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June 2015

Volume 41 Issue 1
President’s Message
Senator Barry D Evans 42155

We had a great time in Winnipeg. Thank you to Ken Cade 6866, Shirley and the rest of his committee that ran a great
Crew Meeting. I was picked up at the airport by Mike Pearson 25378 and Gordon Kraushar 5860 and along with Lloyd
Stockdale 20377 and Blaine Evans 71266; we were taken to the hotel. We all enjoyed some refreshments in the lobby
and the Crew Meeting started.
My apologies go out to Patty Auger 65436 and her bid committee. I was asked to read her bid for next year’s Crew
Meeting at the Annual General Meeting and after some discussion it was ruled to be received only and not read. There
was errors made and I am sorry the bid from Calgary was not discussed. We as the new Executive are working on
resolving this error. I will report on the outcome.
The 2016 Annual Crew Meeting will be hosted by Georgian Bay Senators in the Toronto area, the third week in May.
Confirmed dates and location will be announced shortly.
I am encouraging all Senators to join us in Calgary at the JCI Canada National meeting in September. There is a meeting
with the Jaycees that we can show our support and discuss their requirements.
I attended the Durham JCI Senate meeting that was held in the dark due to a power outage. It was a good time by all.
I have just returned from the US JCI Senate National meeting in Rochester Minnesota. It was a great event that was well
run by the Minnesota Senate. Thank you to Sharon Leppla 44743 and her committee. Congratulations to CJ and Randy
for a well ran Annual Meeting. I met a lot of new and old friends and as always was treated very well. The Canadian
Senators helped Russ Cooper 4638 run his famous BACK bacon lunches. It was well received by everyone. Thanks to
Russ and all the friends that helped.
I am looking forward to my travels this year. Please keep me informed of your meeting and outing.
“We will remember them”
NORRIS, Raymond J 5538 – Feb 05, 2015
YOUNG, David G 14830 – Dec 20, 2014
DIXON, Gary T 35608 – Apr 29, 2015
BARNICKE, Joseph J 1335- May 19, 2015
Calendar of Events
Aug 14 – 17, 2015
Aug 19 – 22, 2015

Aug 27 – 30, 2015
Sep 16, 2015
Sep 18 - 20, 2015
Sep 25 – 27, 2015

“Welcome New Senators”
MANGO, Afif 74259 – Vancouver, BC
HECK, Cara 74083 – Kelowna, BC
MATEJKA, Elizabeth – Cranbrook, BC
MATEJKA, Mike – Cranbrook, BC
MARQUIS, Jean-Francois 70870 – Quebec, QC


ASAC 7 Encounter Pre Tours
7 Encounter of JCI Senators of ASAC
Tijuana, Baja CA
Contact: E-Mail: encuentrodesenadoresjci_tj2015@yahoo. Com
ASAC Website:

25 European Senators Golf Championship 2015
Mont Garni, Belgium
Contact: Rudolf von Bachell –
Toronto & District JCI Senate Luncheon, Bumpkins 11:30 AM Toronto, ON
Topic - TBA
JCI Canada National Convention – Senate Program
Calgary, AB
Contact: Patty Auger –
US JCI Senate 2015 Fall Board Meeting Hosted by Region I
Hartford, CT
Contact: Vin Lentini –

Nov 03 – 08, 2015
Dec 09, 2015

JCI World Congress
Kanazawa, JP
Toronto & District JCI Senate Christmas Luncheon, Bumpkins Toronto, ON
Annual Meeting & Election of Officers with Special Guest Speaker
2016 JCI World Congress - Senate Program
Quebec City, QC
Contact: Patrick Roberge –
Vice President – Senator Daniel B Toews 43467 –

