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welovetendance By Magali Art

Special Edition

Miami Inside

Italian Trendy



#3 - SPRING 2014

Miami, dream, luxury,
trends, fashion, sun and
of course positive energy

Entre rêve, luxe et mode évidemment, nous vous faisons découvrir un "Miami Inside" dans cette édition.
Nous sommes allés partout, à la rencontre de tout
ceux qui peuvent vous apporter le meilleur de Miami!

“Rêve, Luxe


et Mode !



wlt | 4

Nous avons marqué un "STOP" sur la vie de Luca
Fendi, tellement "FASHION", et...qui nous a fait nous
évader sur un air d'Italie!
Stéphane Keyser nous a fait découvrir "STORY", Miami la nuit... nous sommes passés par "E11" nightclub
sexy, mais avons aussi découvert "Adoré" le nouveau
nightclub de Cy Waits! De "La Maison" à "Nothing
but the Best", nous avons découvert de nouveaux restaurants, so french ! Et nous sommes bien entendu allés au "Baoli", l'inévitable place tendance de Miami
Beach, où Michael Ridard a su merveilleusement bien
nous accueillir et David Saada nous donner une si
bonne énergie!
Nous voulions aussi vous parler de "beauté", on a
donc rencontré "Jacques Ghre" et d'autres, mais les
meilleurs, toujours!
Miami Lifestyle, un véritable mélange France/USA,
qui fait la différence!

“Miami inside”, because we went for you in every places, we met everyone to give you the best of Miami in this
We made a stop on Luca Fendi’s life , so fashionable, so
trendy, so Italian! We LOVE!
We went in the Miami nightlife with Stephane Keyser at
“Story”, and not just there, we discovered “E11 Nightclub, sexy…and “Adore”, Cy Wait’s new so glamorous
nightclub! We met Nicolas Clichy Coeur de Roy, the one
you must follow to be sure you’re in the trends place in
Miami! And we loved to learn how to dance at “ Arthur
Murray” dance school!!
From “La Maison” to “Nothing but the best”, we
appreciate those new French restaurant. And for sure…
we had real great time at “Baoli”, the trendy place in
Miami Beach!
We also wanted to talk about beauty, with “Jacques
Ghre” and some other of the best here…and we didn’t
forget real estate!
Miami lifestyle with our usual FRENCH TOUCH,
because a mix between USA and France make the difference, and in WLT Magazine Paris/Miami By Magali Art,

Be chic, be classy, be glamorous, be sexy, be WLT Magazine Paris/Miami By Magali Art.

wlt | 3

The Art, The Air,
The Fashion, The Vision.




WLT: Can you tell us more about you?
Where are you from and when did you
arrive in Miami?
I was born in Argentina. Initially I came to Miami in 2005 for a 15 days of vacation and I fell
in love with the beauty of the city, the ocean,
and the energy of the people. I believe Miami is
an ideal place for an artist because is the main
gateway to Latin America and has strong connections with other main art centers.


WLT: When did you start painting?
How would you define your art?
I believe I was born as an artist because
I always have a special connection to art.
As a child I loved to go to art galleries and
museums. In college, I received training in art
and architecture, and since then I have continually worked as both, architect and painter.
My architectural background is clearly embedded
in my work. My vision of art is reflected in a
poetic way as my brushstrokes capture people’s
feelings and emotions. When I paint somebody,

At ISI, we understand the power fashion
consumes. We know that within fashion lies
a world of opportunities.
Careers in fashion management, fashion
merchandising, visual presenter, stylist,
fashion journalist, sales representative,
product stylist, fashion assistant, and
much more are the doorway to a successful
profession in what one loves to do.
Your occupation doesn’t have to be boring;
it could rest on the ever-changing life of fashion.
Our vision is to achieve acknowledgement
worldwide as the leaders of image. Our vision
is becoming a reality and along side our vision;
we yearn to create successful careers in the
ever-growing world of fashion. Are you ready
for it? Can you handle a career in the fashion
world? Make your statement, make your brand,
make your image! ISI is waiting.

wlt | 4

WLT: Where can we see your art?
Currently, I am exhibiting at my show room
at The Carlyle Hotel, 1250 Ocean Drive,
Miami Beach, also people can see photos of my
paintings at my website www.HaviArt.com and
“HaviArt” (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and
Flicker) or contact me for a private appointment in my personal studio.
Mike Jachles Photo
WLT | 4

International Success Institut.................................................. 4
I'm so chic......................................................................................... 6
A day with Luca Fendi.............................................................. 7
Chic Fashion@Villa Vanilla .............................................. 10
Wet&Sea by Catalina Martinelli. .................................. 35
Must Have..................................................................................... 41
Wet&Sea........................................................................................ 16

Marc Hubert D'Ge. .................................................................. 42
Havi Schanz. ................................................................................ 44

David S.Willig............................................................................. 47
Of Course Miami. ..................................................................... 50


Pilates Reformer.......................................................................... 18
ZFORM............................................................................................. 20
Arthur Murray Dance Center. ........................................... 24
The Naked Formula................................................................. 28

night&day life


ISI New York
240 E 55th suite 2H | New York, NY 10022-4010
Phone: 305 372 0180

WLT: What is your most beautiful
moment as artist in Miami?
I believe as artists we have a compromise with
society. Besides working on painting celebrity
portraits, one of my main passions is to give
back to society. I am strongly committed to use

my art for philanthropic purposes. In a recent
Unicorn Children’s Foundation Gala in Palm
Beach at Mar-a-Lago (Trump’s estate) I donated
portraits of Donald Trump and Marilyn Monroe
for the evening’s live auction. That evening was
magical because Mr. Trump purchased one of
my painting for his personal art collection and
acknowledged the quality of my portraits. I feel
grateful I can contribute with my art to good
causes. In his infamous words, Mr. Trump use
to say “you are fired!”; however, that night Havi
Schanz was hired!



WLT: You have enjoyed a successful
career. How did you do it?
I have always believed that a combination of
talent, excellent training, and hard work are
the keys to produce good quality art. However,
besides having a unique combination of talents,
a professional artist should also be an entrepreneur, like Damien Hirsch, whose art production
and finances are equally relevant.


I not only try to portray their face as accurate
as possible, but also I try to convey additional
emotions from their inner selves like happiness,
pain, hope, innocence, strength, insecurity,
fear, and anything that I believe may describe
the individuals at the time of production.

WLT | 3

“You're hired!”

Jacques Ghre. .............................................................................. 30
NU:U Laser Lipo Center........................................................ 32
Glam Hair extension............................................................... 36
Miami Tattoo company.......................................................... 38
Saco Hair........................................................................................ 40

Stephane Keyser........................................................................ 54
Story Nightclub........................................................................... 58
E11 Nightclub............................................................................. 60
Cy Waits"Adore"Nightclub............................................... 64
Michael Ridard "Baoli"......................................................... 66
Nicolas Clichy Coeur de Roy........................................... 68
Eric M Style................................................................................... 70
Restaurant "La Maison". ....................................................... 72
"Nothing but the best"........................................................... 76
wlt | 5


With Luca Fendi
Luca Formilli Fendi, grandson of Adele and Eduardo
Fendi, founders of the Italian fashion house of FENDI
and son of Franca, one of the famous five "FENDI
Sisters". A so magical family, wonderful history! A real
dream in the industry of fashion!

wlt | 6

wlt | 7

Luca Formilli
So Italian, Stylish and chic, with a real passion for speed, Luca Formilli
Fendi has professionally raced cars and boats. He has created the “Fendi
Racing Team” that successfully competes in the top powerboat racing circuit worldwide. WLT Magazine Paris/Miami By Magali Art interviewed
him for you, in a relaxing atmosphere at “La Maison”,in Miami Beach,
and asked him to participate on our fashion shooting for some luxury
brands at “La Villa Vanilla” ,we discovered a great man, simple, so passionate… So successful Luca !!


To end up
in the top 3
is always
a big success
so to get
this kind
of success,
I’m very

wlt | 8

WLT: Hello Luca, we are so curious
about so much thing about you,
but instead fashion, we decided to ask
a lot of question to you about powerboat.
You’re real passionate about this
incredible sport and had also some incredible results?
Luca Fendi: Yes, it’s my passion for sure, and from
some years I created my own team, “FENDI RACING TEAM”, and yes, I’m really happy that we had
some really perfect results.
WLT: How did you begin
“Powerboat” races?
Luca Fendi: I always be fascinate by the speed, I
already made a lot of car races. Naturally, I tried
a “training course” of "Powerboat" in Italy. That
extremely pleased me, so I didn’t stop racing on
powerboat from this time. It was in 2007, in this
period, I began a pilot for “Cigarette racing team”,

we were world champion three times, and champion of Europe one time. Then I met my partner,
"Giovanni Carpitella", and we created the "FENDI
RACING TEAM". We pilot class 1 powerboat, and in
our second year, we was world champion, and this
year we are in second position. At the end of May,
we’ll start the powerboat races in Emirates, Ibiza,
Italy, Norway, Bulgaria…
WLT: Do you think there are many differences
between Class 1 Powerboat and Formula 1?
Luca Fendi: Yes, for sure, so many difference, we
can’t compare this two different sports, the only
same thing is the speed, but you know, when
you race a car on a racing circuit, nothing could
be in movement, when you race in a powerboat,
everything could change at every second, you’re on
the water, that’s really not the same,the wind, the
condition, everything could make some unexpected
changes, risks are optimum.

WLT: What’s the speed of a powerboat?
Luca Fendi: Around 150 miles, it depends of the
weather condition, you can push the boat at 200
miles, but… that’s to much!
WLT: How much is the coast to have a
Luca Fendi: Around 1.5 million dollars to have the
boat and built your team!
WLT: Is it a dangerous sport?
Luca Fendi: Yes it is! The second most dangerous
sport in the world!
WLT:You must have a real perfect preparation before the beginning of a race?
Luca Fendi: Yes, that’s really important, you have
to concentrate really hard on a race, so, to be
prepared mentally and physically.When you are
in the powerboat cockpit, the temperature can be
extreme, you can lose 5 litres of water in one hour!!!

It’s like a choc for your body, and it’s also extremely
difficult to breath in a cockpit, a lot of good reasons
to be perfectly prepared.
WLT: What are the sensations?
Luca Fendi: So much concentrate of adrenalin! This
sport give you an incredible emotion, it’s an intense
WLT: Will you do a race next to Miami?
Luca Fendi: Yes, in Key West, in the middle of November, we never do this race, it will be the first
WLT: So great, we’ll come to see you there,
thank you Luca and see you soon in Miami, it
was a real pleasure for us to meet you, next
time, we’ll perhaps talk with you about fashion, your first world finally!!
Luca Fendi: Thank you, see you soon !

of Luca Fendi and Giovanni
Carpitella made a dream return
to the “UIM Skydive Dubai
XCAT World series” in February
2014. The duo claimbed second
spot in the Dubai duty free speed
cat run in round two of the series
at the “Fujairah international
marine club”.

wlt | 9

Chic Fashion
at "La Villa Vanilla"

Art director: Magali Art
Photographer: Loic Ercolessi
Models: Carolinne Rosso, Chloe Shaiya, Luca Fendi
Make up and style: Manon Nuguet,
Johanna Lorand Guilbert, Alexandra Van-Hove, Sonia Lafont
(International Success Institut of Miami students)
Stylist: Alena Klenot

wlt | 10

Model: Carolinne Rosso
Top&Pants: Dolce Gabbana
Shoes: Gucci

wlt | 11

Model: Chloe Shaiya
Bag: Chanel
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Dress: Chloe
wlt | 12

Model: Carolinne Rosso
Dress: Roberto Cavalli
Bag: Chanel
Shoes: Roberto Cavalli

wlt | 13

Model: Carolinne Rosso
Dress: BCBG
Bag: Alexander Mc Queen
Shoes: R.Cavall

Model: Chloe Shaiya
Red dress: David Master
Bag: Chanel

wlt | 14

wlt | 15

Wet & Sea started in 2010 when after
selling Colombian bathing suits every
summer I decide to create my own brand.
In that moment was in Miami a friend
of mine and ex-model from France who
used to work for the designer Christian
Audigier who invited us for a special dinner
at Baoli and helped us to start this project
and choose the name of Wet & Sea, after
this meeting we had a fashion show and
a reality show for 15minutes inside in
Europe but after this summer my friend
had to go back to her country and since
then I been building the sexiest swimwear in
town and also the famous “trunk Shows”.
Wet and Sea it is inspired by the class
and glamour of the French woman but
mixed with the color and flavor of Latin
women. It’s a brand created for the
determined woman who knows what
she wants feeling sexy, classic but very
glamorous. since then “wet and sea” is been
an exclusive brand where is only sold at
private events in Miami Beach every 3
months to maintain their unique designs.
Since 2010 “Wet & sea” is been custom
made ​​but right now is having a lot of
changes to give more surprises to our
loyal customers
Please contact at www.wetandsea.com
to get inform about our next famous
“Trunk Show” by Wet & Sea where you
will find all the best summer trends by all
the best latin designers from Miami.

