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IoT & M2M
Organization, Strategy,
Tech and Marketing

DoB: Jan 15 1984
Nationality: Moroccan / French
Phone: (+33) 6 43 54 12 05
Address: 90 rue Vergniaud Paris

MBA graduate and 7-year experienced engineer

MBA graduate and 7-year-experienced engineer, I am a customer focused Telco professional, with a proven track
record in launching complex Telecom and IT solutions, for B2B and B2C markets, and a real can-do attitude.
I am seeking a position that would offer me higher challenges in Strategy, Marketing, Sale, Project Management or
Business Analysis.
My personality, my education and my experiences will be valuable assets to fulfill my duties. I can adapt easily to
new environments and I am willing to relocate.


Pantheon Sorbonne Graduate Business School - Paris 1: MBA Marketing (executive program).
University of Bristol: M.Sc. Communication Systems and Networks (12mth exchange program).
Telecom Bretagne (ENST), prestigious engineering school: French Master of Engineering in
Telecoms and Project Management.
Ibn Taïmya secondary school (Marrakesh - Morocco): Preparatory Classes Math and Physics.

Jan 2012

Jan 2010
Dec 2011

Marketing & Project Manager at Orange Group Marketing & Innovation
Conduct the Marketing Strategy and develop IoT and M2M Products and Services for the B2B and the
B2C Markets
• Assessed the customers’ requirements and elaborated adequate marketing strategy:
• worked out a clear segmentation, positioning and targeting
• set up the appropriate marketing mix for each target
• established the Minimum Viable Product through the Business Model Canvas+
• Enhanced the existing IoT products/services to match the evolution of the B2B and B2C markets.
• Established partnerships with leaders in the IT field (e.g. Microsoft, Salesforce, and ARM).
• Presented and defended business cases related to new products/services to the group deciders.
• Managed budget, time, resources and risk and followed-up on projects.
• Managed cross-functional teams, coordinated the work of the project contributors (IT, suppliers,
subcontractors, communication, logistics and sales).
• Prepared events and coordinated with the communication department to launch and promote
each product.
• Supported salespeople during the Request for information, Request for Proposal and Request for
Quotation phases with enterprises clients such as Renault, EDF and Weinman.
• Delivered the developed products to Orange affiliates (France and EMEA).

Project Manager at Orange France
In charge of Orange self-care and loyalty program for B2C mobile customers
• Participated in the establishment of the new mobile offers.
• Analyzed the customer behavior on the web regarding the new mobile offers.
• Conceived and designed Orange France self-care solutions, web and mobile, and set up new
features/changes to optimize the customer experience.
• Established digital commitment and retention strategies (eg. device replacement program).
• Assessed the required change, benefit, budget, risk of for new features.
• Created, shared and updated the global product roadmap.
• Chose the subcontractors and challenged their proposed solutions.
• Followed-up on the development of the chosen evolutions.
• Managed different contracts concluded with subcontractors.
• Promoted the realized features and loyalty programs (direct and indirect marketing).
• Conducted reporting and analysis of the usage statistics, the impact on the customer value and the
efficiency of the retention programs.


Oct 2007
Nov 2009

Consultant at Niji Consulting Paris
Conducted strategy, IT-Telco consultancy projects for Communications Service Providers and banks.
• Assessed the organization's internal resources and existing IT/Telecom systems and made
recommendations to improve overall results.
• Managed several Telco projects.
• Supported banks on their digital transformation.
SFR Business Team B2B (French CSP) : Project Manager deployment of broadband data network for
• Established a detailed schedule for each project (field engineering, identification of routing,
delivery of equipment, optical recipe CPEL2 facility ...). Example of customers: Carrefour, Fnac,
Société Générale, BNP and Ministry of Education.
• Assessed and chose adequate technical solution for each customer (optical fiber, CE2O, DSP, SDH).
• Solved technical problems, managed several technicians and reassured the client.
• Monitored the progress of all projects: milestones, budgets, key performance indicators, potential
incidents and risks.
• Managed Customers Relationship.
SFR Optical Fiber B2C - Consultant Strategy and Transformation of call center
• Analyzed the actual situation and assessed the impact of the increasing number of customers.
• Developed an internal and external organization (outsourcing) supporting higher volumes.
• Conducted the national tender :
Drafted the "Request for Information" and comparatively analyzed the suppliers.
Defined the selection criteria, drafted the "Request for Quotation", comparatively analyzed
the proposals and conducted the interviews;
Participated to the selection of the contract winners and participated to finalize the contract
BRED Bank – Business Analyst call center multi-channel specifications
• Studied and analyzed the existing operations and processes (analysis of existing documents,
workshops and interviews).
• Gathered, analyzed and synthesized the required business changes (interview and workshops).
• Realized UML modeling of the specifications (use cases, activity diagram, and sequence diagram).
Hansenet Germany (Telecom Italia) - Business Analyst : Billing processes audit
• Documented the end-to-end processes of the operator call-to-bill chain (since the issuance of the
call to invoice for B2C and B2B customers).
• Audited the Revenue Assurance controls implemented in this billing system.
• Analyzed the risks and the potential vulnerabilities (referring to best practices in the field).
• Improved the existing controls (automation, process change, organization…).
• Recommended new controls and key performance indicators.




Marketing techniques. User eXperience. Project Management (PMI ongoing). Providers and
Clients relationship Management. Telco/Bank Environment. RFI, RFP and RFQ. Business Analysis
and Administration. Requirements Assessment. Telecom & IT Technologies. Budget and Risk
Management. Processes Enhancement. User Experience. Digital transformation.
Problem Solving. Organization. Positive attitude. Teamwork. Customer and Target Orientation.
Multiculturalism. Meticulousness.
M2M. IoT. Business Case, PnL, Business Model Canvas+. SWOT. FeatureMap. JIRA. MS Project.
FreeMind. UML. Data Bases. IPTV. Mobile Offers, LAN/WAN, Optical Fiber. VoIP. API and Web
Services. PaaS. SaaS.VAS.
Product Manager - Institut Supérieur du Marketing de Paris.

Arabic (formal)

Professional. Cambridge degree, University of Bristol test (85%), TOEIC (900/990).


Prototyping phase of a personal business project (confidential).
Football and Basketball. The university team then Orange team.
Marketing (Wharton), Finance and Model Thinking (University of Michigan).
International media, technology and business news.


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