I appreciate the opportunity that I was given at the recent Crew Meeting in Winnipeg to fill the position of Vice President of
the Canada JCI Senate. I look forward to working with President Barry and the Board. Although I have been a relatively
inactive Senator I enjoyed connecting with Senators both from Canada and the United States during the Winnipeg 2015
Crew Meeting. I feel like I have made new lifelong friends. My goal is to help make a difference as the year progresses. I
am also the keeper the Senate supplies and currently I have good stock of Senate pins. I am off for the next month doing
a motorcycle tour down Route 66 and then up the Pacific Coast Highway. I wish everyone an enjoyable and healthy
Past President 2015/2016 Senator Theresa R Sinton 41756-
Canada JCI Senate Ambassador to US JCI Senate – Senator Rene Jacob 22847 –
Fellow Senators - The 2015 Crew Meeting was successful; I only wish that I could have been there to be a part of it.
Unfortunately a week before, I made a trip to Calgary and picked up bacterial pneumonia somewhere. I assumed that
after a couple of days on antibiotics I would be good enough to travel, however a few days before I was to leave I returned
to the doctor because the drugs did not appear to be working. He took my temperature and called an ambulance. In the
hospital he told me that if I did not use sense and insisted that I could travel he would not release me from the hospital.
That was for me a wakeup call and resigned myself to not attending.
It feels very anticlimactic to not have an official end to my year but fate intervened.
I am troubled by a few things. This past year there have been times when I felt that there were Senators who felt they
could use the Terms and Reference and parliamentary procedure to stifle things they opposed. There were also times
when accusations and threats were used as tools. I get that back in the day political tactics were used by many to “make
things happen”, but since when did we allow that “stuff” soil the Senate? This kind of behavior will destroy our organization
Now back to the business of getting on with business.
I am looking forward to attending the Senate Program at the JCI National Convention in Calgary this September and I
would like to challenge all the old Alberta Northwest Senators to come along and let’s make it a reunion! It would so great
to see you all and what better chance to get together? Hope I will see some of you there.
I also hope that other Senators will consider coming and supporting JCI’s putting together a Senate program.
See you there!!!
Canada JCI Senate Ambassador to US JCI Senate – Senator Rene Jacob 22847 –
I have just returned from a fantastic Annual Convention of the US JCI Senate in Rochester, Minnesota. The Canada JCI
Senate put on our usual Canadian bacon on a bun lunch which was well received. We also decorated the room with
Canadian flags and handed out flag pins. Speaking of flags, I would like to collect a full size flag (no pole) for all provinces
and territories. The Members of Parliament will give them away free if you pick them up. I have the flags of Canada,
Ontario and British Columbia. My intention is to pass these on to my successor, whenever that time comes. Please e-mail
me before mailing them so I can let you know if someone is already sending one.
Other Canadians in attendance in Rochester were Russell Cooper 4638, Ben Jowitt 7062 and his wife Jinty, Barney Ziola
14018 and his wife Molly - Friend 1, Past President Lloyd Stockdale 20377, Past President Eric Cowen 27833 and his
wife Joan, President Barry Evans 42155 and Past Vice President Linda Blanchard 44776.
Dates and locations for this year's US JCI Senate national meetings are: Fall Board - Hartford, Conn. Sept.25-27; Winter
Board - Savannah, Georgia Jan.8-10; Annual Convention - Greensboro, N.C. June 19-24. There is a number of Regional
and state functions as well. Please contact me if you would like some information on these or any other questions
concerning the US JCI Senate.