Photographer: Raphael Mazzucco
Model: Jessica Dykstra
wlt | 16



A qui s'adresse le Pilates ?
A tout le monde ! C’est un des points forts du Pilates, on peut s’y mettre à
tout âge, quel que soit ses aptitudes physiques sans risque. Il existe même
des séries d’exercices adaptés aux "populations spéciales" : sportifs, femmes
enceintes, post-partum, lombalgiques…
C’est en effet un des rares sports qui n’abîme rien, il est donc très complémentaire d’autres sports plus cardio, qui sollicitent les articulations (footing,
aerobic…) et/ou assymétriques (tennis, golf…). Le pilates va permettre de
compenser en renforçant la symétrie, la mobilité et en développant la musculature nécessaire à un bon soutien du rachis.

Tout d’abord rappelons que Pilates (du nom de
l’inventeur de la méthode) c’est tout simplement de
la gymnastique ! Mais une gym intelligente, plus
de posture que de mouvement. On n’en sort donc
pas écarlate et dégoulinante, car le principe même
consiste à travailler moins mais mieux, pour obtenir
une musculature harmonieuse et déliée.
Le premier principe c’est la concentration ou
"body-mind connection", qui permet d’utiliser les
bons groupes musculaires pour chaque mouvement
et tendre ainsi vers la perfection de celui-ci. Ce
principe autorise à faire des séries moins longues
en Pilates que dans la gym classique pour obtenir
le même résultat.

La maîtrise ou "control", des mouvements est aussi
très importante. Il faut apprendre à doser l’intensité
et l’énergie que l’on met dans chaque mouvement
(là aussi très différent de la gym classique) pour
effectuer l’exercice parfaitement. De cette maîtrise
découlent la précision et la stabilité qui peuvent
aussi être considérées comme des principes de
base même si pour être acquises, elles nécessitent
de comprendre et utiliser la fameuse "powerhouse" ou "core muscles" selon les écoles.

Ces expressions sont en fait des images destinées
à représenter l’importance des muscles du tronc
(abdo, dorsaux, pelviens, intercostaux …) dans la
stature et le soutien de la colonne vertébrale, gage
de stabilité.
La respiration est un outil important pour certains
mouvements, mais pour celles et ceux qui ont du
mal, cela ne doit pas être un obstacle à la pratique
de ce sport. On trouve toujours une solution et il n’y
a pas de règle rigide, une fois que l’on a assimilé le
principe c’est très naturellement qu’on l’utilise selon
les mouvements.
wlt | 18

Le Pilates développe la conscience de son
corps, de ses capacités de ses limites, sur
lesquelles on doit travailler, et petit à petit on
progresse à condition d’être bien corrigée car
certains mouvements sont totalement inefficaces s’ils ne sont pas bien réalisés.

Invented by Pilates founder Joseph Pilates, the reformer is a bed-like
frame with a flat platform on it, called the carriage, which rolls back and
forth on wheels within the frame. The carriage is attached to one end of
the reformer by a set of springs. The springs provide choices of differing
levels of resistance as the carriage is pushed or pulled along the frame.
The carriage has shoulder blocks on it that keep a practitioner from sliding off the end of the reformer as they push or pull the carriage.

Quels en sont les effets ?
A court terme, c’est à dire dès les premières leçons ce sont les rapports de l’individu
avec son corps qui s’améliorent, on se sent bien et ceci avant tout résultat visible de
Mais il n’y a pas de miracle pour ressentir les effets bénéfiques à moyen et long terme,
il faut être patient, persévérant et surtout pratiquer régulièrement.
Les effets positifs (tonicité du ventre, amélioration de la posture, fluidité des mouvements …) s’incrémentent avec le temps car en Pilates mieux on comprend un exercice
plus on progresse.
Zform vous attends pour ses cours de Pilates reformer…

At the spring end of the reformer there is an adjustable bar called a footbar. The footbar can be
used by the feet or hands as a practitioner moves
the carriage. The reformer also has long straps with
handles on them that are attached to the top end
of the frame. They can be pulled with legs or arms
to move the carriage as well. Body weight and resistance of the springs are what make the carriage
more or less difficult to move. Reformers parts are
adjustable for differing body sizes and for differing
levels of skill.

What Are .
the Benefits .
of Pilates .
Reformer .
The reformer offers all the famous benefits
of Pilatesincluding overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. These things in
turn lead to daily life improvements like better
posture, graceful, efficient movement, and for
many, relief from pain associated with physical
imbalances such as back pain. When we talk
about strength building and Pilates the Pilates
powerhouse muscles, the muscles of the core,
are paramount. Flat abs, strong backs, toned
buttock and thighs are all results of this emphasis. Other equipment and Pilates mat exercises
do that too, but the reformer creates a unique
and varied exercise environment.
The reformer is large enough to accommodate full-range motion which is wonderful for
increasing flexibility while building strength. It
seems to invite the length we want to create in
the body. And it trains the body to sustain that
length. Pushing and pulling with legs or arms
against the resistance of the springs, carriage,
and body weight is generally strength building.
The exercises provide enough resistance and
movement variety to help build strong bones.
And there is a special feature: eccentric muscle

contractions. This is when a muscle lengthens
as it resists a force. The reformer is a set-up for
eccentric contraction. That is one of the keys to
achieving the long, strong muscles without bulk
that Pilates is known for.
The instability of a rolling carriage with the
springs set at different levels of resistance
provides all kinds of stability challenges that
develop core strength and promote better balance. For example, having less of the body on
the carriage is one of the ways Pilates exercises
get harder. It means more body weight has to
be supported by the practitioner, and the body
and machine have to be controlled even more
from the core. Paradoxically, when the springs
are on a lighter setting some exercises are
more challenging for the core because it has to
work harder to control and stabilize the movement. The stronger core, the better the balance,
posture, and overall well-being.
Exercising with the reformer is possible for
anyone, at any level of fitness. It's no wonder
the full name of the reformer is the Universal
wlt | 19


* 1 year minimum commitment.

Full Access package per month




T R A I N I N G PA C K A G E Pantone
7421 PC


1 Hour Training Sessions
Noir 50%
10 Sessions ..............................
per session $70
20 Sessions .............................. per session $67
Nom de la police
30 Sessions ..............................
per session
Fat (additional)
Buddy Session ........ Xtreem
per session


1/2 Hour Training Sessions
10 Sessions .............................. per session $50
20 Sessions .............................. per session $47
Buddy Session ........ per session (additional) $15


Packages starting at $30



Lose Weight
Balance Nutrition
Improve Lung Capacity
Strengthen Muscles
Improve Flexibility


Improve Circulation
Improve Bone Density
Improve Posture
Tone Muscles
Reduce Muscles Aches

* 1 year minimum commitment.


Caterina, Bruno.
& Liliana

Caterina et Bruno Gondel, ainsi que Liliana De Vita reprennent un studio
/ salle de sport, afin de vous proposer le meilleur ! De la séance de "Pilates
reformer", "Yoga" au "Spinning", ils vous proposent des séances personnalisées, mélange de sport et détente, vous allez adorer ! "ZFORM" c'est
un nouvel endroit fait pour vous ! Be Healthy#Be Sportive#Be "ZFORM"
Caterina et Bruno Gondel and Also Liliana De Vita just opened a New fitness/
Sport Studio!! If you want the best for you and your body, for sure, you have
to go there!! "ZFORM" or how to be healthy and sportive!

wlt | 20

Pantone 7421 PC
Noir 50%

wlt | 21



“personal training/workout”
with our best trainers:
Michelle, Miguel, Luis,
Jonhatan and Ron
will take care of you
by giving you the best
of sport everyday!!

Caterina & Bruno


WLT : Caterina et Bruno, bonjour ! On vous
connait depuis longtemps, vous avez déjà ouvert une salle de sport à Paris, aujourd'hui,
vous reprennez tout les deux un superbe
studio (salle de sport) où vous proposez des
séances de remise en forme. Yoga, Pilates reformer, spinning, personal training et "workout" ! "Zform", c'est la nouvelle salle de sport
en vogue ! Quel est votre objectif?
Bruno : Notre objectif est d'apporter le meilleur des
cours à nos adhérents pour un prix totalement accesssible.
Caterina : Nous voulons créer une ambiance agréable, offrir des services très personnalisés, étudier
les besoins de nos clients et s'y adapter, c'est très
important pour nous afin d'optimiser leur résultats.

Sorry, I can't

WLT : Votre equipe?
Bruno & Caterina : Une équipe jeune, dynamique,
très investie et passionée par la santé, le bien-être
et le sport, aussi, ici, nous parlons trois langues :
Francais, Anglais, et Espagnol, cela peut-être un
plus certaines fois.
WLT : Caterina, vous êtes passionnée par le
sport et la santé, d'ailleurs en parallèle, vous
êtes aussi "model" depuis dix ans?
Caterina : Oui, en effet, j'ai donc appris depuis plusieurs années à faire attention à mon corps, mon
bien-être, aujourd'hui, je veux transmettre cela à
nos adhérents, c'est important d'être bien dans son
corps !

WLT : Bruno, vous êtes très sportif, Miami
vous semblait l'endroit idéal pour un studio/
salle de sport?
Bruno : Oui, ici les gens aiment faire attention à
eux, les séances de "pilates reformer" que nous
proposons, ou même de spinning, de Yoga leur apporterons un véritable bien-être, plus que du sport,
nous travaillons sur la santé.
WLT : Pour votre démarrage, vous offrez des
"Pass VIP" full access avec WLT magazine
Paris-Miami sur trois jours à nos lecteurs, où
peut on les trouver ?
Bruno : Vous pourrez en avoir sur les events de
Wlt magazine Paris-Miami, nous espérons vous
voir nombreux, dans notre salle, nos cours, vous ne
pourrez plus vous en passer !!!

I have to go to the gym!

WLT: Caterina and Bruno, hello! We've known
you for a long time, you have already opened
a fitness gym has Paris, today, you own a
magnificent fitness studio here in Miami.
Yoga, Pilates reformer, spinning, personal
training and " workout "! "Zform", it is the
new fashionable fitness gym! What are your

Bruno: Our objective is to bring the best to our customers with some low prices for an easy access
to our class.
Caterina: We really want to create a pleasant atmosphere, and to offer very personalize services,
we study the real needs of our customers to give
them exactly what they need to feel well and have
the bests results.
WLT: Your team?
Bruno and Caterina: A young, dynamic team, very
invested and passionate by the health, the sport,
also, here, we speak three langage : American,
French and Spanish, it can be a plus sometimes.

wlt | 22

WLT: Caterina, you love sport and health,
moreover in parallel, you have been also
"model" for ten years?
Caterina: Yes, so I learned how to stay healthy for
sure, and to pay attention to my body, now my goal
is to learn to people in a relaxing atmosphere how
to do it, here you make some healthy sport, “Pilates
reformer” for example is a perfect way to make
some easy sport with big results, I’m sure people
here will love the way we work.

WLT: Bruno, Miami seemed to you ideal for a
sporting studio?
Bruno: yes, here people are paying attention about
themselves, their health, their body, they love to feel
well, so I think the sessions of "pilates reformer"
we propose, or even of spinning, Yoga shall bring
them to what they exactly want.
More than just making some sport, we really work
on the health here!



WLT: You will offer some "VIP full access
Pass" with WLT magazine Paris-Miami for
three days to our readers, where will we find
Bruno: You’ll find some “VIP full access pass” on
the next events of WLT Magazine Paris/Miami,
that’s a way for us to offer some people some
free lessons in “ZFORM”, we’re sure you’ll love this
place!!! See you all there!!

wlt | 23

“The Magic

begins there...

Cha Cha
Fox Trot
wlt | 24

Arthur Murray
Coral Gables

Dance Center
Arthur Murray makes learning
to dance easier than anyone.
Our trained professionals can
make you feel at home in the
friendly atmosphere of an Arthur
Murray Dance studio leading you
to feel comfortable on any dance
floor with any dance partner.
Whether your goals are modest
or ambitious, your schedule open
or full, Arthur Murray offers
convenient times and enrollments
so that you can learn to dance at
your convenience.

