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Wren  Feathers
Rococo Dress Challenge

As always this pattern is © by me (Jennie Bagrowski) and is for your personal use only, you MAY share it by linking to
this blog, you may NOT sell it or upload it to any site without my permission. If you sell things made from this pattern
I’d appreciate credit for the pattern design. 
If you downloaded this elsewhere it was stolen from:
I assume you have basic sewing knowledge and the explanation should suffice, but if you need help please email me!
Quarter inch seams allowed unless otherwise specified.
Paola Reina’s las amigas have a collection of dolls in gorgeous dresses called “época” that are based on a mid-1700s

Pic above from their catalog
Their dresses have the hallmarks of this period, including a tightly fitted bodice with a fake stomacher done as a
contrasting center, straight, elbow-length sleeves ending in big flounces, and wide skirts with a contrast center. If you
lived back then, depending on your socio-economic status, a lot of your dresses would be basically of this cut but more
or less elaborate in fabric and decoration.

Your challenge:
Since this WAS the rococo period, overflowing with decoration of every kind, and these dolls are small enough to not
require too much fabric or trim, I thought it might be fun to see how decorative we can get! Lace, embroidery, brocade,
ribbons, ruffles
Make something historically correct or use the pattern in a creative way. This style is very popular for Lolita/Goth looks,
storybook/fairytale characters and princesses too!
Share your pix and see everyone else’s ideas here:
This pattern fits las Amigas and les Cheries. For Hearts for Hearts it might fit better copied at 107%

Don’t have any little dolls?
For Sasha and AG,the Queen of Hearts pattern is similar, just omit the sleeve puff and shorten it to elbow length.
Get it here for slim 16”-18” dolls:
And that pattern resized by Craig Sharp for AG dolls:

Skirt length measurement
is waist to floor plus hem.
Center panel is 2”-3” wide
and side panels are 7-9”
wide. Use wider
measurements for thinner
fabric; thick fabrics like
brocade will be hard to
gather if they are too


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