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This is a basic raglan-sleeve top, adaptable for all kinds of outfits! The pattern is for stretchy fabric like thick t-shirt
fabric, fleece, sweatshirt fabric or a thin old sweater. Decorate with paint/applique/felt cutouts/embroidery/etc.
You can make it a few different ways:
• If making from fleece or sweatshirt fabric, you can just turn up ½” hems all around (Only ¼” is allowed for hem
at neck). This is great for PJs or sporty-looking fleece tops.
Fairly easy with a serger:
• You can put the edges of these pieces directly against the ribbing if cutting from an old sweater. You will need
to eliminate about 1/2" at the bottoms and sleeves (since there’s no hem). Face neck with bias or ribbing as
described below.

If you want cuffs/collar like I did on the pink shirt, use thick T-shirt fabric or microfleece for these measurements
to work. The procedure is as follows: