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3° année - N° 2015-01

Le Dernier Pigeon


10 juin
50 centimes

« Attaquons ! attaquons ! ... comme la lune » Général Lanrezac


59,00 €
The normal price will be
75 €. However players
who pre-order will only
pay 59 € (20% discount,
do not include shipping).
The game will be in

English, but the French
translation of the components will be available
for free download on our
issue has a 11 pages
special report describing
the game's components.
A next issue will provide
a detailed focus on

Pre-order now on


37,00 €


29,00 €


49,00 €

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To celebrate Urban Operations launch, NUTS
offers a 25% off on all his
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... Supplement "Urban Operations" ...
Game system: simple but efficient
From the very beginning the
development of Urban Operations, all the complexities that
occur in urban warfare have
been taken into account. On a
classical game board, terrain
symbols on the map and
specially designed rules help
to represent weapons effects,
which are one of the main
sources of casualties during
urban fightings.
In the same way, the map
system allows the management of distant fire, even from
building to building, as well as
close quarter battle from room
to room. When explosives are
used to breach walls, or when
a shell hits its target, collateral

effects of the explosion are
taken into account. It was also
critical to integrate one of the
major players of today’s
conflicts, which is the civilian
population. The presence of
non-combatants often complicates the way forces can use
their weapons, especially
against irregular opponents.
In addition, the presence of
tactical leaders is a real asset
for assault squads. And
combat service support teams
can deliver logistical support
on the frontline, in order to
status of any element.

Sébastien de Peyret (designer) is an infantry officer,
who has worked for many years to develop a practical system which takes into account all the effects
which result in the urban environment.
His thoughts have been fed by his various
assignments, as an instructor in the French military
academy of Saint-Cyr, on operations, and as the
operational training chief of CENZUB, the French
national centre for urban operations training.

In CENZUB French armed forces are prepared for
urban warfare, thanks to highly realistic training and
learning process, perfectly applied by a dedicated
team of experts, whose competence is famous
throughout NATO.

Bad Kissingen, West Germany, 1985. Warsaw Pact forces conduct a surprise attack. Three mechanised rifle infantry platoons, equipped with
BMP2 infantry fighting vehicles and reinforced with engineer and recce teams, are tasked to control the downtown area before the deployment
of a T-64 main battle tank platoon. Combat team Bravo is to hold the ground for some additional minutes... M1 Abrams tanks are coming !

... Supplement "Urban Operations" ...
2 maps "Europe" (85x60 cm)
2 maps"Middle-East" (85x60 cm)
1 map"Bridge" (25x60 cm)


16 "Scénario" player aids (22x28 cm)
2 dice
186 wooden blocks

4 player aids (22x28 cm)


2 x 80 stickers
120 playing cards

120 die-cut counters

1 rules booklet

3 campaign booklets

... Supplement "Urban Operations" ...

Possibility to open à
breach to enter (attack)
or create a new arc of
fire (defense)
Building room

Building wall
(only passable
by door / window)
Enclosing wall
(possibility to
create a breach)
Tree (blocks
the line of sight)

Opening with an arc
of fire (door or window)

Roof access : for fire
(defense) or assault
the building (attack)

... Supplement "Urban Operations" ...
Many scenarios require
only one map. Maps can
also be assembled to
create wide battlefields.


... Supplement "Urban Operations" ...

The cities of the MiddleEast, more dense and
highly compartmentalized
are a real challenge for
the attacker.


... Supplement "Urban Operations" ...
At the beginning of the game, according to the scenario, many elements are set on the map, face down.
They can also pop-up during the game. Players often get Engineer units to neutralize a part of them.

Barricades slow down and
canalize the attacker's move.

Barricades can be formed with vehicles.
Some can be booby-trapped.

"Improvised Explosive Devices" are booby-traps set by the defender.
"Unexploded Ordnance" are unexploded ammunitions remaining on the
battlefield. If not destroyed by Engineers, their blowout can be devastating.

Urban environment is hazardous for combatants, as damages
caused on civilian facilities can occur heavy danger (toxic
substances, severed electric cables).

When the defender could take time to consolidate his positions,
some buildings can be fortified, or some tanks can be digged
and trenches can be organized.

