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Wren  Feathers
Make an entire doll wardrobe in an hour!

Ready to get started?
Grab a few old (coordinating!) T-shirts that have a good amount of stretch left in them and some freezer
paper. I sized these patterns to fit my slim 16-18 inch dolls like Sasha and Kids and Cats or you can print
everything except the hat at 77% for Hearts for Hearts. I can’t see this working on AGs…
Trace or print the patterns onto freezer paper and without cutting out the pattern exactly, iron onto your
fabric. This will make it very easy to sew on knit fabric. Where possible, take advantage of hems that are
already on your T-shirt.
The green lines are cutting lines except where indicated as seam lines, and the black lines are a suggestion of
where to sew the seams. Where you see the black lines, sew ¼” in from the outer green line. I apologize that
the seam lines are not “real” on the pattern pieces, but the software that I use for pattern drawing is not really
intended for that purpose, and it's very time consuming to add those lines accurately.
Cut out the patterns on the green lines when you're done except for pants, where the green inner line is the
seam and you need to make your own seam allowance around it. Add glitter glue and rhinestones if you’d
like. Don’t worry too much about perfection here! The clothes stretch to fit a variety of bodies as you can see
and minor variations in seam allowances are not a big deal.

My bag was placed on stretchy grain to take
advantage of the stripe pattern, but it made the
handles look a little funny.

Take advantage of any hems in your t-shirt when choosing fabric placement! If you have a bit of sewing
experience, you can see where you might want to slit pieces and add fasteners or at least serge/zigzag
necklines and waistlines. It’s quite easy to modify these to be better-sewn, but takes a lot longer. It took me a
little under an hour to trace, iron, sew and cut out all of these clothes.

These are some combos I came up with…what can you do?

I sliced this apart
horizontally to make a T
and a cylinder (tube
You might want to cut a
slit in back of the T to help
get it on the doll, or slice it
open completely to use as
a cardigan.

Sew around
curve also

This hat fits Sasha and H4H
but may need enlarging for
bigger heads depending on
how stretchy your fabric is.

Inner green line is rough seam guide

Lengthen bodysuit legs as
desired (capris or full
length). You might want
to cut a slit in back to help
get it on the doll.

Seam on
green lines

Seam on green lines here

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