US JCI Senate Ambassador to Canada JCI Senate Senator Phyllis Bowers 51430 -
Hello Canada! I'm your Ambassador for the next year. I look forward to traveling into Canada for events.
I was in London, Ontario for the London JCI Senate Golf outing. Thank you for the wonderful hospitality. I look forward to
coming up next year. Ed 38469 and Gloria MacDonald who took me touring while others were golfing.
There were 10 JCI Senators that came to our National meeting in Rochester, Minnesota. They were the following
Senators or guest. President Barry Evans 42155, Past President Lloyd Stockdale 20377, Ambassador to United States
Rene Jacob 22847, Past President Eric Cowen 27853 and wife Joan, Secretary/Treasurer Barney 14018 and Molly Friend
#1, Linda Blanchard 44776 and Ben Jowitt 7062 and wife Jinty. I know that all enjoyed themselves. Thank you for sharing
your time with us at our convention.
My next travel into Canada will be the gourmet dinner in October.
Canada JCI Senate Bed Nets Campaign… NOW at ….2524 Countdown….476, June 29, 2015
Senator Joe Hogan 29280 -
All Donations Are Special.......
As each donation comes in, it becomes another reminder of how important we are to one another in this world and in the
JCI organization. Our belief in those words said so many times and maybe years ago for some " That service to humanity
is the best work of life " truly illustrates this endeavour. Whether it is a memorial, a gift, a celebration or a generous act of
kindness Senators and friends across the country continue to show support with their actions to benefit others. The Send
a Net ~Save a Life bed nets campaign is always open. We are coming down to the last 476 reach our
goal of 3000 bed nets by November 2015. I hope you will take a moment this summer to add to those two thousand five
hundred and twenty four bed nets already accumulated. That is an amazing effort by the Canada Senate. This generous
"service" has a significant impact on keeping children and families safe and protected from malaria in Sub Saharan Africa.
It gives our organization special meaning when we see groups of Senators donating their local Senate club "dues" to the
cause as did the 26 members of the BC Interior Senate recently, and the 2014-15 Canada Senate Executive Team led by
Senator Terry Sinton 41756 deferring all honorariums to the Bed Nets Campaign. Thank you all for those examples of
leadership and also to the many individuals who have donated throughout the campaign.
Senators who wish to donate a Bed Net please forward your cheque payable to: Canada JCI Senate Bed Nets
Campaign c/o Joe Hogan, Senator 29280 700 Grierson St. Oshawa ON L1G 5J5. Each Bed Net costs $10.00 Senators
are reminded of the Bed Nets donation/acknowledgement form posted on the Canada JCI Senate website
( If you need to make an immediate donation of a Bed Net as a memorial or for any
celebration feel free to print the form, attach the acknowledgement section to a card and send your cheque with the
donation portion to me later. Please feel free to email your Bed Nets request to me and I'll mail out the acknowledgement.
Same day service is guaranteed !
The "Canada JCI Senate Bed Net a Month Club" is still open for members ! Membership is open to everyone...feel free
to join anytime! Send along an annual cheque ($120.00)'s that simple ! What a wonderful way to celebrate your
birthday ,anniversary or any special event in your life or recognize an event in your family.
Proudly listed below are the Bed Nets Senators, Maple Leafs and Senate Friends-donors since April. “Thanks
for Giving Everyone"....
"Service to Humanity" - British Columbia Interior Senate Group
- Terry Sinton 41756 President Canada JCI Senate - Presidential Honorarium
- 2014-15 Canada Senate Executive Team - Honorarium
"Memorial Donation" - Kathy ML005 and Bill Skribe 25511
- Diane and Joe Hogan 29280
"Memorial Donation" - Memory of Senator Al Dempsey 41352 by Durham Region JCI Senate Group
Send a Net....Save a Life!


