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Newsletter, July 6th 2015
European Gymnastics Championships

Press conference with Giulia Steingruber
In 2016, the Canton of Bern will again be hosting major sports competitions, with the
European Championships in Artistic Gymnastics taking place in Bern and the CEV
Beach Volleyball European Championship Final in Biel.
These attractive international sporting events are following the precedent set by
the European Football Championships in 2008, the Ice Hockey World
Championships in 2009, the Figure Skating European Championships in 2011
To inform the local media on the status of preparations for the upcoming
events, a press conference took place on June 23. ...more

Already 1500 tickets sold
Lots of tickets have been ordered since ticket sales began six weeks ago in the office
of EC Bern 2016 and through Ticketcorner.
Reserve now to get the best possible seats, and support the Swiss gymnasts
as they compete against the other top European team members.
Join us in Bern’s PostFinance Arena from May 25th to June 5th, 2016.
For information about ticket sales click here.

Taha Serhani at the European Games
Following his bronze medal in the team competition of the 2012 Junior European
Championships, Taha Serhani (20) celebrated a major success with a 9th place allaround at the first European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan in June 2015.
As the gymnast from Winterthur told us in an interview, he was impressed by
the well-organized meet. The atmosphere in the National Gymnastics Arena in
Baku was unbelievable; although a majority of spectators came from Azerbaijan
itself, they cheered on and applauded for all the gymnasts. ...more

www.em-bern2016.ch | Facebook | Twitter
EM Kunstturnen Bern 2016
Haus des Sports
Talgut-Zentrum 27
3063 Ittigen
T. +41 (0)31 359 75 00

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