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Incredibly simple to use, LePoket is the
first pocket ashtray to also extinguish
and collect the cigarette filters without
taking up space in the smoker’s pocket.
Highly innovative in that it does not require the cigarette to be stubbed out
first, as this is extinguished in a few seconds due to lack of oxygen.

To personalize the Poket, Call;
0033 786 137 368

2) Put the butt in
fired inside

Registered trademark and patent

In France, each year, 18 billion cigarette
filters end in up in the environment.
Each filter contains more than 4000 toxic
substances and can pollute up to 500 litres of water.

1) Slide your packet
of cigarette into it


LePoket is a whole new concept for a
pocket ashtray:
You just slide a packet of cigarettes
into it.
It is practical, efficient and offers a powerful new medium for ecological advertising and marketing that can be fully
customised with your own message.
Aimed at companies, local authorities,
non-profit organisations… that want to
protect our eco-systems and encourage
others to do so.

It allows you to communicate and to protect the environment

Eco-logic Ashtray

3) the filter stops
burning in less than
20 seconds