JCI Canada National Convention & Senate Program
Chairperson Patty L Auger 65436 –
Let’s come together to celebrate 100 years of Jaycees and to discuss the role of Senators for the next 100 years of JCI.
The registration and schedule for the Senator program being held September 18-20, 2015 is now on Please register as soon as possible so that the organizing committee can plan
accordingly. Registration price includes hospitality suite, all meals on Saturday and breakfast Sunday. Excursions are not
being finalized until we have more Senators registering. Any questions, I’m always available at or
403-209-8302.Yours in Senate Spirit.
There are still 36 copies of the 2013 Canada JCI Senate Directory on hand and if anyone who has not yet ordered a
copy of the Directory, they may do so by making a contribution of $50.00 or more and will automatically receive a copy or
by sending in $15.00 to Senator Barney C Ziola 14018, 8500 Bairdmore Crescent, Richmond, BC V7C 1M7 and he
will mail a copy out to you. JCI Canada Executive, Board of Directors and Chapter Presidents may also order a copy.
Please make cheque payable to “Canada JCI Senate”.
KELLY(Weldon), Laura - Here is the latest update on Senator Harry O Weldon 5881 Canada JCI Senate Past President
for your information. If you wish to send an E-Mail to Harry, please address it to his daughter Laura at
"" and she will ensure that her father gets it.
Hi all,
Dad continues to be feeling well. I had him out for a 'walk' (I pushed him in a wheelchair) yesterday around the outside of
the hospital. He enjoyed being outside for the first time in a week. We should find out in the next few days when he will be
moved to Bruyere for rehab. In the meantime, I'm passing to him any get well emails and cards that have come to the
house. He 'rented' the in hospital TV yesterday/today so as to watch soccer games. He enjoys reading the paper as well.
YOUNG, Jacqueline – 34 Hogarth Dr, Tillsonburg, ON N4G 0C3 (R519-842-8366) (E-Mail: dyoung466 Dear Bert Kivimaki 13575 - Sad news. Sorry to inform you that David Young 14830 passed away on December 20, 2014.
He had been ill for the previous seven months, in and out of four hospitals, some more than once. His right leg was
amputated above the knee at the beginning of last June due to circulation problems brought on by diabetes. He then
developed problems in his left leg which required vascular bypass. To make a long story short, infection set in and
complications arose. He was in Parkwood Institute in London to obtain a prosthetic leg and the training to use it, but he
became very week due to the persistent infection problems which necessitated another surgery to remove the infection
around his heart. He never recovered from this final surgery. He is now at peace and no more pain. We moved to
Tillsonburg last November. We had a fantastic motorhome trip to South Carolina last spring, and it was a few days after
we arrived home that every thing started to happen. We both have fond memories of the Jaycee days. Love e to all,
(Jackie - I'm so sorry to hear about David's passing. I had not seen him at the last couple of Senate Luncheons and was
wondering if he was coming to the next one. I knew he had retired from the cruise travel business some time ago and was
wondering if he was into anything else. Over forty years ago, when David was Ontario Jaycee President and I returned
from four years as JCI Staff Officer at the World Headquarters, he had me Chair the Ontario Long Range Planning
Committee and do some trouble shooting at a couple of problem Units. We worked well together. Although we did not
see each other that often any more, I'll miss David – Bert).
OSTERMAN, Donald L 16577 – 1683 Creekside Dr, Nanaimo, BC V9S 5V8 (R250-716-7826) (E-mail: – Enclosed is my yearly contribution.
BECHAMP, Cecil E 17849 – 4 Donald Dr, Brampton, ON L6Y 3G7 (R905-453-9447) (C416-919-5202) (E-Mail: (Aileen) - Hi Barney - I still remember my trips to Ottawa Chapters - lively and full of activities in
all areas - often nominated for outstanding community leadership events - part of Chimo. I am sure that you have shed a
tear for Harry O Weldon 5881 - being one of the last Jaycees who, with you, John Jed 14801 and Gordon Lowy 6727, had
a tremendous impact on the Jaycee Chapters in Ottawa - once a powerhouse of Jaycees in Ontario. (Cecil – Yes they
were the good old days. Harry and I will always remember the effort that the four of us had put into Jaycees with the full
support we had from our wives Hellen, Blanche, Frieda and Molly. I especially remember the Training Team that the four
of us set up and went around to other Jaycee Chapters in Quebec and Chimo. Gordon Lowry and I also went around to a
number of small town officials putting on a training session on Parliamentary Procedure for the town officials – Barney).


