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Food and Wine Pairings

To inspire new experiences
is one of our passions,
because even the most simple
moments deserve to be


You will find in this Champagne its young spirit. An harmony
between its gold reflects and its floral aromas of lys. The palate will
be seduce with white fruit aromas of apple and pear.

Wine pairings

Fresh cheese like compte or emmental
Mousse of fresh salmon

Golden bright color. Its generous aromas delight the air with
flowers, showing after aeration the evolution in prune and stewed
fruits. Fresh and elegant evolves into maturity with honey notes.

Wine pairings

Served as an aperitif with nuts
In dessert with an apple crumble

An intense pink color with salmon reminiscent. The palate will be
delighted with red fruit aromas and citric notes. The perfect balance
for its personality.

Wine pairings

In dessert with a tiramisu of pink
biscuit of Reims or mousse of white

Blanc de Blancs
Such an elegant champagne. Discover the Blanc de Blancs citric
notes and its finesse to enjoy with the most exquisite courses.

Wine pairings

to enjoy with fine sea food,
especially lobster and shrimps

Sous Bois
Oak barrels add some toasted and brioche notes to this
Champagne. The result? a lot of character to enjoy with the most
dared combinations.
Wine pairings

To try with smoked salmon
and caramelized cherry tomato

Expressive and generous. The first impression is citrus fruit and
floral. Then it evolves into dried fruits as fig and honey notes.

Wine pairings

Biscuits of Parmesan, black
olives and dried tomato

Fine and elegant. It's floral aromas given by the Chardonnay grape
dance in perfect balance with the body and structure of the Pinot Noir.
Such a sophisticated Champagne!!!

Wine pairing

Rillete de Saint-Jacques and


SINCE 1982


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