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Land Cruiser 100 series ABS modification
Don't like how ABS works on your LC100? Here are the instructions how to disconnect it. I've changed ABS
so that it is turned off when central diff. lock is engaged. It is an easy modification. It works for me, but I
don't promise you anything.
1. Locate the ABS ECU. On my car it is located just above the clutch peddal.

Disconnect the middle connector.
2. ABS is on only when it has 12V on pin#6 (red & blue wire) - that is when rear diff. lock is off. On pin#7
(pink & black wire) is a signal from a central diff lock.

3. Remove wires from pin#6 and pin#7

Instructions how to remove a pin from a connector can be found here. Insert the red & blue wire (that was
originally in pin #6) into pin#7, and pink & black wire into pin#6.
4. Put the connector back in place and you are finished. ABS will be deactivated when you engage the central
diff. lock. It brakes on gravell like hell!

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