BARLOW, William W 2122 – 8 Haddington St, Cambridge, ON N1R 3P9 (R519-621-1813) (E-Mail: –
I have just received the Canada JCI Senate Newsletter reminded me that I had not advised of the recent passing of two of
our Senators. In December we lost Senator Bob McKee 1663 and then on February 05, 2015 Senator Raymond Noris
5538 passed away. Senator Bob McKee was the first Senator of the Galt now Cambridge) Jaycees. Both are sadly
missed and not only by our club, but by the community at large. We both have fond memories of the Jaycee days.
DAQUANO, Beverley ML 031 – 606 – 26 Hall Road, Georgetown, ON L7G 5G5 (R905-877-8756) (E-Mail: – I wasn’t in Winnipeg, darn! I hope everyone had a great time.
JACKSON, Raymond E 13437 – 2137 Nipigon Dr, Oakville, ON L6H 4E4 (R905-849-0699) (E-Mail: (Nolia) – Please keep up the good deeds. Our Newsletter just keeps getting
better and better. They all really still need us and they just don’t seem to know it. Grateful and proud to be part of this
FAIRLESS, John E 14364 – 61 Delavan Dr, Cambridge, ON N1S 4R4 (R519-621-9394) (Doris) – It is with a great deal of
sorrow that I advise you of the passing of Raymond Norris 5538 on February 5 . Ray had been the President of the Galt
Jaycees in the Mid 60s. I had transferred (job) from the Guelph Jaycees and was the Bulletin Editor of the Galt Unit. I was
involved in a serious head-on collision and my driver was killed. They found me on the side of the road. Fray was a
fantastic organizer and arranged for a Jaycee member to drive my wife to Hamilton every day for the next six weeks till I
was discharged. My wife and I will never forget how they pitched in to help a new member to their club. Ray also hosted
our Annual Senate BBQ at his cottage and later at his home for over 30 years. We last met with Ray and his wife Marilyn
at our Annual Christmas get together at Senator Bill Barlow’s 2122 home. He was on oxygen at the time for pneumonia
fibrosis of the lungs and suffered from heart problems. He was a spark plug of our small group and we will miss his
wisdom and humour greatly.
COUTU, Alban 2421 – 260 Ch Rang 2, Racine, QC J0E 1Y0 (R450-532-4346) – Ci-joint ma contribution.
ROBBINS, Edward W 12703 – 2 Courtyard Walk, Chatham, ON N7L 5S3 (R519-436-0692) (E-Mail:
(Maxine) – Enclosed please find my contribution and keep up the great work. Maxine and I are both retired (1998)
Educators who now spend our time – visiting children and grandchildren, socializing, traveling, wintering in Florida and
doing volunteer work in our community of Chatham.
RYMAR, Eugene J 13181 – F204 – 505 Veranda Way, Naples, FL 34104 (R94`-352-1392) – I am sorry that I could not
send my contribution by VISA from the USS. I have enclosed a cheque for my contribution.
GREARS, Edward W 24126 – 3900 Shaughnessy St, Port Albernie, BC V9Y 6E6 (R250-724-4616) (Darlene) – I am just
catching up on overdue letters and enjoying receiving the Newsletter. So I have enclosed my contribution for the cause
and everyone enjoy the summer.
BURNS, Douglas F 15056 – 801 – 18 Bord du lac lakeshore Road, Point Claire, QC H9S 5X9 (R514-697-5490)
(C514262-8214) (E-Mail: (Viktoria) – I hope that Barney and Molly really appreciate how much their
efforts to produce this Newsletter are valued, as it serves as the glue to help hold the Canada JCI Senate together.
Without the Newsletter many Senators across the country would be isolated. The Senate membership serves and must
continue to serve as a mentor and a source of experience for succeeding generations of young Senators.
RIDEOUT, Joseph H 23950 – 213 – 700 Forest Hill Road, Fredericton, NB E3B 5K9 (R506-454-8713) (E-Mail: – Thanks you for the reminder and my contribution is enclosed.
STEEVES, Eric L 22388 – PO Box 1335, 631 Peninsula Road, Gravenhurst, ON P1P 1V5 (R705-687-7113) (C705-2387113) (Jane) – OOPS! I am shocked it has been so long since I made a contribution. I am working hard at retirement –
spend six months in Muskoka at our Lake and six months in Mesa, Arizona. I do read the monthly Newsletter and look
forward to seeing comments from old friends from Atlantic Region Jaycees. My much belated contribution and thanks for
your e-Mail Theresa.
SLADE, John L 12189 – RR #8, 48 Moore Dr, Kincardine, ON N2Z 0B3 (R519-395-3684) (C519-619-2758) (E-Mail: (Patricia) – I normally send extra every three years – already I am behind. I have attached my
cheque. (John – You are not behind, I checked my records and found out that you are one year early – Barney).