The history of the Arthur Murray Franchised
Dance  Studios  began in 1912 with a man
named Arthur Murray, an American symbol
of entrepreneurial success and social dancing.
Murray was among the first to use  advertising
techniques  considered cutting edge at the
time. His concept of selling dance lessons by
mail, one step at a time, took the use of direct
mail to a new level.

were a regular part of every first-class steamship cruise. During the Thirties, the studios
introduced such dances to the public as the
"Lambeth Walk" and "The Big Apple." In fact
it was "The Big Apple" that launched Mr. Murray's one studio into the largest chain of dance

In 1942, singer Betty Hutton with the Jimmy
Dorsey Orchestra recorded the big hit song "ArMurray's creative use of  print advertising  thur Murray Taught Me Dancing In A Hurry" for
attracted national attention, as did his business the movie "The Fleet's In" and by 1946 there
acumen. In March of 1920, using students from were 72 Arthur Murray Dance Studios acrosGeorgia Tech, Murray arranged to have music sAmerica.
transmitted to a group of his dance students a
few miles away. This was the world's first radio Arthur Murray was the first to realize the growbroadcast of live music for dancing.
ing popularity of the Latin dances in America
Prior to World War II, Arthur Murray teachers during the 1950's. Many conventions were held

in Cuba during that time to give Arthur Murray
dance trainers first-hand knowledge of the hotnew Latin styles and moves that were in vogue
and becoming popular.
In July 1950, Mr. Murray purchased five fifteen
minute television spots on CBS and persuaded
his wife Kathryn to do the teaching. Before the
third show, Arthur bought a half-hour summer
series on ABC. The show was called the "Arthur
Murray Dance Party." By May 1952, the Murrays had televised almost 100 programs. Their
TV ratings climbed and in the summer of 1952
they signed with their first sponsor, General
Foods. Millions of viewers all over the  United
States fell in love with the show and flocked to
the Arthur Murray Studios throughout the country. This highly popular show ran for twelve
years on national television.
In 2006, Arthur Murray International celebrated
the induction of Arthur and Kathryn Murray into
the  Hall of Fame  at the National Museum of
Dance in Saratoga Springs, New York.

To provide an authentic  learning experience for
each of our students based on their individual needs
and desires. We are committed to empowering our
students by giving them the knowledge and skill to
achieve all that they dreamed of through the magic
of ballroom dance!

About Miami
Dance studio
A Tradition of Excellence in Teaching the World
to Dance. Arthur Murray Dance Studio has been
open for busines in Coral Gables since 1955. We
are the longest continuously open studio in the
world, and part of the largest worldwide dance
organization. Although we have produced  nationally  ranked competitive dancers—both
amateur and professional—our focus is on social
dancing. Our goal is to teach the skills of surviving the dance floor, especially for weddings
and parties, whether they are casual or black tie
events. All of our instructors are certified by the
World Professional Dance Teacher Federation.

Augusto Schiavo

The owners of this dance center, Haresh Tharani and also Schiavo Augusto, who is
a professional dancer from many year, and a real passionate created a real lifestyle
around "how to dance" in this dance studio, for them, dancing is also a social activity a good way to express yourself. Studies have shown that strong social ties and
socializing with friends contribute to high self-esteem and a positive outlook. Dancing provides many opportunities to meet other people. Joining a dance class can
increase self-confidence and build social skills. Because physical activity reduces
stress and tension, regular dancing gives an overall sense of well-being. Regular
dancing is great for improving endurance, especially vigorous dancing such as line
and ballroom dancing. Elevating the heart rate can increase stamina.So..Come to
Arthur Murray dance center and... Dance!!

Arthur Murray Coral Gables Dance Center
2916 Ponce De Leon Blvd | Coral Gables, FL 33134
305-444-6136 - info@arthur-murray.com

wlt | 25

Cha Cha
Fox Trot

Arthur Murray
Coral Gables
wlt | 26

Dance Center

commence ici...

notre .
Vous proposez une expérience
unique basée avant tout sur ce que
vous desirez apprendre. Nous vous
apprenons à danser comme vous le
souhaitez, comme vous en rêvez !

Arthur Murray est une
école dans laquelle la danse
s'apprend facilement,
vous vous sentirez ici chez
vous, dans une atmosphère
rassurante et confortable.
Pour nous la danse est
une passion, un plaisir,
et apprendre à nos élèves
à danser selon leurs envies
est notre priorite.
Ici, vous dansez comme
vous le souhaitez, et nous
sommes la pour vous aider
à vous laisser aller à cette
magie de bouger,
de se sentir en vie. Dansez !!

La Tradition
de l'excellence
l'apprentissage .
de la dance.
Le studio de danse Arthur Murray est ouvert a Coral
Gables depuis 1955. Nous sommes un des plus anciens studio de danse cree dans le monde et un des
plus important.De nos studios sortent beaucoup de
danseurs professionnels, mais beaucoup de grands
amateurs nous rejoignent aussi.Notre but est de
vous apprendre a vous sentir tres a l'aise en dansant, a y prendre le plus de plaisir possible.Tous nos
enseignants sont agrees par la federation mondiale
des professeurs de danse.

Augusto Schiavo

Arthur Murray Coral Gables Dance Center
2916 Ponce De Leon Blvd
Coral Gables, FL 33134
305-444-6136 - info@arthur-murray.com

wlt | 27

How to be
The Naked Formula, Inc.
(321) 501-1906

"THE NAKED FORMULA", une société crée
par Vanessa Castro, vous propose des cours
de Yoga, et un suivi nutritionnel. Vanessa
est un coach personnel "de luxe", on adore
ses méthodes haut de gamme qui vous
permettront de prendre soin de votre corps
de l'intérieur, mais aussi de l'extérieur.
Passionnée par le sport et la santé, Vanessa
vous aidera à trouver un parfait équilibre,
fitness et nutrition. Nous, on a adoré !!



WLT: Hello Vanessa, can you explain your
job to us?



Vanessa Castro: I am a luxury Personal Trainer,
Private Yoga Teacher and Nutrition Coach. I have
been working as a fitness professional since 2010
and I am extremely passionate about what I do.
I love helping people achieve balance in their lives
and work towards a healthy lifestyle.
What's "THE NAKED FORMULA" company?
Vanessa Castro: My company, The Naked Formula
interprets the latest research in the field to create
simple and safe plans to help our clients feel sexy
and healthy! We strip fitness and nutrition of all the
gimmicks and fads and use only safe and proven
methods to help our clients achieve their goals.

wlt | 28

wlt | 29




A recognized talent from the south of
France, Jacques joined the Safar team
bringing years of experience and the
most diverse and advanced skills which
he has acquired by working with some
of the biggest names in the fashion and
beauty industries

"Beauty Expert"
Jacques Ghre, tell us how did you start
in this industry?
It all started in the 80's when I worked in
my hometown in the South of France. I was
then selected by Sebastian to take a training
course in Los Angeles on their products as
well as hair coloring and treatment. Then was
the beginning of this incredible adventure.

You have worked with many big names
in the fashion industry.
Who has inspired you the most?
I'd been to say that working with fashion
designer Thierry Mugler was really inspiring,
his fashion style, his shows, everything in
his work ethic, by working with him, I also
had the chance to work with the biggest
models at that time, who also were great
inpirations, such as Claudia Schiffer, Cindy
Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Christie Turlington,
Kate Moss to name a few.

Making women beautiful

is my passion

wlt | 30

Jacques Ghré offers you
a free Bottox Hair Care Consultation
while showing up this magazine

You have taken the beauty industry by
storm with your creations in Europe.
What about the USA, what is a notable
achievement here?
After I left Europe in 2006, I moved to
NYC, where I joined the team of my friend
Frederic Fekkai as artistic director for his

famous 5th Avenue salon. Later, on around
2010, I went on to work with Elite Model
Agency, as their international consultant for
fashion shows in Europe, United States and
Now tell us a little bit about how you
came to work with the Safars?
About a year ago, I ran into Gaston Safars
whom I knew from the industry and waiting
to try something new I decided to move to
Miami where I ended up joining the Safar
Coiffure team as their Artistic Director. The
Safars have been in the industry for a long
time and It felt right to work with such
reputable brand in this phase of my career.
Not that every woman that sits on
your chair has the cheek bones of
Linda Evangelista, what is your work
My goal is to enhance the natural beauty
of my clients, because to me every woman
is beautiful. Using different techniques I
am able to craft a suitable "make over"
for each client with the proper color, cut,
volume and finishing. I want them to have
their own signature look because to me
every client is unique.

J ac q ues G hr é for

22 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL - (305) 538-1973
wlt | 31


a new you!
i-LipoTM laser system could be your answer!
If you want to deal with the problem and are looking for
an advanced, safe and truly effective solution enquire
today about i-Lipo body shaping and contouring. i-Lipo
is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment.
The treatment can be performed on all skin types and
body areas where unwanted fat is stored and you
can return to normal activity immediately after treatment. A course of 8 treatments is recommended over
4 weeks with 2 treatments per week.

Luis Salgado FOR

Luis Salgado was born and raised in the
south of Chicago. He has been working
in the Medical marketing field for 10 years
prior to becoming the CEO of a surgery center
in Oakbrook, Illinois in which he ran for
almost six years. He is now the owner
and CEO of NU:U Laser Lipo Centers.

wlt | 32

*Results can be seen almost immediately after treatment and the loss
is sustainable when used in conjunction with a kJ-controlled diet
and healthy lifestyle choices.

Do you know how to


without pain
No needles

No downtime

Are you fighting stubborn pockets
of fat that seem resistant against
all your efforts to lose it?

We’ve expanded to the sunshine
capital, Miami. We’ll be happy
to assist you in any way possible.

We have now have five facilities to serve you in the
Chicago and Miami areas. With our quality products and
knowledgeable staff, we are ready to help you get your
NEW YOU. We are dedicated to reviewing with you the
details of your needs and then supply our services in a
professional manner.

NU U Inc.
333 NE 24th St, Suite 309 | Miami FL 33137
17971 Biscayne Blvd., Suite 220 | Aventura, FL 33160
Telephone: +1 855-NUU-LIPO (688-5476)
E-mail: contact@nu-ulipo.com
wlt | 33


WLT : Votre compagnie est basée à
Chicago,et récement vous avez décidé de
venir vous installer à Miami ! Quand est-ce
que vous avez démarré vos activités ? Quels
sont vos projets ?
Luis S: J'ai ouvert ma société “NU:U Laser Lipo
Center” en novembre 2012, à Chicago avec mon
ami et associé Dr Manish Pandya. Nous avons eu la
chance de voir notre société très bien se développer et sommes basés aujourd'hui dans – points différents, ouvertures à Chicago, une à Miami et une
à Aventura, mais aussi à Barranquilla en Colombie.
J'aimerais ouvrir dans chaque coin du pays.
WLT : Quels sortes de traitements
proposez-vous ?
LS : Nous sommes spécialisés dans l'elimination de
la cellulite par des moyens complètement naturels.

WLT : Est-ce que ça s'adresse autant
aux hommes qu'aux femmes ?
LS : Tout à fait
WLT : En combien de temps obtient-on
du résultat ?
LS : La plupart voient un résultat dès la première
visite, mais nous proposons à nos clients d'étudier
le nombre de séances qu'il leur faut pour un résultat certain et durable.
WLT : Pour vous connaître un peu mieux
Luis Salgado, une journée avec vous
ça se passe comment ?
LS : Avec 6 implantations de ma société dans plusieurs endroits différents, on peut dire que je suis en
permanence occupé, mais j'adore ça !


WLT : Miami est une ville intérressante pour
proposer ce genre de traitements, les gens ici
prennent vraiment soin de leur corps, non?
LS : Je suis d'accord, il était évident pour nous de
venir s'installer ici, les gens ici prennent en effet
très soin d'eux et de leur apparence.

WLT : La vie à Miami, vous en pensez quoi ?
LS : Je suis très chanceux car je vie entre Chicago
et ici, je bénéficie de deux climats de vie différents,
c'est trés agreable. J'aime beaucoup Miami, le
temps ici est absolument fabuleux et les gens très

WLT : Pourriez-vous nous expliquer l'aide que
peut apporter votre traitement ?
LS : A travers une technologie très avancée au laser,
nous arrivons à reduire visiblement la cellulite lors
des traitements. Il n'y a aucunes douleurs, aucune
chirurgie, ça ne prend que 20 minutes, simple et
très efficace, et nos méthodes ont été approuvées.

