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Europa School of English
TOLES Examination course in
Improve your legal English Skills in one of
England’s most beautiful cities!
We are an international educational provider and have
been organising language camps, family language
programmes and a range of individual language
courses for adults since 1986. We are now adding a
TOLES course (Test of Legal English Skills), as a
unique opportunity for clients to develop additional
skills and knowledge!

Test of Legal English (TOLES) programme
TOLES is the leading provider of professional
English language training for international
lawyers, law students and legal translators.
Our TOLES programme consists of a structured
course of legal English training with three levels
of professional examination taken at the Europa
School of English in Bournemouth.
Each level is a progressive step towards
reaching the standard of legal English required
by employers such as international commercial
law firms, in-house legal teams in private
companies, and top-class translators.
The course, developed following the advice of
experienced commercial lawyers, is accredited
by the Law Society of England and Wales and is
therefore very highly regarded.

 We’ve organized student, adult and family
language travel for over 25 years.

 Instruction from qualified native-speakers
 Examination course takes place in small,
international learning groups

 Accredited by the Law Society of England
and Wales.

Test of Legal English Skills (TOLES)
programme units

 The legal Profession
 The Language of Banking
 The Language of Contract Law
 The Language of Employment Law
 The Language of the Law of Tort
 Understanding Contracts 1
 The Language of Business Law
 Modern Letter Writing
 The Language of Company Law
 Understanding Contracts 2

Why Bournemouth?
Ideal place for an international student to study
English and to sample English life:

Attractive university town, cosmopolitan
Visitors and students from all over the
Variety of shops, restaurants, bars and
nightclubs in town
Mild climate, 10 kilometers of sandy
Main airports: Bournemouth (15
minutes), Southampton (1 hour),
London (2 hours)

Our school:

based in a
and historic
building, used to be a church
Short walk to town center (15 min) and
the beach (5 min)
Huge space for catering, relaxing and
several offers for accommodation in

Please contact us with any questions you may

More information:

Tel: +44 1748 824282

Course in Bournemouth,

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