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Henry Camille

Key Facts about the EU
The European Union (EU) is an organisation composed of several European
countries that have decided to unite and cooperate for their policy, their
economies and their currencies.

 Euro (€) is the official currency of EU.

The EU flag is blue with twelve yellow stars. These twelve stars symbolize
the perfection, solidarity, United...

 The European anthem is the Ode to Joy (9th Symphony) by Beethoven, a
German composer born in 1770.
 The European Union was created at the signing of the Maastricht Treaty*1,
on 7 February 1992. At first, the
EU had only 12 countries, all already

members of the European Economic

Community (EEC), another European organization.
Since 2013, the European Union enlarged. There are now twenty-eight

Several European personalities called "the founding fathers of Europe" like:
Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman (France), Paul-Henri Spaak (Belgium), Konrad
Adenauer (Germany).

Jean Monnet

Robert Schuman

Paul-Henri Spaak

*1 Treaty : The document formal agreement or contract is written between two
or more states, such as an alliance or trade arrangement

Europa go :
map of EU :
photos of “the founding fathers of Europe”:

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