WLT : Une phrase que vous aimez ?
LS : “Pourquoi être une personne ordinaire quand
vous avez le pouvoir d'être extraordinaire”

WLT : Quel type de matériel utilisez-vous ?
LS : Nous utilisons des appareils appelés Ultra/lipo

wlt | 34

WLT : Quel est votre sport préféré?
LS : La boxe
WLT : Si nous vous invitons à un fashion show
à Miami, vous viendrez ? Pourquoi ?
LS : Absolument ! J'adore la mode et être à Miami
! La mode est un art et il faut une âme unique et
brillante pour créer cet art!

Only 20 minutes long

all our treatments are
FDA approved

Your company was based in Chicago,
and now you're finally in Miami! When
and where did you start your activities?
And what are your projects?
I opened the doors to my company "NU:U Laser
lipo Center" back in november of 2012, in chicago,
with my business partner and Friend Dr. manish
Pandya. Since then we have been lucky enough to
grow and now have 6 locations Total. 3 in chicago,
1 in miami florida, 1 in aventura florida and our
newest location in Barranquilla Colombia. My
dream would be to open location in every state
accross the country.

Most Patients see results on their first visit, but
we recommed a consultation to analize your target
area and costimize a package specifically for
that area.

What sort of treatments do you propose?
We specialize in Non-Invasive fat reduction and
cellulite removal.

A day with Luis Salgado, how is it?
With five locations in 2 states and one out of the
country it can get really get hectic, busy and some
what extreme but i wouldn't have it any other way.
I love it!

Miami is a real great city to propose that
kind of treatments, people love to take care
about their body, and it's for sure a simple
and good way for that, what do you think?
I agree, Coming to Miami was unavoidable for our
company. The weather here is amazing And the
people here are very health conscious and love
looking good.
Can you explain to us all the benefits
of treatments?
We target that stubburn fat pocket we all tend to
have and is almost imposible to get rid of, and we
do it through way of new and advanced laser technology. Our treatment are non-invasive so there is
no pain, no down time, no surgery, only 20 minutes
long and all of our treatments are FDA approved.
What type of materials do you use?
We use the very well known machine called
Is it only for women or also for men?
The Treatments works for both genders and for any
body part that contains fat.
In how many time can we see results?

Is there some specifics things to do during
the treatment?
Working out after every sessions helps in extracting
the fat content our procedure breaks down.
How could you describe your job?
It's very rewarding, in many ways. I get to help
people achieve their goal in not only looking good
but also feeling good.

What do you think about living in Miami?
I 'm very lucky because i get the best of both
worlds. I still have a house in chicago and a condo
here, so i get to run and hide from the chicago cold
anytime i need too, yet go back whenever i want,
but I love miami. The weather here is amazing and
people here are great.
A sentence you like?
"why be ordinary when you can be extraodinary"
What kind of sport do you prefer? Boxing
If we invite you to a fashion show in Miami,
will you come? Why?
Absolutley! I love fashon and being here in miami,
I have learned to appreciate it more and more
every day. Fashion is art, and it takes a brilliant and
unique mind to create it.

wlt | 35

Virgin quality
Boyfriend proof
Grow your natural hair
Guaranteed safe
Reusable for years
Warranty & free gift
Don’t wait....just fake it!

17875 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160
300 Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

wlt | 36

305.932.3888 or 888.984.9955

wlt | 37



ocated in the heart of South Beach, Miami
Tattoo Co. offers custom tattooing from
the finest local artists and brilliant artists worldwide… an experience to last a lifetime.
This store gives enthusiasts the opportunity
to have a custom tattoo designed by the most
accomplished and brilliant tattoo artists.
The focus of this store is to offer a unique
experience to each client that will be memorable
for everyone. Skilled artists are eager to create
spectacular art that defines each individual
client, our ambition is to exceed all expectations.
Featuring high-end service and spectacular
artist talent, Miami Tattoo Co. has it all covered.

Our services include custom tattoos from worldrenowned artists in a clean environment. Our artists
are also skilled in tattoo cover-ups and tattoo enhancement. Although it is difficult to give an accurate price for a tattoo over the Internet you can book
an appointment online for your convenience, as our
artists are usually booked in advance. Our goal is
to make everyone comfortable whether you are a
tattoo collector or a first-timer. The knowledgeable
staff provides everyone with the same great service.
We offer body piercing as well as all the jewelry
that goes with it. We are the only shop on the beach
that pierces exclusively with Implant Grade Steel
and Titanium. We also provide Titanium Anodizing
services. Our professional piercer will make your experience comfortable whether it’s as basic as your
ears or the newest microdermal piercings.

Amor Sierra - Miami Tattoo Co
1218 Washington Avenue | South Beach, FL 33139
305-531-0204 | http://MiamiTattooCo
Church : www.flickr.com/photos/cckmedia/sets/72157642202217704/
Fundraising : www.gofundme.com/7sberk
wlt | 38

WLT: A lot of the WLT magazine readers
asked about your studio, this is how
we found you. Can you explain what your
studio is about?
A.S: Our Tattoo Studio is Miami Tattoo Co. We have
one location and it's in the heart of South Beach.
We offer custom tattooing, tattoo cover ups, tattoo
removals and body piercing. We have amazing local
artists. Nick Sundstrom and Juan 'J.B.' Bautista, as
well as world-renowned artists. They are two brothers from Venezuela. Johan Avila and Jean Alvarez.
The combination of skill and talent these artists possess in unmistakeable and their style is immediately
known when you see one of their masterpieces.
We are also fortunate to have one of the premier
piercing specialists in Jane-Marie Ravelo. I have one
word for her, 'Outstanding'. She is currently in nursing school and we couldn't be prouder. Then the
last and certainly not least is Billy Gerardi our studio
General Manager. He takes all the time necessary to
insure our customer has the best experience from
start to finsh. At Miami Tattoo Co, it's not about getting our customer in and out. We want to establish
a relationship with them. We want to create a mark
that will last a lifetime and this goes beyond the tattoo or piercing. This goes on for a lifetime.
WLT: How many tattoos do you personally
have? Do you consider yourself as a tattoo
A.S: I have 18 tattoos. The majority of them are on
my left arm. I am working on finishing up the sleeve
and then continuing on with my right arm. You can
say that I am a tattoo addict.




I’m the tattoo Mama

mor lives up to her name – she is full of love! She has
been a student and lover of art since the early days and
has a photographic technique for sketching, being able to
recreate any image she sees. Her love for tattoos began after she
got her very first tattoo during her “rebel” years.


hile Amor had a remarkable talent for
drawing and a love
for tattoos, her life took a few turns
before bringing her home to Miami Tattoo Co. For 22 years Amor
worked in the corporate world. She
left her home here in Miami to climb
the corporate ladder in Texas for a
number of years. Through an unstammering work ethic, determination, and business savvy expertise
she climbed high and was very successful. However, she felt God calling her to do something else and in
2012 Amor decided to listen. Without a plan, she left behind her wild
success and came home to Miami to

dive into full time ministry, helping
to encourage others to learn about
and know Jesus, at Calvary Kendall
as an unpaid staff member. During
this time she became aware about
the truth of the modern day human slave trade through the End It
Movement. She soon after met up
with Chris Baker of Ink 180 – a pioneering ministry that removes the
tattoos used for branding victims of
sex trafficking. Instantly Amor felt
that this is the area God had moved
her to work in and soon after in
2013 she opened the doors of Miami
Tattoo Co as a tattoo shop, ministry
and church
wlt | 39

Beauty First



Saco has now grown to become a name synonymous with
quality and a reconised creative force within the hairdressing
industry. Saco’ Creative Teams continue to excite and inspire
audiences across the globe. With the launch of sacohaironline,
the team are able to share their unique take on precision haircutting & colouring with an ever widening audience.

An entirely fulfilling unforgettable

wlt | 40

sacohair.com & sacohaironline.com

WLT: Good morning Arturo, could you tell us
a bit about you. Where are you from?
When did you arrive in Miami?
Good morning to you too. Sure, I come from the
beautiful city of Barcelona (Spain) were I was born
and raised until the early age o twenty years old
when I moved to the UK in pursuit of my passion for
precision haircutting. I arrived in Miami just about a
month ago in preparation for this new and exciting
opening of our Sacohair salon and academy.
WLT: What is your background? Did you
always work in the hair care business?
Yes, I have been always involved in the hair bussines, having worked in several Vidal Sassoon locations in the UK, and also having spent 10 years in
the US as a freelance educator, training many of
the top salons in north america. By the way I also
love fitness and in particular running! I´m still trying
to break the 3 hour mark in the Marathon, I know I
will get one of these days!
WLT: When will the salon open?
Is that your first salon in Miami?
We are already opened for bussines! I invite everyone to come in and meet me personally so that
I can introduce you to precision haircutting and
colouring. Yes. It is our first Salon in Miami and
academy also, and happy to be able to share and
deliver our passion and expertise on this side of the
world with you.
WLT: Some of the WLT Magazine saw you at
hair coiffure shows and in other magazines,
how often do you attend shows especially
in Miami?
We were recently at the New York Ibs hair show
launching Sacohair in the US in companion with
Alfaparf Milano that is also linked with us on all hair

products and color. We have seminars all around
the world led by our International creative director,
Richard Ashforth in London, and we will be going
to the Orlando Premier hair show, one of America´s
biggest at the end of May delivering expert tuition
in precision cutting and colouring, based upon the
SACO philosophy of "Beauty First".
WLT: What do you think about the location
of Coral Gables? Do you think this location is
good for your salon?
We absolutely love the town of Coral gables and
we believe we are in a great location here at 4203
Ponce de Leon blvd. I personally enjoy all the diversity and different nationalities residents in the area,
It makes It just perfect for our Salon and academy
to be in this great mix of cultures and proximity to
the gorgeous beaches around.
WLT: What is your most beautiful moment
as hairstylist in your career?
Oh wow I have so many! but If I had to single
one out, that would be what links me directly to
our mantra at Saco "beauty first" we celebrate
the indididual and I truly believe that It is the
biggest reward for me personally, that regardless of the client´s professional background we
touch people´s hearts when we do their hair or
teach a student, we really thrive for that! I think
that this is what has kept me going this far in
my career and certantly It is the most beautiful
moment I get to experience daily!

4203 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Suite 110
Coral Gables, Miami, L 33146
Telephone: (786) 332-0305
Email: miami@sacohair.com

wlt | 41

Marc Hubert


"Villa Vanilla ", a magic place in
the heart of Miami Beach,Palm
Island. In this so “zen” and
magical atmosphere, we met Marc
Hubert D’Ge. With also Lindsay,
they opened to us the door of their
wonderfull house. We entered in
Marc Hubert D’Ge universe, and
you know what, WLT Magazine
Paris/Miami discovered for sure
a so real artist, Marc is certainly
an art himself, and we completely
felt in love with everything he did!!
Under the charm of Marc Hubert
D’Ge, we can’t wait to know when
will be his next exposure!

A “La Villa Vanilla”, lieu magique au Coeur de Miami Beach, sur une des
rives de Palm Island. Dans un décor et une atmosphère à la fois sereine et
magique, nous avons rencontré Marc Hubert D’Ge. Accompagné de son
amie Lindsay, il nous ouvre les portes de son univers, nous avons juste
envie de vous dire que ca y est, nous l’avons trouvé : L’artiste, le vrai !
Nous sommes tombés sous le charme, nous nous sommes fait envoutés !
Ses oeuvres, son histoire, ce mystère… Marc Hubert a su nous emporter
dans ce monde à part de l’Art, avec un grand A !! WLT Magazine Paris/
Miami est complètement “IN LOVE” de son talent !

WLT : Marc Hubert D’GE, vous êtes
un véritable artiste, un personnage rempli
de créativité, racontez nous votre parcours.

wlt | 42

Marc : Aix en Provence, en France, c’est ma ville
natale, la même que celle du peintre Cézanne…
à trois jours de mes trois ans, mon père décède, il
n’avait que 33 ans. Dès lors, ma perception de la vie
a changé, et j’ai eu un autre regard.
A l’invers du syndrôme du père noël où l’enfant
découvre qu’il n y a pas de magie, j’ai décidé que
ma vie, et bien, serait magique ! J’ai d’abord étudié
la botanique, puis l’architecture des jardins, peutêtre pour comprendre la nature et l’univers… et je
suis devenu, je crois, un artiste véritable.
Délesté du poids de l’image paternal, j’ai pu
m’exprimer librement. Après un séjour de plusieurs
mois en Angleterre, j’ai ouvert une boutique galerie
laboratoire pour jeunes créateurs, stylistes, peintres,
et musiciens, la machine infernale de la création
était lancée !! Plus tard, une série d’oeuvres
différentes et mystiques voient le jour. J’ai fait
plusieurs expos dans des chapelles, j’aime cette
atmosphère froide, humide, si opposé finalement à ce que nous fait ressentir “La Provence”
si lumineuse, où je vivais à cette époque.

