernal
Rates starting at $525/week
No first and last rent or deposits for long term tenants
We host many professionals in the oil field, the building and construction industry, transitional
employees and families, contract professionals, consultants, and those who are visiting the
Uintah Basin for recreation or family reunions. We would love to host you too!

Affordable Extended Stay Hotels
Extended Stay Cottages are private, quiet and actually affordable. They include standard
services such as a weekly maid service and central heating and air conditioning, as well as extra
services and amenities, like included wireless internet, satellite TV, a full size refrigerator and
lots of storage space, a washer and dryer, your own water heater (so you never run out of how
water!) and private, secure parking.
Our lovely cottages are extremely popular with those who have “the inside scoop” on the best
hotels in Duchesne, Roosevelt, Myton and Vernal, Utah. When most people think of “furnished
house rentals,” they usually imagine something far out of their price range or a place that is
only available for lengthy stays in the area. We look forward to pleasantly surprising you with
our rates and policies!
At Extended Stay Cottages, we believe a private house is much more enjoyable than a hotel
room at any time of the year. We aim to provide the best possible overall customer experience;
our goal is to maintain a professional and clean environment so you have a pleasant stay every
time. We guarantee you’ll want to come back!
If there’s anything we can do for you during your stay to make your residence more enjoyable,
please don’t hesitate to let us know. Give us a call today for availability and reservations!

Extended Stay Cottages Guarantee
If you’re looking for a place to stay or a hotel in Vernal, Duchesne or
the Roosevelt, UT area, consider staying in a non-traditional hotel.
Some like to refer to us as an “extended stay hotel” when they book
our houses, but we prefer being your “home away from home.” Our
cottages are carefully maintained, spotlessly clean and always
convenient to your travels in and around Duchesne, Myton, Vernal
and Roosevelt.
Give us a call today for availability and reservations, and feel free to virtually browse our
cottages below.

For more information please visit

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