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Public announcements with mental programs

Arbitrary group announcement
Can a group G of agents publicly
announce sentences ψ1, ..., ψn so that
after the announcement:
I a knows p;
I b does not know p?

ψ1, ..., ψn

p? ¬p?



Arbitrary group announcement
Kaϕ Agent a knows ϕ.
hψ!iϕ ψ holds and after having publicly announced ψ, ϕ holds.
♦G ϕ There exists sentences ψi
such that if each agent ai ∈
G announces ψi , ϕ holds.
Example: ♦G (Kap ∧ ¬Kbp).
Satisfiability problem
Input: a sentence ϕ;
I Output: yes iff there is a situation
where ϕ holds.

Unfortunately, undecidable in the
general case.

Proposal: restriction on Kripke
We describe Kripke models this way:
Possible worlds are valuations;
I Indistinguishability relations (worlds
an agent cannot distinguish) are
described by mental programs π.


We adapt the logic to π.
Kπaϕ An agent a whose mental
program is πa knows ϕ.
Example: Muddy Children
Two children may have mud on their
head, they do not know this fact.

a cannot distinguish between worlds
w1 and w2. π describes this:
Mental program π for agent a:
non-deterministic choice:
1. either clean a’s forehead
2. or make a’s forehead dirty

Technical result
Satisfiability problem is decidable
ApolyEXPTIME is the class of problems solvable in exponential time on an
alternating Turing machine with a polynomial number of alternations.

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