Une de mes plus grandes oeuvres, “Lilly Rose died
this morning” a été un projet entre deux pays,
la France, et les USA, où j’ai fait des rencontres
exceptionnelles, et finalement… j’y suis encore,
c’est ici que je continue ma carrière depuis !!
WLT : Passionné, délicat, sensible, profond,
peut-on vous définir comme cela?
Marc : J’ai fais un rêve étrange il y a plusieurs
années, où Jean Cocteau me disait “L’art est
l’écriture des dieux, et si tu veux être artiste, tu
dois être leur messager !”...
WLT : Ou peut on trouver certaines de vos
créations, et lesquelles ?
Marc : Dans la mémoire de tout ceux qui ont vu
mes expos, je les ai touché, fait réfléchir... cependant, certaines oeuvres sont intimes, et ne seront
jamais presentées au grand public.
Une de mes oeuvres va être exposée pendant la
période des Jeux Olympiques de Rio De Janeiro
dans le hall d’un hôtel 5 étoiles, “LE PARIS”, tout
un programme !!


WLT: Marc Hubert D' GE, you are
a so real artist, with so much creativity,
what’s your story?
Marc: Aix-en-Provence, in France, my home
town, “Cezanne” the painter came from Aix en
Provence too! When I was three years old, my
dad died, and I think from this time I never saw
things like other people, everything changed!
A part of my life I studied Botany, and also the
architecture of gardens, perhaps in a certain
way to understand the nature and the universe!
After some month in England, I decided to
open a special shop with inside a gallery and
laboratory for every young designers, painters,
musicians etc…and I think from this time,
my story began. I made a lot of project, paint,

several exhibitions in chapel, historic places,
a lot of thing, and one of my project, which
was called “Lilly Rose Died this morning”, was
a project between France and USA. I met a
lot of people, and finally I stayed here, in USA
to follow my dreams… Later, a different and
mystic series of work are born.
WLT: Where can we find your creations?
Marc: in the memory of every people who
came to my exhibitions, I think I touch them
with a real story in my art, you’ ll can see one
of my paint in “Paris” hotel hall, in Rio De
Janeiro during the Olympic game. Some of my
work are like “intimate” work, not especially
for exhibitions... so... find me and you’ll see!
wlt | 43



WLT: Can you tell us more about you?
Where are you from and when did you
arrive in Miami?
I was born in Argentina. Initially I came to Miami in 2005 for a 15 days of vacation and I fell
in love with the beauty of the city, the ocean,
and the energy of the people. I believe Miami is
an ideal place for an artist because is the main
gateway to Latin America and has strong connections with other main art centers.
WLT: When did you start painting?
How would you define your art?
I believe I was born as an artist because
I always have a special connection to art.
As a child I loved to go to art galleries and
museums. In college, I received training in art
and architecture, and since then I have continually worked as both, architect and painter.
My architectural background is clearly embedded
in my work. My vision of art is reflected in a
poetic way as my brushstrokes capture people’s
feelings and emotions. When I paint somebody,

wlt | 44

“You're hired!”
I not only try to portray their face as accurate
as possible, but also I try to convey additional
emotions from their inner selves like happiness,
pain, hope, innocence, strength, insecurity,
fear, and anything that I believe may describe
the individuals at the time of production.
WLT: You have enjoyed a successful
career. How did you do it?
I have always believed that a combination of
talent, excellent training, and hard work are
the keys to produce good quality art. However,
besides having a unique combination of talents,
a professional artist should also be an entrepreneur, like Damien Hirsch, whose art production
and finances are equally relevant.
WLT: What is your most beautiful
moment as artist in Miami?
I believe as artists we have a compromise with
society. Besides working on painting celebrity
portraits, one of my main passions is to give
back to society. I am strongly committed to use

my art for philanthropic purposes. In a recent
Unicorn Children’s Foundation Gala in Palm
Beach at Mar-a-Lago (Trump’s estate) I donated
portraits of Donald Trump and Marilyn Monroe
for the evening’s live auction. That evening was
magical because Mr. Trump purchased one of
my painting for his personal art collection and
acknowledged the quality of my portraits. I feel
grateful I can contribute with my art to good
causes. In his infamous words, Mr. Trump use
to say “you are fired!”; however, that night Havi
Schanz was hired!  
WLT: Where can we see your art?
Currently, I am exhibiting at my show room
at The Carlyle Hotel, 1250 Ocean Drive,
Miami Beach, also people can see photos of my
paintings at my website www.HaviArt.com and
“HaviArt” (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and
Flicker) or contact me for a private appointment in my personal studio. 
Mike Jachles Photo
wlt | 45



David S. Willig, avocat inscrit aux Barreaux de la Floride, et de Paris,
apporte son expérience de plus de 20 ans à ses clients internationaux
dans les domaines du droit des affaires, du droit de l’immigration, du
droit fiscal, du droit de la propriété industrielle et intellectuelle, du droit
international privé, ainsi que le droit de famille.
Due to long and vast experience in international private law matters,
and the laws of numerous jurisdictions around the world, the experience of David S. Willig, Chartered is ideally suited to assist companies
and individuals in resolving complex issues on a global scale.

In a Variety of Ways,
In a Variety of Areas
r e s o lv i n g c o m p l e x i ss u e s o n a g l o b a l s c a l e

real estate connections

business create




2837 SW Third Avenue - Miami, Florida USA 33129

Tel: 305 860-1881 - Fax: 305-860-1882

law firm


wlt | 47


Bien choisir

son agent immobilier à Miami

Nous avons accès à
l’intégralité des biens
à vendre sur le marché de
Miami. Ne cherchez plus
ailleurs. Essayez notre
système de recherche
directement relié au MLS.
Nos Clients vendeurs
sont heureux, nos clients
acheteurs sont ravis.



WLT : Bonjour Brigitte, depuis quand êtes vous
installée à Miami ?
BRC : Je suis installée à Miami depuis 15 ans, je suis
arrivée ici après avoir parcouru le monde, j'ai grandi en
Afrique de l'ouest, puis j’ ai vécu à Paris et en 1998, j'ai
enfin décidé de venir m’installer définitivement ici, à Miami.
WLT : Quelles particularitées avez-vous
dans le domaine de l'immobilier ?
Quels sont les points forts de votre agence ?
BRC :Tout d'abord, j'ai su m'entourer d'une équipe jeune,
dynamique, motivée et très professionelle. Il est important
pour nous de réellement sécuriser nos clients lorsqu'ils
investissent ici, à Miami.
Nous les accompagnons à chaque étape, avec les meilleurs
avocats et intervenants de Miami durant l'acquisition de
leur bien. Une fois que nos clients deviennent propriétaires,
nous leur proposons un support constant, soit au travers
de leur installation, soit pour la location de leur bien,
avec une gestion stricte (comptabilité, suivi, rénovation
si besoin, etc..), essentielle pour leur tranquilité et leur
sécurité. Grâce à notre organisation bien structurée, nous
offrons un véritable service "clé en main" ! 100% de nos
clients sont étrangers et non-résidents à Miami.
wlt | 48

WLT : Si vous deviez nous parler du marché
immobilier à Miami, vous en diriez quoi ?
BRC : Je dirais que c'est une excellente période pour
investir à Miami, et qu'il faut se dépécher, car pour l'instant
les prix ne sont pas arrivés au niveau de ceux d’avant la crise,
mais les investisseurs arrivent du monde entier et boostent le
marché. Miami est un marché très vif et très actif.
WLT : Quel est le prix moyen d'un bien immobilier
à Miami? Et des biens que vous proposez ?
BRC : Il est évident que ce qui se situe près des plages sera
plus cher au m2 que les biens se situant dans l’ouest de Miami
mais cela dépend du quartier, de l’immeuble, de la superficie,
de l’étage et si le bien est une villa ou un appartement. Nous
avons accès à la totalité des biens à vendre sur le marché
grâce au MLS (base de données commune à tous les agents
immobiliers). Bénéficiant de ce système nous pouvons
répondre à toutes les demandes d’investissement. Je privilégie
toujours, quelque soit le budget et dans la mesure du possible, la
proximité de la plage et/ou les vues sur l’eau.
WLT : Une phrase?
BRC : la satisfaction de nos clients est notre plus grande
wlt | 49



WLT: Hello Brigitte Respaut Clement,
when did you arrive in Miami?
BRC: I have lived here for 15 years. I spent my
childhood in West Africa before moving to Paris
and finally settling here in Miami.

them, renting out their apartments, organizing
furnishings and home décor, move in and move
out assistance, and general property management.
The real estate service Ofcoursemiami provides
is comprehensive from start to finish.

WLT: What is your specialty in the real
estate business, and in particular in your
BRC: My specialty is in foreign investors. I work
with a team of professionals who are highly
ambitious, motivated and eager to achieve. Our
number one priority is to take our clients from
A-Z and see them through the entire Real Estate
process step by step. We work with some of
the most highly trained professionals in the
industry, including real estate attorneys, property
managers, and inspection companies. We attempt
to make each transaction we work on as smooth
as possible and an easy, effortless acquisition.
After we have found our clients their perfect
property, we continue to work further with

WLT: What do you think about the real
estate market here?
BRC: Miami’s real estate market is booming.
The city has so much to offer in terms of real
estate. Currently, prices have not reached the
level they were at before the crises, so there
are some amazing opportunities for property
purchasers. It’s a Seller’s market right now and
people are coming from all over the world to
invest in Miami.
WLT : What is the best Sentence that
would define you and your business
BRC: ‘Our customers’ satisfaction is our best
reward. List your property with us, we are selling
like no one else’.

Brigitte RESPAUT CLEMENT, has been in the
real estate business for 15 years,
➔ Awarded in 2014 by the NAWRB
➔ Awarded to the “Woman who is on the rise,
and whose cunning skills and business savvy
has put her on the fast track to success “
➔ CLHMS (Certified Luxury Home
Marketing Specialist)
➔ ”Million Dollar Guild”
➔ Member of WCR
(Women’s Council of Realtors),
➔ TRC (Transnational Referral Certification)

CHOOSE the best

real estate agent in Miami
100% of our buyers are foreign national.

wlt | 50

wlt | 51







wlt | 52

2450 Biscayne Blvd. Miami FL. 33137

G eneral Contractor / Consulting
and Management.
F ull-Service Project
Construction Management.
P roduce / Manage / Maintain Project
Protocol, Schedules, Timeline,
Budget and Billing.
H ome Owners Association Board
Representation / Consulting on
Construction Related Issues
A DA Assessments and Overall
Site Evaluation / Specializing
with Florida Codes.
S pace Planning / Programming /
Space Needs Analysis.
C onstruction Documentation /
Working Drawings / General
and Custom Detailing.
A rchitectural Illustration / AutoCAD /
3D Rendering.
Lighting Analysis and Design.
C olor and Textile Analysis /
Consultation, Design, and Application.
C olor and Materials Selections
and Specifications.
A rchitectural Product Selection
and Specifications.
Custom Millwork and Cabinetry Design.
F urniture, Fixture, and Equipment
(FF&E) Inventory and
Asset Management.

Purchasing and Expediting.

Installation and Move-in Management.


R esidential and Commercial
Interior Design.

F ull Team Coordination with
Architects, Creative Consultants
and Sub-Contractors.

Home express is a full service Design & Custom
High end Construction company dedicated to
building beau and functional environments for the
upscale south of fifth residential and commercial
markets. Based in Miami Beach, home express
has successfully completed over 200 projects
in Portofino, South Pointe, Apogee Building, and
Continuum in the last three years.
Home express interiors are meticulously designed
and impeccably constructed. The company seeks
to emphasize a delicate balance between the finest
materials, expressive lighting, innovative textures,
and exquisite furnishings. It brings a distinctly
original and international sophistication to all
its projects. The design team is composed of
highly talented and recognized professionals
lead by Matias Otero who is involved in every
step of the project.

