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Fallen Leaf Tree Management was started with the intentions of raising the standards and quality of
practices within our industry. Every member of the team should have ambitions to progress in knowledge and responsibility. It is
vital to the nature of the company that its employees embrace a passion for doing great work and aiding in the education of
each and every customer. We take personal responsibility and pride in each tree we plant, prune, fertilize, remove or protect.
Advancing our own skills and setting the example for those around us. We work as a family, play as a team and make every tree
we touch better because of it.
Gabe Beeler is the Founder of Fallen Leaf Tree Management. He has dedicated his entire
professional life to tree care and the green industry. His passion for his work is directly reflected in the high standards he sets for
his company and the impact he has had on the region. Gabe has been honored as a frequent guest speaker in many conferences
such as Recognizing Tree Disease and PAPA meetings. He can been seen on “Ask the Expert” segments for two local television
stations and appears periodically on Good Day Sacramento. The Home and Garden cable channel (HGTV) is producing a summer
series and has turned to Gabe as a local expert.

4951 Hedge Ave
Sacramento, CA 95826

The difference in pruning to most people, pruning is pruning. Sadly this is not the case.
Improper pruning can make pruning necessary on an annual ba

sis, or force the tree to grow faster, weaker and more susceptible
to insects and disease. Topping and “lion’s tailing” (cutting all interior branches leaving only the
smallest of limbs at the very tips) unfortunately are common practices that should never be done.
Large pruning cuts should also be avoided unless an imminent hazard is present. Proper pruning is
always done out on the ends with cuts 3” and under.

Pruning is what we are most proud of. We train our staff to be the best at all applications, whether it is
your prized Japanese maple or a native oak that shelters your home. When pruning is done correctly it
greatly reduces your tree’s chances of failure, lowers its susceptibility to insect and disease and brings

out lasting beauty that improves the value of your landscape.
Insects and disease. All so that when one of our certified tree workers is in your tree you are
GUARANTEED beautiful and less hazardous trees.


Fallen Leaf Tree Management is a tree service that can handle all aspects of tree care. Here is a
partial list of services:

Pruning and Maintenance
Plant Health Care
Planting and Establishment
Tree Removal and stump grinding
Arborist Reports
Tree Moving

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