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J.A.M. Foundation Inc.
2015 Annual Gala Auction Package

J.A.M. Foundation, Inc.
When he was 15 years old, Justin Menendez lost his 13 year‒old brother, Jason Anthony Menendez, to suicide. It was in the wake of that tragedy that Justin founded
The J.A.M. Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  The mission of The J.A.M.Foundation is to educate the youth of today, as well as parents, educators and the general public, to Stand Up and Speak about the often‒taboo topic of suicide. 

One goal of The J.A.M. Foundation is to spread awareness of the warning signs of suicide risk and eliminate the stigma surrounding suicide and mental health issues to
help reduce the number of adolescents dying by suicide. We recognize that, unless
and until we confront, challenge and overcome that stigma, it will continue to be a major barrier to the treatment of mental illnesses and to the prevention of suicide.

On Saturday, August 15th 2015 The J.A.M. Foundation, Inc. will be hosting the 2nd
annual Jason’s Wish Scholarships & Awards Gala. The Jason’s Wish Scholarship is
awarded in memory of Jason Anthony Menendez to a limited number of graduating
high school seniors who will exemplify qualities in leadership, character and community service. In 2013, The J.A.M. Foundation was able to offer $3,000 worth of scholarships to two students.
We offer these awards to students who had to suffer through the tragic loss of losing a
loved one to suicide, and despite their tragedy, are still aiming for success.
We would like to ask that you consider becoming one of our 2015 Jason’s Wish Sponsors. As a sponsor, you/your business will receive positive attention from your association with The J.A.M. Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit.
Your sponsorship will help instill a continued education for a high school senior attending college, and seeking a bright future even after overcoming their tragic loss of
a loved one to suicide. Your sponsorship will also help with the constant resources and
support that we offer to middle & high school students when hosting educational presentations at their schools.
Attached you will find a breakdown of the sponsorship opportunities along with what
they include, and how to submit the form to us.
I thank you in advanced for joining me on my journey- and believing in my mission!


Justin Menendez Founder/President

2015 Gala Auction Donation Form
Jason’s Wish Scholarship & Award Ceremony
Deadline for Submission of this Form: Monday July 27, 2015
Auction Items Due By: Monday August 3, 2015
____ Yes, I would love to show my support to the J.A.M. Foundation and the Jason’s Wish

Scholarship for students who suffered through the tragic loss of losing a loved one to suicide and
despite their tragedy, are still aiming for success.

Business Name: ______________________________________________________________
Contact Name: _______________________________________________________________
Business Address: ____________________________________________________________
Telephone: ___________________________Email Address: ____________________________

Complete Description of Item/Service Donated (please be as specific as possible):___________________
Value of Donated Item:



_____ Item is Enclosed
_____ Item will be dropped off or mailed to the J.A.M. Foundation, Inc. 15457 SW 143 Street, Miami, FL 33196 on or
before Monday August 3, 2015.

Please return this form to: 

The J.A.M. Foundation, Inc
15457 SW 143 Street Miami,
FL 33196

Fax 305-252-7392

_____ Item should be picked up by J.A.M. representative on:



Signature of Donor:

(please provide

Receipt #_____________

2015 J.A.M. Foundation Annual Gala
Official Donation Receipt for Tax-Exemption

Charity Name: J.A.M. Foundation, Inc. 

Charity Address: 15457 SW 143rd Street, Miami, FL 33196

Charity FEIN #: 90-0612025

Date donation received: __________________________________ 
Donated by: __________________________________________
(First name, Middle Initial, Last Name/Business, if applicable) 

Donor address:________________________________________  
Eligible amount of gift for tax purposes:_______________________
Date receipt issued:_____________________________________  
Location receipt issued: Miami, Florida
Please return this form to: 

The J.A.M. Foundation, Inc
15457 SW 143 Street Miami,
FL 33196

Fax 305-252-7392

Authorized signature:
Justin Mendez, President

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