Plan Check and Review home express Corp. is
dedicated to bringing new and creative solutions to
every design and construction project. To design
and build exciting spaces that provide order,
inspire creativity, and generate productivity in all
our residential and commercial projects; from
concept to turnkey, we take meticulous care to
listen, communicate, and inform our clients every
step of the way. home express is passionate
about collaborating with innovative architects,
designers and engineers and understands the
unique construction challenges that relate to
cutting edge architectural design.

Matias Otero
500 S Pointe Dr #200, Miami Beach FL. 33139
Cel. 786.718.3887 | Ph. 786.600.3842 ext.105
Fax. 305.397.0324 | matias@home-express.com

wlt | 53

les sorties, la nuit,
les lieux en vogue


wlt | 54


WLT Magazine Paris/Miami
a décidé de faire appel à
Stéphane Keyser, dans
chacune de ses éditions
pour suivre le courant de
tendance de la vie la nuit,
complètement magique
d’ailleurs, à Miami.
Toujours positif, Stéphane
dégage ce quelque chose
de spécial qu’on adore tous,
et il a gardé un style très
mannequin, surement parce
que ça a été son premier
métier, toujours très chic,
mode. Notre magazine l'a
adopté pour cette nouvelle
rubrique “Miami Flash
Night Life”.
Et pour commencer,
on va parler de lui !

miami flash


Night Life

with Stéphane Keyser

wlt | 55



WLT: Vous avez quitté récemment l’Opium
Group, pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas, les
propriétaires de “Mansion” entre autres, où
nous avons tous passé de superbes soirées
grâce à vous et à votre très bonne énergie,
Pouvez-vous nous expliquer pourquoi?
S. Keyser : J’espère avoir fait passer de très bonnes
soirées aux gens dont je me suis occupé là-bas,
c’est très important pour moi de dégager une
énergie positive et de la transmettre aux autres,
J’ai préfère quitter ce groupe pour une raison première assez évidente, l’évolution de ma carrière,
je pense qu’il était temps pour moi de partir vers
quelque chose de plus évolutif, de plus constructif,
et de faire une sorte de remise en question si je
peux dire, pour la bonne cause !! Evoluer, vouloir
plus, mieux, plus haut, c’est important, surtout aux
U.S.A, et à Miami en particulier !

wlt | 56

WLT: On est tous vraiment content pour
vous, car visiblement, vous avez très
rapidement trouvé votre nouvelle voie ?
S. Keyser : En effet, mais la vie est bien faite vous
savez. Un dimanche, j’étais avec un de mes meilleurs amis, Cédric Gervais (je ne vous le présente
plus, grammy awards etc...), on a simplement
discuté ensemble de tout ça, et il m’a proposé de
contacter David Grudman et le groupe MMG pour
moi. J’avais déja travaillé pour lui en 2009 à “LIV”.
C’est quelqu’un pour qui j’ai beaucoup de respect,
j’étais donc ravi de cette idée. Je l’ai rencontré très
rapidement, et nous avons convenu ensemble d’un
poste à “STORY” qui me va parfaitement. Je suis
donc vraiment très content, et avant tout, et ça,
c’était très important pour moi, je me sens dans un
univers qui me correspond, entouré d’une équipe
extraordinaire, motivée. Vous savez, je n’ai pas
besoin de vanter les mérites de David Grudman et

du groupe MMG, mais travailler avec ce genre de
personne, c’est extrêmement motivant : ça, c’est
une véritable évolution pour moi. Ce sont des gens
qui se remettent en permanence en question pour
aller toujours plus haut, plus loin, dans l’excellence,
ils ont de très bonnes connections, des résultats
financiers d’ailleurs qui le montrent bien, ils sont
ultra pro, ça me plait vraiment.
WLT: Tout se passe donc à “STORY’ avec
vous à présent?
S. Keyser : Oui, je vais, comme je l’ai toujours fait
cependant, donner le meilleur de moi-même, avec
cette fois, un truc en plus, une perspective bien plus
grande dans ce club, “STORY”. C’est un club qui
a complètement explosé dès sa première année
d’ouverture, et le potentiel y est énorme. Mon job, à
l’image des gens pour qui je travaille, et bien ça va
être de faire mieux, toujours mieux, je vise très haut.
Mon objectif, c’est de faire partager une expérience
extraordinaire à mes clients dans le club, ajouter à
cet endroit mon savoir-faire, mon relationnel, mes
idées, ma meilleure énergie !
Et puis, j’ai vraiment été très bien accueilli là-bas.
Cette nouvelle étape de ma vie est un plaisir finalement : c’est exactement ce que je voulais !
WLT : En tout cas, et je généralise, je pense
que nous sommes beaucoup à être ravis
de vous retrouver tous dans un superbe club
et de retrouver, STEPHANE KEYSER’S
positive vibe at “STORY”.
So, see you there for sure, merci d’avoir
répondu à notre interview. On vous retrouvera à nouveau dans notre prochaine édition
pour un nouveau “Miami Flash Night Life”,
dans WLT Magazine Paris/Miami !
S. Keyser : Thank you !!

My goal is to share

a magical experience



Stephane Keyser, Miami City,nigth life, trendy places, WLT
magazine Paris/Miami decided to call you for our new file
“Miami Flash nigth life” in all our next edition to speak
about every news of Miami night life. We all have a real good
and positive feeling with you, you look like a model, wich
finally was your first job, always fashionnable and chic, we
love it!! Our magazine wants you! From now on, we'll see
you in all our next edition, but for the moment, we just want
to talk about YOU.

WLT: You stopped to work at the “Opium
Group”, for those who didn't know, they are
owners of “Mansion” and some other Miami
night clubs, where we all lived some magical
and beautifull night to party because of you
and your so positive energy! Can you explain
to us why you stopped?
S. Keyser: I really hope that people had some great
time with me in “Mansion”, it's real important for
me to make people feel a positive energy, that's one
of the first thing I want to give to them when I work!
I prefered to quit this company, because first, I really needed an evolution in my job, it was time for me
to go for something more evolutive, constructive,
and perhaps make a real point about my wishes for
my career. And you know, in U.S.A, and in Miami in
particular, it's important to think about evolution, to
want more, better, always!
WLT: We are all really satisfied for you because apparently, you have very quickly find
your new way?
S. Keyser: Indeed, but life is made well you know,
a sunday, I was with one of my best friend, Cedric Gervais (I don't present him to you anymore,
grammy awards etc...), we simply talked together,
and he was suggest to contact David Grutman and

MMG company for me. I already worked for him in
2009, at “LIV”, and he's someone for whom I have
a lot of respect, so I was delighted by this idea.
And so, I had a meeting with him, and we agreed
together for me to have a real nice positon at “STORY”, which is just perfect for me, I'm really satisfy.
I feel like I'm finally in a universe which really corresponds to me, surrounded with a real professional
team, motivated, and also, I don't need to explain
all the experience with David Grutman and MMG
company, but working with that kind of people can
just give you a hard motivation, it's a big motivation,
they always wants to go higher, faster, better, in
the exellence and they have real good connections,
they are “ultra pro”, and I really like that.
WLT: So now, we can see you at “STORY”?
S. Keyser: Yes! I'm going to give, as usual, the
best of me there, with in plus this time, a biggest
perspective in this nightclub, “STORY” have a real
enormous potential and my work, is to work really
hard and hardest as the people for whom I work
now, always do my best! I am very high now! And
my goal is to share a magical experience to people
in “STORY”, give my best ideas, and all my positive
energy here! So see you at “STORY”!
wlt | 57

wlt | 58

wlt | 59

wlt | 60

wlt | 61

wlt | 62

wlt | 63


Cy waits
owner of “Adoré” NightClub Miami

WLT Magazine Paris/Miami went
to have a drink in this new trendy,
chic and glamorous place of
Miami beach, "Adoré Nightclub"
great time, great place, great
energy… and there we met Cy
Waits for you:

wlt | 64

Contact: info@clubadore.com
2000 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach FL 33139
Tel: (305) 203-0303 | www.clubadore.com

WLT: You're from Las Vegas, what are
the differences between Miami and Las
Vegas in the nightclub business?
Cy Waits: The venues in Vegas are more
extravagant than Miami although the industry
is a bit oversaturated there. Miami nightlife is
really influenced by the beach culture here;
it’s a different type of lifestyle. It’s definitely

more local driven compared to Vegas where you
get a much higher turnover of visitors. On the
flipside both Las Vegas and Miami are renowned
as some of the best international nightlife
destinations and the whole ‘party’ vibe of each
city, although they have their differences, it's
intrinsic to their culture.
WLT: Everybody was waiting for your
opening in Miami, what happened?
Cy Waits: In our quest to deliver the perfect
product, we decided to delay the opening so as
not to compromise the integrity of our vision.
With such a luxurious and intricate venue, our
finishing’s and perfections have been a timely
process. It is important to us that Miami’s first
look at Adoré is an impressive one, and suffice
to say it will have been well worth the wait.


WLT: So now, how finally was the opening
of "Adoré nightclub"?
Cy Waits: Our opening was great, we had a
great turnout and great feedback from our
WLT: How do you see the future with your
club now?
Cy Waits: We’re excited for the coming months.
We have great talent lined up including Morgan
Page as our resident DJ.
WLT: Thank you Cy Waits, see you at
"Adoré nightclub" !

wlt | 65


WLT: Michael Ridard, you're the director and one of the
partner of "Baoli" in Miami Beach, you seem really
passionate by your job, and you take care about every
details in the restaurant?
M.R: I love food and enjoy interacting with people. Guests should feel
at home. That's the core belief here at Bâoli. It's all about the details
and what makes us so special.

WLT : Michael Ridard, vous êtes le directeur
et associé de “Baoli” à Miami, vous avez l’air
très passionné par ce que vous faites, très
investit ?
M. R. : J’adore la cuisine, et l’intéraction que l’on
peut vivre avec les gens dans un restaurant comme
le “Baoli”. J’aime que les gens ici se sentent chez
eux, je donne le meilleur de moi même pour ! Je
prends soin de chaque détails ici, je ne laisse rien
au hasard, je suis perfectionniste !
WLT : Si nous vous demandions de décrire le
“Baoli”, que diriez vous ?
M. R. : Le “Baoli” est une expérience unique, nous
sommes un des établissements dans lequel vous
pouvez dinner, et dans lequel nous proposons une
cuisine très soignée et qui se transforme dans la
même soirée en véritable endroit ou l’on peut faire
la fête ! Ici, vous pouvez démarrer une nuit des plus
festives à Miami!
WLT : Une journée avec Michael Ridard, ça
donne quoi ?
M. R. : Debout a 8hr ! Je fais un point sur mes
emails, puis j'analyse la soirée de la veille, nos chiffres, comment s'est déroulée la soirée, etc. et
wlt | 66

la journée passe finalement très vite entre mes
réunions avec les managers et celles avec le reste
de l'équipe, je porte une attention particulière à
vérifier chaque détail dans le restaurant pour que
nos clients soient en permanence satisfaits et... la
soirée redémarre !! Ce sont des journées intenses !
WLT : Quels sont les endroits que vous
préférez à Miami ?
M. R. : SugarCane, Pub Belly, Broken Shaker, Standard, Mandolin…
WLT : Quand vous arrivez à prendre du
temps pour vous, que faites vous ?
M. R. : Je mange ! J’adore essayer de nouveaux
WLT : Que pensez vous de la mode ?
M. R. : J’adore, être bien habillé, c’est important,
et comme on dit, la première impression que l’on
donne est toujours l’essentielle, et, le vêtement y
est pour quelque chose!
WLT : Que diriez vous de l’amour ?
M. R. : Je le recherche.
WLT : Une phrase que vous aimez ?
M. R. : “Go Big or Go home!”



