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Each year, to contribute to international understanding between Europe and Japan, the Canon
Foundation in Europe grants up to 15 Research Fellowships to highly qualified European and
Japanese researchers.
Candidates are required to have obtained a PhD or MA higher degree within the previous ten years.
Exceptional candidates who obtained their qualification more than ten years prior to application will
also be considered. Such candidates are required to provide further supporting information in their
application. Non-nationals are required to have permanent citizenship in either Europe or Japan.
We welcome applications from all fields of research. European Fellows pursue a period of research in
Japan and Japanese Fellows at host institutions in Europe. Fellowships are awarded for periods of at
least three months up to a maximum of one year.
Deadline for applications: 15 September 2015
In order to apply for one of our grants, please go to our website at where
you first need to register. You will also find more information here about the documents needed to
support your application plus the terms and conditions. If you have problems registering or logging
in, please email Suzy Cohen at who will respond to your query as
soon as possible.
The following resources are available to download here. They may be printed and freely distributed
to interested departments and parties.




2015 Interactive Bulletin

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