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Vermont Vacation Home Rentals

Mountain Lake Cottages
Mountain Lake Cottages, you know that the summer season has arrived when you see
boats and kayaks in the water, folks fishing off the docks, birds singing and wild flowers
From May though October you can enjoy viewing a sunset from your country porch
and choose from the many outdoor activities we offer.
Our lakefront cottages are located on Lake Willoughby, “the Lucerne of America” in
Vermont’s scenic Northeast Kingdom with 4.3 acres and 330 feet of lakefront.
During the summer months, from mid-June
through mid-September the focus is on lake
activities including swimming, sailing, kayaking,
water skiing, windsurfing, water skiing, diving
and snorkeling. You will be pleasantly surprised at
how much lake you’ll have to yourself!
In the fall (September-October), the views from Mountain Lake Cottages are
spectacular. This is a great time to hike the nearby mountain trails and enjoy the
panorama of colors as the foliage turns from the summer greens to the autumn yellows,
oranges and reds. Bicycle touring is a favorite pastime in the fall. After watching the
sunset, you can enjoy a cozy evening in front of your fireplace before turning in for the

Cottages sleep 5 with 2 bedrooms, heat, a full kitchen, range with oven, fireplace and
country porch facing the lake.
Our guests agree that we truly have “the cleanest, neatest cottages you’ll find
Join the many folks who return each year.

Nearby Find
Golf courses,
Country stores,
Antique shops
Gift/craft shops.
Explore the many miles of scenic, back country
roads in the Northeast Kingdom.

Take one of the most popular day trips:
Stowe (1 hour),
Burlington (2 hours),
Montreal (2.5 hours)
Quebec City (3.5 hours)

Please Visit For More Information

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