WLT: If we ask you to describe the "Baoli",
what could you say?
M.R: The Bâoli experience is unique because we are one of the very
few venues on South Beach to master the concept of a refined restaurant that morphs into a night club. There is no need to go one place
for dinner and another to party. Now you can begin and end your night
all in one place.
WLT: A day with Michael Ridard, how is it?
M.R: Up by 8am, enjoying a morning run before checking my emails.
The spending time to analyze detailed sales and manager reports from
the previous night. Manager meetings, staff meetings and then ensuring all details at the restaurant are perfected to make sure everything
is well executed for the guests.
WLT: Places you prefer in Miami?
M.R: SugarCane, Pub Belly, Broken Shaker, Standard, Mandolin…
WLT: When you finally take time for you,
what do you do?
M.R: Eat! Love trying new restaurants.
WLT: What do you think about fashion?
M.R: Mandatory, it's very important to be well dressed. FIrst impressions are everything!
WLT: About love? M.R: Looking for it :)
WLT: About life?
M.R: Enjoying every minute. Take nothing for granted
WLT: A sentence that you like? M.R: Go big or go home

wlt | 67

WLT : Nicolas Coeur de Roy,
comment êtes-vous arrivé à Miami ?
NCCDR : Je suis arrivé à Miami en 1993 pour travailler au départ
avec l'agence de mannequin Elite.
WLT : Aujourd'hui, quel est l'activité que vous avez
développé ici?
NCCDR : Depuis 7 ans, après avoir commencé comme "Promoteur"
en organisant mes propres soirées, "dinner-party" dans plusieurs
établissements haut de gamme de Miami, j'ai ouvert ma propre
société d'événementielle "NCCDR-EVENTS" et travaille avec une
équipe de promoteurs qui me suivent depuis des années... J'essaie
d'être toujours dans les meilleurs endroits, ceux en vogue, et
j’interviens souvent dès l'ouverture d'un nouvel établissement.

WLT : Une journée avec Nicolas Coeur de Roy,
ca donne quoi?
NCCDR : Je me lève tous les jours à 9 am, mes journées sont très
actives, je mets chaque matin tous mes "socials medias" à jour, je
réponds à tous mes emails, une heure de sport aussi chaque jour,
je fais du kick boxing.
L’après midi, je vais de meetings en meetings, et je vous avoue
que de 6 pm à 7 pm, c’est l'heure de ma sieste religieuse !! Je
fais aussi de la méditation, chaque début de soirée, pour rester
tout le temps zen.
A partir de 10 pm, je m’occupe du dinner party, je passe de
table en table, je m’assure que tout se passe bien, et j’emmène
ensuite mes clients dans le club où j’ai organizé la fin de soirée…
à 4.30 am, je rentre chez moi et… bonne nuit!!


Nicolas Clichy Coeur de roy
WLT : Miami la nuit, un monde à part?
NCCDR : Miami offre une clientèle unique, très cosmopolite,
élégante, sophistiquée, glamour et surtout qui aime sortir et faire
la fête donc idéale pour le genre de soirée que j'organise et pour
le développement de ma société "NCCDR-EVENTS"
WLT : Vous travaillez avec plusieurs établissements,
promoteurs, comment choississez-vous les endroits dans
lesquels vous travaillez ?
NCCDR : Je choisis les établissements de part l'emplacement qui
est très important à Miami, la beauté, le style, le côté chic, et
surtout la nouveauté du lieux pour être toujours dans les endroits
du moment...
WLT : Avez vous d'autres projets?
NCCDR : Oui ! Tout d’abord faire évoluer ma société NCCDREVENTS, mais aussi ouvrir mon propre établissement...

WLT : Que pensez vous de l'amour ?
NCCDR : Très chanceux quand on le trouve !
WLT : De la vie?
NCCDR : Vivre chaque jour à 100%, être dans l'instant présent et
proche futur. La Vie est précieuse et il ne faut pas perdre de temps
avec les choses qui n'en vallent pas la peine...
WLT : Fan de? NCCDR : MMA Arts Martiaux.
WLT : Un de vos plus beaux souvenirs?
NCCDR : La naissance de ma fille en 97 à Ibiza.
WLT : WLT Magazine vous invite à un fashion show,
vous venez ? Pourquoi ?
NCCDR : Avec Plaisir j'adore la mode et tout ce qui va avec
puisque j'étais dans ce milieux pendant des Années à Paris,
Miami, NYC et Milan
WLT : A très bientôt ? NCCDR : J'espère bien oui !

wlt | 68

Monday Dinner Party
at Cavalli Restaurant & Lounge.
Tuesday Dinner Party
at 1826 Restaurant & Lounge
then FEVER at SET nightclub.
Thursday Dinner Party at Villa Azur
(so far most popular and successful one)
followed by WALL nightclub.
Friday STORY nightclub
Saturday WALL nightclub
Sunday STORY nightclub

WLT: Nicolas Coeur de Roy, when did you arrive in
NCCDR: I arrived in Miami in 1993 to work at the beginning
with "ELITE MODEL" agency, as a model.
WLT: What kind of activities have you got now
in Miami?
NCCDR: 7 years ago, I opened my own company "NCCDR
EVENTS", I work with my promoters team in Miami to organize and develop events like "Dinner party", in some places
top of the range in Miami, I work with for example "Villa
Azur", "Cavalli", "Story" etc… I try to always be in the
best places, fashionable places, and in general we start to
work with all new places from their opening.
WLT: Miami at night, a special world?
NCCDR: Miami offers a unique, very cosmopolitan, elegant,
sophisticated, glamorous clientele and which especially
likes to go out and party, that’s sure really ideal for my activities, and for the development of my company "NCCDREVENTS".
WLT: You work with several establishments, promoters,
how do you choose the places where you work?
NCCDR: I choose establishments for some important point
like their location, it’s really important in Miami to be in a
good location, also for the beauty, the style, and I especially
take care to always be in the "PLACE TO BE" in Miami!
WLT: Have you got some other projects?
NCCDR:Yes! First of all to develop my company, "NCCDREVENTS" and also to open my own establishment...

WLT: A day with Nicolas Coeur de Roy,
how is it?
NCCDR: I wake up every day at 9am, all days are very
active with me, every morning I update all my "social
media", I answer to all my emails, one hour of sport also
every day, kickboxing, I love that! After noon, I go from
meetings to meetings, and from 6 pm to 7 pm, it’s the hour
of my religious nap! I also do some meditation, every beginning of evening, to remain Zen. From 10 pm, I take care
of the dinner party, I pass by all tables to make sure that
everything goes well, and after that, around 1 am, i take my
customers to the club where I organize the end of the evening and around 4.30 am, I go back home and good night!!
WLT: What do you think about love?
NCCDR: Very fortunate when we you find it!
WLT: About life?
NCCDR:To live every day at 100 %, to be in the present
instant and the close future. Life is precious and you
shouldn’t have to waste time with some unworthy things.
WLT: Fan of? NCCDR: MMA Martial arts.
WLT: One of your most beautiful moment?
NCCDR: The birth of my daughter in 97 in Ibiza.
WLT: WLT magazine invites you in a fashion show,
will you come? Why?
NCCDR: With pleasure I really adore fashion and I was
in this job for a long time in Paris, Miami, NYC and Milan.
WLT: See you very soon? NCCDR: yes I hope so!!
wlt | 69

Eric M, entre St-Tropez, Cannes,
Miami à l’Opium Group et maintenant
NYC, dans le nouveau club de Jean
Roch le VIP ROOM NYC. On vous a déjà
vu dans notre précédent numéro, le
"ERIC M STYLE" dure et perdure, on
adore, alors... on continue !!
WLT : Eric, le phénomène du "ERIC M
STYLE" prend décidemment de plus en
plus d'ampleur, vous êtes surpris ?
Eric M. : Je dois avouer que je suis très surpris
de l'engouement des gens du monde entier
face au phénomene #nosmile. Aujourd'hui je
reposte en moyenne une dizaine de photos postées par des gens que je ne connais même pas,
parfois même des gens connus et je trouve ca


super... Parfois il y a des gens qui me demande
de prendre des photos avec eux en #ericmstyle
c'est très drôle.
WLT : Vous apportez finalement une "vague
positive" avec ce mouvement qui visiblement fait le tour de la planète ?
E.M. : On peut dire que grâce à moi ou à cause
de moi, sourire sur les photos n'est plus à la
mode. Et au delas de ça, les gens essayent de
prendre la photo bras croisés dans les endroits
les plus improbables, loufoques et même inaccessibles pour avoir un commentaire les gratifiant du
meilleur nosmile dur à égaler... En deltaplane, face
a un requin blanc, avec des stars, devant des
merveilles naturelles innaccessible bref c'est
quasiment un concour.

WLT : Une phrase qui vous va bien?
Eric M. : il y a une phrase qui m'a beaucoup
marqué, issue du film "the descendent" avec
Georges Clooney "give your children enough
money to do something, but not enough to do
WLT : A très bientôt Eric,
dans notre prochaine édition encore
avec le "ERIC M STYLE" ?
Avec grand plaisir, merci pour votre support
et surtout n'oubliez pas, tout le monde est
beaucoup plus beau en #nosmile, #nowrinkle,
#armcrossed et #ericmstyle, n'hésitez pas à
vous photographier et à taguer @scoobysk...
vous serez repostés aussitôt !



1: Gianni Pedri and the Hysteria team in St-Tropez - 2: Jean-Roch Abu dhabi grand prix paddock - 3: Roman Jones (Opium Group) and Eric M "chez Colette" - 4: Yeni and Eric M at Mokai
lounge Miami - 5: Hamza, Eric M, and Mika at Baoli Miami - 6: Jesse waits (XS Las vegas), Alec Monopoly, and Eric M - 7: Brett Berish and Eric M at the Ace of spades head quarter - 8: Team
no sleep - 9: VIP ROOM NYC team - 10: Sydney Blondel - 11: Walid and Brice on the brooklyn bridge NYC - 12: Birdman - 13: Nick Chambon and Nick Hissom - 14: Conrad Hilton, Nicky Hilton
and Barron Hilton - 15: Eric M and Noella Diaz at Bagatelle brunch NYC - 16: Jay Z, Swiss Beats, Eric M ,Brett Berish (Aces of Spade owner) at Jay Z's office - 17: Montpellier ligue 1 soccer
team - 18: Momo (Flamingo Zurich) and Eric M at Bagatelle brunch in NYC - 19: Merti - 20: Laure Manaudou in london - 21: Daft Punk - 22: Stephane Kay at Hyde Beach Miami - 23: Eric M
Downtown Miami Sunset - 24: Christy Mack actress - 25: Tina Powers, Flo-Rida, Eric M at Set nightclub Miami - 26: Thomas vergara,Nabilla,Tariq - 27: Jean Roch and Nordine Fakir at vip
Room Marrakech - 28: Vivien snorkeling - 29: Tina Power, Eric M, Keith Robinson ("dreamgirls" actor) in Mansion nightclub
wlt | 70

We already saw you and the “ERIC
M STYLE” in our precedent edition,
we love that so… here we go again!!
WLT: We can see more and more pictures
about the “Eric M Style everywhere”,
Eric.M: I’m really surprised, people from all over
the world send their pictures to me. I post on my
socials medias (facebook/Instagram) something
like ten pictures from people I don’t even know per
day, it’s really funny, I love that!!


WLT: It’s a real positive vibe that you bring
all over the world with this “Eric M Style”
Eric.M: Because of me, great or not, to smile for a
picture is like… ”Anti fashion” now!! What I love
is to see people in some incredible places, with a
shark, in a plane, with famous people etc… with
their arms crossed/no wrinckle/no smile, to take a
picture on my style!!