SKRIBE, William A 25511 – 490 Conlin Road, Oshawa, ON L1H 7KL5 (RF905-433-1947) (C905-626-6700) (E-Mail (Kathleen ML 005) – Barry – Congratulations on your election as President and good to
see you out at the Durham JCI Region Senate meeting. I am looking forward to your dealing with the interface with the
JCI Convention and the Crew Meeting.
The Executive would also like to thank the following Senators for their financial contribution: WALKER, Richard H 12553
SIMMONS, Richard C 24558
RANKIN, William K 27643
CADE, Ken W 6866
BRADLEY, I Gerald 3405
BAIN , Robert G 63221
DAVIDSON, W Alan 596
SUTTON, Kenneth B 21865
EVANS, Blaine P 71266
STOCKDALE, Lloyd L 20377
MCFARLAND, Ruth W 7007
JOWITT, Ben 7062
KRAUSHAR, Gordon Z 5860
STOBBE, John D 67197
SANFORD, C Garth 2070
LOCH, Ernest W 33814
HOEFT, Ralph E 9489
FISHER, Melvin D 11191
SISSON, Vyrtle H 6560
WARD, Daniel G 35378
SILVESTER, Ralph E 17444
LIBBY. Michael 40511
CAHOON, Walter 27223
SALMON, Marilyn ML 001
JOHNSON, Kenneth A 20275
EBERHARDT, Charlie 54887
DAVIS, HT Jumper 38376
SWIGGETT III, Robert H 45861
Senator/Senateur Barry D Evans 42155
President Canada JCI Senate 2015-2016
2289 Burnside Line, Orillia, ON L3V 6H4
(R) 705-326-2856 (C) 705-715-2254

We Believe:
That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life.
That the Brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of Nations.
That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise.
That government should be of laws rather than of men.
That earth’s great treasure lies in human personality.
And that service to humanity is the best work of life


First Name: ________________________________ Last Name: ______________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________
City/Town: _________________________ Province/State: ___________ Postal/Zip Code: _________________
SENATE NUMBER ________________________
17735 – Men’s Landmark Long Sleeve Easy Care Dress Shirt
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Number P9900 – Colour: __________ Size: __________ Quantity __________ @ $57.00 = $_________
Canada JCI Senate Pins
Canada JCI Ties (none available presently))

Pin Quantity __________ @ $5.00 = $____________
Pin Quantity
@ $30.00 = $____________
Tie Quantity __________ @ $20.00 = $____________
TOTAL: $____________

Signature: ____________________

Date: _______________

The above prices include embroidery, shipping and taxes.
Please be very sure to clearly mark your Senate Number, colour and desired size.
Please make cheque or money order payable to: Canada JCI Senate
Please mail this order form and cheque to: Senator Please mail this order form and cheque to:
Senator Daniel B Toews, 9 Esker Place, East St. Paul, MB R2E 0K2 E-Mail:





E-MAIL ADDRESS (Please print clearly)
Please print or write your comments for the Newsletter:
S'il vous plait, dites nous Ce guise passé chez vous ET envoyez-nous vos commentaires:
Enclosed is a financial contribution of my choice:
Contribution financiere de Mon choix ci-incluse:
Contribution also enclosed for Canada J.C.I. Directory:
Contribution aussi incluse pour l’annuaire du Senat J.C.I. du Canada
Please make cheque payable to:
Etabir le cheque an l’ordre de:
Mail contribution and comments to:
Postez vos contribution ET commentaries a:

Date: ____________________

Senator/Senateur Barry D Evan 42155
President Canada JCI Senate 2015-2016
2289 Burnside Line, Orillia, ON L1V 6H4
(R) 705-326-2856 (C) 705-715-2254

For contributions by PayPal
1. Please go to the Canada JCI Senate Website:
2. When the Website opens up – go to the lower left hand corner.
3. Where it indicates “To make a contribution” you can also make a contribution by PayPal or by
Credit Card. To complete the process just following the instructions.

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