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Delta Junction Housing

Delta Junction Hotels
Delta Lodging is full service lodging facility located in Delta
Junction, Alaska that is dedicated to providing short and long
term guests with excellent service and accommodations while
they are working in the Delta Junction/Fort Greely area. We
are committed to maintaining the cleanest conditions,
providing the best service and supplying the flexibility to meet
every customer’s needs.
ROOMS: Singles and Doubles, Twin Beds, Cable TV and High Speed Wireless
Internet, Dresser and Nightstand, Weekly Maid Service, Limited Availability of
FULL MEAL PLAN: Catered Breakfast and Dinner, Sack Lunch.
LAUNDRY: Coin Operated Washers and Dryers, Fresh Linens upon Request,
Weekly Room Service.
COMMUNICATIONS: Computer Kiosk with Free Internet Access and High Speed
Wireless, Fax and Copying Service upon Request.
ENTERTAINMENT: Game Room with Pool Table and Big Screen Satellite TV

Delta Junction Lodging
Delta Lodging is in business to provide our guests with a home away from home. To
do this we have friendly housekeeping and front desk personnel who make it their
priority to make you feel welcome and make sure your needs are met. Our
employees understand that guaranteeing your satisfaction is their job.
While staying with us you will experience the cleanest accommodations for hotels
in the area. All common areas are cleaned daily and room service is provided
weekly. Guests can change out their linens as often as they like.
Our kitchen staff understands the importance of enjoyable, well-balanced meals
after a long day of work. Breakfast features a variety of eggs, sausages, bacon,
breads, cereals, fruit and more. Guests can fill out a lunch request and their sack
lunch will be ready to go first thing in the morning. Dinner will have an excellent
variety of entrees with chicken, beef and pork along with salad, bread and dessert.
In the evenings you can relax in the common areas or in the privacy of your room.
Both provide you with satellite TV and high speed wireless internet. The game
room features a big screen satellite TV and pool table.

Rooms & Services
Rooms are clean and comfortable and furnished
with a twin bed, dresser, nightstand and Cable
TV. Weekly maid service is included. Standard
pricing includes room and board with a catered
breakfast and dinner along with a sack lunch.
We have high speed wireless internet and
additional business services include printing and
faxing along with limited desk availability for
rooms. Delta Lodging specializes in providing
clean and quiet accommodations at reasonable

For more information please visit

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