WLT: A sentence that you like?
Eric.M: One from a movie "the descendent" with
georges clooney "give your children enough money
to do something, but not enough to do nothing"
WLT: See you soon in our next edition with
again the "ERIC M STYLE"?
Eric.M: Sure, with pleasure, thanks everybody for
your support, and don’t forget to take #nosmile,
#nowrinkle, #armcrossed et #ericmstyle picture!
Everybody is more beautifull like that!!
wlt | 71

In 2013, Sophien Bennaceur, a Tunisian-American entrepreneur  and leader
in global consultant services, joined forces with Philippe Carteau, a leading
French restaurateur, to create Metropolitan Hospitality Group, which breathes
new life into the restaurant, catering and hotel industries. Both impressive business executives in their respective fields, the dynamic duo set their sights on
bringing their unique experience to Miami Beach through an updated traditional brasserie, La Maison Miami. Carteau, who is known for successfully
opening and operating seven critically acclaimed restaurants in Cannes, St.
Tropez and Paris, was recruited by Bennaceur to bring his restaurant expertise
to the United States. The long time friends shared in their standards for excellence, believing that consistent customer experiences, quality product and real
value formed the cornerstone of any successful eatery, making them the perfect
pair to collaborate. 
With their vision and standards in mind, Carteau only considered the most
accomplished and talented chefs to complete the team at La Maison Miami,
and would not settle for anything less. After careful consideration, he enlisted
Michael Fulci, the recipient of two-toque awards and a Michelin starred chef,
to lead the epicurean experience that would take Miami Beach by storm. The
classically trained Fulci, who is well regarded for his four plates in the Hubert
Guide, left his home in France to introduce his undeniable culinary genius to
the United States. 
Between the three, there are experiences from restaurants loved by the most
distinguished international celebrities and French socialites: Les Terrailers, Le
Pagnol, Manon des Sources, Crew Bar, shushikan, Café Florian, Maccheroni
and Rotisserie, to name a few. Together, Bennaceur, Carteau and Fulci bring
remarkable business development, operational excellence and industry prowess that will bring La Maison Miami to the highest rankings in the culinary
community of Miami Beach and South Florida.

wlt | 72

Né en 1980, Michael Fulci obtient un
diplôme en 1998 de l'école hôtelière de
Nice. Après 2 ans d'expérience acquise
aux côtés du Chef Roger Verge
(2 Étoiles Michelin), il rencontre Alain
Ducasse. Pendant trois ans, de 2000
jusqu'à 2003, il travaille dans le groupe
d'Alain Ducasse et plus particulièrement dans le restaurant prestigieux
Louis XV au Monaco avec Franck
Cerutti (3 Étoiles Michelin).
C'est avec ces Chefs qu'il acquiert la
rigueur exigée par le métier de cuisinier,
la poursuite constante de perfection et
le goût de création. Déjà doté d'un talent
indéniable, on lui attribue une Étoile
Michelin en 2005.
Depuis lors, d'autres distinctions notables ont été ajoutées à sa liste de récompenses : 2 toques par Gault Millau,
4 assiettes dans le Guide Hubert, son
nom est aujourd’hui trouve dans tous
les guides culinaires francais ainsi que
dans de multiples publications étrangères.
Aujourd'hui, ayant la trentaine Michael
Fulci a affirmé sa “signature culinaire”
est fait parti de chefs renommés.
Il rejoint aujourd’hui Philippe Carteau
au restaurant “La Maison” à Miami.



Born in 1980, Michael Fulci,graduates in 1998 from
the hotel school in Nice. After 2 years of experience acquired alongside Chef Roger Verge (2 Michelin stars),
he meets Alain Ducasse. During three years, from 2000
until 2003, he works within the group of Alain Ducasse,
and more particularly in the prestigious restaurant Louis
XV in Monaco with Franck Cerutti (3 Michelin stars). It
is with these Chefs that he acquires the meticulousness
and the rigor demanded by the job, the constant pursuit
of perfection and the taste of creation. Already endowed
with an undeniable talent, he is awarded a Michelin star
in 2005. Since then, other notable distinctions have been
added to his list of awards: 2 toques by Gault Millau, 4
plates in the Hubert Guide, and his name is found in all
the French culinary guides as well as several foreign publications. Today, after having just turned thirty, Michael
Fulci is well acknowledged and his "culinary signature"
is renown. He’s joining today Philippe Carteau @ “La
Maison” in Miami.

wlt | 73

Né dans le sud est de la France, Philippe
Carteau est un véritable restaurateur
depuis de très nombreuses années à présent.
De St Tropez à Paris, en passant par Cannes
ou il a vendu 3 de ses 4 restaurants afin de
venir ouvrir ce superbe etablissement ici à
Miami Beach : “La Maison”, on le retrouve
pour une interview dans ce cadre très
élégant, et une atmosphère reposante : “La
Maison”, véritable “MUST KNOW”.


wlt | 74


Une atmosphère

cocooning et chic

Philippe Carteau, pourquoi vouliez vous
ouvrir un restaurant à Miami ?
Je voulais quitter la France et je pensais que Miami
était un bon compromis entre le sud de la France
dont je suis originaire et la possibilité encore en
tant que restaurateur français de donner quelque
chose. J’ai eu la chance de rencontrer mon associé
et ami Sophien Bennaceur qui avait déjà signé ce
magnifique local et qui m’a proposé d’être dans
l’aventure. Aussi, je suis ravi, je travaille ici avec
mon meilleur ami, Olivier. En plus de ça, j’aime les
challenges et je pense que lorsque tu réussis à Miami tu peux réussir dans le monde entier, que tous
ceux qui croient que Miami c’est facile de mettent
un doigt dans l’œil... Grand respect aux français qui
réussissent ici, j’espère que j’en ferais un jour parti.
Si nous devions comparer votre restaurant à
d’autres dans Miami Beach, quelles seraient
vos differences ?
Au delà de l’emplacement de "la Maison" à South
of Fifth qui est caractérisé sans nul doute comme le
quartier le plus diversifié et élégant de South Beach,
nous sommes peut-être le seul restaurant français
dont le concept est la cuisine et rien d’autre, Cela
n’empêche pas le respect que j’ai pour d’autres
endroits où la cuisine est très bonne, mais où
l’ambiance est beaucoup plus festive.
Nous avons essayé de donner le meilleur de nous
même quant à la décoration, l’atmosphère et la
cuisine biensur qui n’existerait pas à "la Maison"
sans mon ami Michael Fulci, chef étoile français qui
a la gentillesse de signer la carte et de venir passer
5 jours par mois pour tenir une constance qualité. 

Born in the Southeast of France, Philippe Carteau
is in the restaurant business from many years now, from
St Tropez to Paris, also in Cannes, where he sold three
of the four restaurant he had there to focus his energy
in Miami Beach to open this beautifull and so relaxing
place : "La Maison", a real "Must Know" here.

Pourquoi avez vous appeler cet endroit
“La Maison”?
C’est Sophien qui a eu l’idée du nom et je trouve
que son idée a été pertinente car au delà de
l’impression d’être dans le jardin d’une maison,
ça définit bien ce que nous voulons donner à nos
clients, nous aimerions qu’ils se sentent chez eux,
dans une atmosphère "cocooning" et chic avec un
personnel attentionné à leur égard, voilà pourquoi
"la Maison".
Que faut il essayer de déguster
à “La Maison” en particulier?
Nous avons voulu avec Mikael et Patrick Kirchner,
le chef exécutif, d’avoir un vrai fil conducteur sur
les produits qu’on utilise dans le sud de la France
tout en essayant de donner dans plusieurs plats des
touches de saveurs de plusieurs continents pour
que chaque client qui nous donne le plaisir de venir
à "la Maison", d’où qu il vienne, puissent s’il le souhaite retrouver un goût familier. Nous essaierons de
ne jamais vous décevoir même si le plus dur dans
notre métier est de plaire à tout le monde!

Quelle est pour vous, la chose la plus
importante, même si c’est personnel ?
Sans hésiter le bon chemin à prendre pour mes
enfants, même si dans le passe certains n’ont pas
été les bons, je tiens plus que tout à leur montrer
par les actes que seul l’amour, la percévérance et
la rigueur sont les bons choix. J’aime profondément
plus que tout mes enfants Romy et Andrea. Ce qui
est très important aussi pour moi est de ne pas
décevoir les gens qui m’accompagnent dans cette
aventure, Sophien biensur, Michael également mais
aussi mon équipe avec qui je partage chaque jour
ma vie.

22 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
12PM - 2AM Daily | Reservations Required: 786.899.0037

Philippe Carteau, why did you want to open a restaurant in Miami Beach?
I wanted to leave France and I thought that Miami was a good compromise enter the South of France from
where I’m native and a place where to open a French restaurant. I was lucky and had the opportunity to meet
my partner and friend Sophien Bennaceur who already had sign this magnificent place and who suggested me
to be in the adventure. So, I am delighted, I work here with my best friend, Olivier, a good professional also. In
addition to that, i like challenges and I think that when you succeed in Miami you can succeed all over the world,
when all those who believe that Miami is an easy place to have success, as we say in French: “you put a finger
in an eye”... Big respect to French people who succeed here, i hope that I’ll be part of them!
If we had to compare your restaurant to some others in Miami, what would be your differences?
First, the location of "La Maison" which is south of fifth, is undoubtedly characterized as the district the most
diversifies and elegant of south beach, we are the only French restaurant there in which the only concept is the
cooking and nothing else! Some other restaurant make some good cooking of course, but a real more festive
atmosphere. We tried to give the best of us in everything we created here at “La Maison”. And also, this place
wouldn’t exist without my friend Michael Fulci leader stud French which signed our card and to come to pass 5
days a month in the restaurant to cook and be sure we’ll always have the same quality to offer from our kitchen!
Why did you call this place “La Maison”?
Sophien had this idea, and I think it was the best idea for the name of the restaurant, it’s exactly describe
what we want our customers to feel: to be at home, in the garden of a house, we would like them to feel in
a”cocooning” atmosphere,that's why "La Maison".
What is necessary to try to eat at "La Maison" in particular?
We wanted with Mikael and Patrick the executive leader, to give a main thread on the products which we use
in the South of France, while trying to give in several dishes the touches of flavors of several continents,so that
every customer who gives us the pleasure to come at ”La Maison "can wish to find a familiar taste. We try to
please everybody!!!!
What is for you the most important thing, even if that’s personal?
Without an hesitation, to take for my children, even if in past I didn’t make the right choice sometimes,I want
to show them that in life, the rigor, and hard work are the good choices. I love them, Romy and Andrea, more
than everything in the world. Also, that’s very important for me to never disappoint people who follow me in
this adventure, Sophien of course, Michael, also Olivier my best friend and all the team who work with me and
share everything with me everyday.

wlt | 75


Chef and owner at
Nothing but the best

For me,

Owner of 3 restaurants in France, Yann Rio, is a true professional cooking.
Trained under French Master in more prestigious places in France,
including Hotel Crillon, Paris, (2 stars in Michelin guide), Precatelan,
Paris, (2 stars in Michelin guide), Bernard Loiseau, Saulieu, (3 stars
in Michelin guide), and Apicius, Paris, (2 stars in Michelin guide).
He was named “Maître Restaurateur de France” in 2008 – the journey is that of yann Rio. Yann has a talent for combining the best of
French and World cooking – fusing traditional techniques learned
in France with fine international and American ingredients and the
open-minded approach and spectrum of tastes Miami City inspires.

food is about sensations, art, feelings, emotions,

wlt | 76

and so is “Nothing but the Best”

that’s why it’s not just a restaurant

Top- notch French fusion cuisine, an attentive staff and a beautifully designed location ensure that guests will experience the
best food, the best service and the best atmosphere in Miami.
Our goal is to satisfy those who appreciate good taste and lifestyle, all while living up to our mantra: do everything the best

The Fusion Cuisine
The roots of fusion cuisine are probably ancient, since humans
have been exchanging culinary heritage for centuries, but the
concept became popularized in the 1970s. Several French
chefs began to offer foods that combined traditional French
food with Worldwide cuisine The concept quickly spread to
other major European cities, along with the American coasts.
Some of the most well known examples combine European
and Asian foods. These cultures have wildly divergent culinary
traditions, and combining the centuries of cooking tradition of
both continents can sometimes result in astonishing dishes.
The advantage of this specific cuisine is that it can be appreciated by the majority of countries
Good fusion cuisine combines ingredients and cooking techniques from several cultures in a way which pulls together
well, creating a seamless and fresh dish.

Nothing but the Best
MIAMI , FL. 33129
TEL:305 858 2525

wlt | 77

Merci à
Thanks to
Loic Ercolessi
For the pictures of: Luca Fendi Cover, Luis Salgado,
Cy Waits, Editio Fashion, Michael Ridard,
David Saada, Philippe Carteau,
Marc Hubert D'Ge, David S.Willig, Stephane Keyser,
Nicolas Clichy Coeur de Roy.
Our Guest: Luca Fendi
Alena Klenot Owner of the shop "Prague Princess"
1300 Collins Avenue - Miami Beach 33139
where you can find every clothes of the edito
"Fashion Chic"
(305) 397-8035 - info@apragueprincess.com

WLT Magazine Paris/Miami By Magali Art
an edition by WLT agency LLC,
1717 northbayshore drive,suite 2655,33132 Miami FL-USA
President&Owner:Magali Art.(Arhant)
Contacts: (786)6123049 | wltagency@gmail.com
Commercial services: Clément P.
Contacts: (267)777 2845 | wltclement@gmail.com

A Special Big thank you to Marc Hubert D'Ge and Lindsay, they opened their house to WLT Magazine Paris/Miami By Magali Art for all our shooting, and gave us a real positive
energy! To my love Boris Honey, to Philippe C. in Marseille, to all the people who gave us so much support. Thanks also to Nathalie Aubremaire owner of international success institut,
and also of course, Remy. Thanks to Chloe Shaiya, Carolinne Rosso, our beautifull Catalina Martinelli, love you Cata, Clément Pousset, David Boudebza, and also to all the people
for| the
78 EricMStyle 's pictures.

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