To breach a wall in a building is a critical asset : one can use
foxholes for sniper or routes to conduct surprise assaults.

Several scenarios require the use of an annex map with an
underground passageways plan (sewer, digged bunkers etc).
Those plans are sometimes not known to the attacker, who always
know, then, where he enters, but never from where he will exit...

Presence of population in combat zones can be a huge challenge.
Some militaries actually apply very strict rules of engagement
when civilians are still in the area. Population may as well be
hostile to one of the camps.

... Supplement "Urban Operations" ...
Blocks spread on the map feature combatants or vehicles ; some have specific capabilities.

Command & control

Combat service support

The company commander, or
Commanding Officer (CO) allows
Platoon leaders within his command &
control range to activate more blocks.

The support team evacuates heavy
casualties, treats slight injuries, resupplies
ammunitions, repairs limited damages...

The Platoon leader (PL) provides a bonus
in combat resolution to any squad placed
within his command & control range.
If eliminated, his platoon is severely

Support teams must regularly
replenish to the logistics team.

Protection of the Command Post (CP)
is critical. When destroyed, drawbacks
are important for the player.

Combat units
Infantry is still the « queen of battles ».
Only infantrymen can hold the ground,
break in buildings...

Engineers are the best asset to neutralize
obstacles or explosive devices, and to
breach walls.

As enemy units are concealed,
scouts identify them at a distance.

The 3rd dimension (artillery, aviation,
air force) observer directs air strikes
and artillery bombardments.

Snipers are a permanent threat to
Commanding Officers, platoon leaders
and tank leaders.

Some infantry squads are equipped with
ladders, thanks to which they can, for
instance, climb on a roof in order to recce
a building from the top.

Well protected and armed, armored
vehicles can be used as personnel carriers.

Because of their limited angles of sight and
fire at short distance tanks must be protected
by infantry. When at distance, their firepower
is a definitive asset.

... Supplement "Urban Operations" ...
Wooden blocks deployed on the map are grouped into units. Each of them is materialized
by a playing card that describes all its specifications (fire power, type of weapon...).

Exemple of a french infantry platoon (80'-90')
Support team

Platoon leader

Combat teams

Exemple of a soviet T-72 tank platoon (80')
Support team

Platoon leader

Numbers represent the strength of fire depending on the distance (close range in red, then up to 35m,
then up to 70m, then up to 105m, then up to 140m). The tanks are highly vulnerable to the infantry at
close range, but from 70 meters they can fire with their 120m gun. The units without anti-tank weapons
are then in great danger (which is not the case for the French above with their rocket launcher (LRAC).

... Supplement "Urban Operations" ...
Urban Operations contain 16 scenarios grouped in 3 campaigns.

In Fulda 1985 players will
have to make the most complete use of combined arms
assets. The scenarios will
introduce the first contacts
between NATO and Warsaw
Pact forces, the one doing
their best to deny passage of
the others towards Western
Europe main cities.
- 6 scenarios playable independently or in a great campaign

In Mogadishu 1993, western
units face somalian militias in
highly asymmetric battles
- 4 scenarios with US troops
playable independently or in
- 1 scenario with French
(sous-groupement de Saqui
de Sannes)
- 1 scenario with Italian
(check point Pasta)

The Four Aces campaign
groups the symbolic fighting
of elite units from 4 great military nations :
- US Marines from the 1st
Marine Division in Fallujah
(Iraq) in 2004
- French Foreign Legion
paratroops from 2ème REP in
Kowezi (Zaïre) in 1978
- British 1Desert Rats during
the battle of Bassrah 2003
- Russian Parachute units in
Groszny (Chechnya) in 1999

For each scenario, there is detailed synopsis in the campaign booklet and a player aid for each player.

... Supplement "Urban Operations" ...
Exemple of a "scenario" player aid for the Lead the way scenario (Mogadishu 1993)






The briefing describes the background of the battle and defines camp goals


The map provides informations on the tactical situation and locates goals


Most scenarios use a player cards deck and a few special rules


For each unit (call "impulsion"), the player knows the blocks to deploy, the "unit"
playing card used, de units setup...

... Supplement "Urban Operations" ...
URSS troops breakthrough at Gelnhaussen : exemple of a huge scenario (URSS side)

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