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Vincent Brioudes
OIE Afrique du Nord, Tunis

Stratégie de l’OIE dans le
domaine du Bien-être animal
ENMV Sidi Thabet
Société protectrice des animaux et de la nature (SPANA)

Journée scientifique sur le Bien-être animal
Mardi 13 mai 2014



Evolution of the animal welfare agenda
 2000: AW recognised as a strategic priority in the 3rd
OIE Strategic Plan (2001-2005)
 2002: Adoption by the General Assembly of National
Delegates of a Resolution leading to the creation of a
working group (AWWG)
 2003: Adoption of the General Principles for Animal
 2004: 1st OIE Global Conference on Animal Welfare,
Paris 2004


Evolution of the animal welfare agenda
 2005: Adoption of the first Animal Welfare

The transport of animals by land
The transport of animals by sea
The transport of animals by air
The slaughter of animals
The killing of animals for disease control purposes

 2008: 2nd OIE Global Conference on AW
(Cairo, Egypt)

Evolution of the animal welfare agenda
 2009: New standards:

– The control of stray dog populations
– The welfare of farmed fish during transport
 2010: New standards:

– Welfare aspects of stunning and killing of farmed fish for
human consumption
– Use of animals for research and education (laboratory
 2011:
– Fifth Strategic Plan 2011-2015 , Reinforcing priority
missions: Animal health is a key component of animal

• http://www.rrafrica.oie.int/fr/RC/fr_focal_points_5.html


The Mediterranean

“increasing demand in animal proteins related to
demography and economical development”

“This leads to the need for live animals, whether for milk
production, fattening or even direct slaughter.”

=> “A region that generally imports meat
and livestock”
• “Live trade is particularly sensitive and media coverage in
case of problems involving cattle transport is always
important, instigated by animal protection organisations.”
(Mediterra 2014)

AW and development of Mediterranean
agricultural trade

• Publication « Mediterra 2014 »
International Centre for advanced Mediterranean
Agronomic Studies

Ch12 - Trade and logistics: the case of the
livestock and ruminants meat chain
(N. Beaumond, P. Chotteau)


AW activities – North Africa - 2013
Animal Welfare and standards on the use of
animals in research and education
• ICLAS Workshop on Animal Experimentation
(International Council for Laboratory Animal Science)

Algiers (Algeria) 20 May 2013, Dr R. Bouguedour
• Meeting of the Tunisian Association of Laboratory
Animal Science
Tunis, Tunisia 8 July 2013, Dr R. Bouguedour


OIE Tool for the Evaluation of Performance of
Veterinary Services (Sixth edition, 2013)

Critical competencies:
Section II-13 Animal welfare
The authority and capability of the VS to
implement the animal welfare standards of the OIE
as published in the Terrestrial Code.


OIE Tool for the Evaluation of Performance of
Veterinary Services (Sixth edition, 2013)


Third OIE Global Conference on Animal
Implementing the OIE Standards – addressing
regional expectations

Kuala–Lumpur (Malaysia), 6–8 November 2012


Kuala–Lumpur (Malaysia), 6–8 November 2012

• 9. support the development and implementation
of OIE regional animal welfare strategies, and
consider the development of a global animal
welfare strategy; and
• 10. with active involvement of OIE Regional
and sub-regional Representations, collaborate
with regional organisations, as appropriate, in
responding to the needs and priorities agreed by
OIE Members at regional and sub-regional level.


Next steps for North Africa?
• AW working group?
• Regional AW Strategy (RAWS)?
Updating of AW national regulations ?
OIE Tunis involvement tbd with OIE
Member from North Africa


Thanks for your attention!


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