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Landscape Design Scottsdale AZ
Welcome To Our Site
Green Art Landscape specializes in the design and
installation of pavers, retaining walls, landscaping, water
features, shade structures, outdoor remodeling, custom
stone & masonry and outdoor kitchens.
Green Art Landscape is at the forefront of paving stone
installation. We enjoy what we do, are constantly striving
for excellence and warranty our work from the ground up.
We believe that as people become aware of the superiority
of a segmental pavement and that as we continue to require
our customer's overwhelming approval of our installations,
we will continue to be a dynamic leader in an expanding
Landscape Services
Green Art Landscapes is a full service Landscape and hardscape
company, specializing in total outdoor remodeling. We can
transform your outdoor living space into a beautiful paradise for
entertaining, cooking or just unwinding from the daily grind.
Experts in indigenous plants and craftsmen in the art of stone and
masonry, we can combine all of the elements of nature into a
functional environment for you and your family to enjoy for years
to come.
Some of our popular services include:

Outdoor Remodeling
Landscape Architecture
Plant/Sod Installation

 All Masonry
 Water Features
 Barbecues
Shade Structures
At Green Art Landscapes we can custom design and install a shade structure to suit your needs. The
addition of a shade structure to your landscape can be aesthetically appealing as well as a practical
feature. Shade structures allow you to enjoy your outdoor areas during the summer months; giving
you shade from the sun. They are perfect for residential and commercial properties including
playgrounds, gardens, parking lots, water parks, patios, courtyards, pool areas and other outdoor
Having outdoor shade and protection from the suns UV rays is very important in the prevention of
skin cancer. So if you have beautiful outdoor landscapes why not make it safe to enjoy all year
round? We can help you create a shaded outdoor structure that allows you to safely entertain your
family and friends. Whether you desire an outdoor awning, pergola, patio cover or a gazebo; our
team will work with you to create the most functional shade structure for your property.
Shade structures provide sun shade and can add visual appeal to your landscape. They also can add
value to your property by extending the living space you have into the outdoors. You will get much
more out of your property and increase the space you have to spend quality time with friends and
family. Creating shade around your pool, patio or BBQ area means more fun times in summer
without being concerned about getting out of the sun. You can enjoy the summer a whole lot more
when you create sun shade!
Water Features
Water Features not only add an aesthetically pleasing feature to your property but they also create
a soothing tranquil oasis to help you relax at the end of a hard day. Our team of experts will guide
you through the process from the design phase, the installation and the maintenance requirements.
At Green Art Landscapes we have many years of experience in creating beautiful water features for
residential and commercial landscapes.
Green Art Landscapes will custom design and install a wide range of water features including
fountains, ponds, pond less waterfalls, koi ponds, wall fountains, garden fountain, water fall, bird
bath or pool water feature. Take a look at our water feature gallery to get some great design ideas
to implement into the construction of your own backyard or indoor water feature.

Transform your mundane landscape area into a natural looking environment with the addition of a
garden water feature. Green Art Landscapes will design an indoor or outdoor water feature to suit
your property. We use a variety of materials to construct water features including stone, concrete
and masonry products. The end result is a natural focal point that will enhance the look and feel of
your landscape. A water feature will add value to your property and will entice the all senses; sight,
sound and touch!
Our Water Feature services include:
Water Falls
KOI Ponds
Pond less Waterfalls
Outdoor Kitchens
Outdoor kitchens allow you to cook the food you love outdoors whilst entertaining your guests.
There are so many advantages to cooking outdoors as opposed to indoors. Your friends and family
can get involved in the cooking process and the odors of some food odors won’t linger through your
home for days to come. Green Art Landscapes can help you create the right types of outdoor kitchen
plan for your outdoor space and needs.
Installing an outdoor kitchen is much simpler than an indoor kitchen. All you need is a counter and
usually only a few appliances like a good outdoor grill and maybe a small wood-burning oven.
However, if you want to go all the way you may want to add an outdoor fireplace; this will allow you
and your guests to spend cooler evenings in front of a warm fire after a beautiful meal cooked in
your outdoor kitchen.

For more information please visit

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