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Parc National des Glaciers

/// Camping
3 campings sont situés dans le lieu historique du col Rogers, à côté des voies ferrées
abandonnées. Téléphone valable pour les 3 : (888) 773-8888
1 - ILLECILLEWAET : situé à 3km à l’ouest du sommet du col Rogers. 60 emplacements. Ouvert
jusqu’à Thanksgiving.

2 – MONT SIR DONALD : situé à 1km à l’ouest du camping du Ruisseau-Brook. 15 emplacements,
état naturel. Ouvert juillet et août.
3 – RUISSEAU BROOK : situé à 5km à l’ouest du sommet. 20 emplacements. Ouvert jusqu’au 1er
/// Autres
APGAR , southern end of Lake McDonald (From Going-to-the-Sun Road, turn onto Glacier Route
8 (Camas Road). A short distance along this road will bring you to Apgar Village.) Largest
campsite in the park, with 194 sites (25 can accommodate a trailer or RV), flush toilets, sinks
with running water, and summer evening programming at the Apgar Amphitheater. Apgar
Village has a restaurant, gift shops, and a ranger station. Swimming and boating possible in Lake
McDonald, and boat rentals and horseback ride reservations are available nearby. No showers
or reservations. Open 5/5-10/16. $15/night.
AVALANCHE (On Going-to-the-Sun Road.)[15]. Popular campsite providing access to Trail of
the Cedars and Avalanche Creek trailheads. Flush toilets, running water, evening programs at
Avalanche Amphitheater. 85 sites (50 accommodate RV). No showers or reservations. Open 6/99/5. $15/night.

BOWMAN LAKE, North Fork Area (From Going-to-the-Sun Road, take Glacier Route 8 to
Glacier Route 7 (Inside North Fork Road). Shortly after passing through Polebridge, where there
is a ranger station, take a right onto a bumpy dirt road for Bowman Lake.) Primitive campsite
right on Bowman Lake, with access to Quartz Lake Loop, Bowman Lake, and Numa Ridge
Lookout trailheads. 48 sites, RVs and trailers not advised. Potable water and pit toilets. First
come first serve. Open 5/26-9/15. $12/night.
CUT BANK (not to be confused with the town 50 miles to the east), eastern side of park (From

Highway 89, take a 5 mile dirt road to the campsite.). Primitive and secluded campsite, with
access to Continental Divide National Scenic Trail. 14 sites, RVs and trailers not advised. No
potable water (bring your own water or some means of purifying water from Cut Bank Creek).
Open 5/26-9/25. $6/night.
FISH CREEK, on western shore of Lake McDonald, an area recovering from a large forest fire in
2003 (From Going-to-the-Sun Road, take Camas Road to turn on Glacier Route 7 (Inside North
Fork Road). Campground will be on right.). [18] Large campground near but not directly on Lake
McDonald offering flush toilets, running water, and nightly evening programs at the Fish Creek
Amphitheater. Access to Howe Lake, Howe Ridge, and McDonald Lake trailheads. 178 sites, 18
of which accommodate RVs or trailers. Advance reservations may be made online or by phone
(1-(800)365-2267 but are not required. Open 6/1-9/5. $17/night.

KINTLA LAKE, North Fork area (From Going-to-the-Sun Road, take Glacier Route 8 (Camas Road)
north until reaching the righthand turn onto a dirt road that leads to Kintla Lake.) Glacier
National Park's smallest campground, with only 13 sites. It is also one of the most remote, and
therefore is usually pretty empty. Non-motorized boats allowed on lake, and lake is full of trout.
Site is primitive but has a potable water source. No reservations. Open 5/26-9/15. $12/night.
LOGGING CREEK, North Fork area (From Going-to-the-Sun Road, take Glacier Route 8 (Camas
Road ) to Glacier Route 7 (Inside North Fork Road). ) Very small, primitive, secluded campground
with 7 sites and no potable water (bring your own). Access to Logging Lake trailhead. No
reservations. Open 7/1-12/1. This site is currently closed. $6/night
MANY GLACIER (From Highway 98, take Glacier Route 3 west into park. The large lake on the
left is Lake Sherburne.) Large, popular campsite near the Swiftcurrent Motor Lodge, restaurants,
token-operated showers, and the Swiftcurrent Pass, Piegan Pass, Grinnell Glacier, Iceberg Lake,
and Ptarmigan trailheads. Also useful for backpackers through-hiking the Continental Divide
National Scenic Trail (of which Switftcurrent Pass and Piegan Pass Trails are a part). Flush toilets,
sinks, and nightly ranger-led programming. 110 sites, 13 accommodate RVs and trailers. Open
5/26-9/25. $15/night. Very

Popular place to spot bears.

QUARTZ CREEK (North of Logging Creek campground on Inside North Fork Road.) This primitive
campground is the smallest developed campground in the park, with only 7 sites and accessible
only by a long, winding dirt road (RVs and trailers not advised). Quartz Creek trailhead is easily
reached from the campsite. No potable water or reservations. Pit toilets. Open 6/30-7/17.

RISING SUN, on St Mary Lake (On Going-to-the-Sun Road.) Amenities include showers, flush
toilets, a disposal station, camp store, restaurant, and nightly programming. Shuttle stop. 83
sites, 10 of which can accommodate vehicles up to 25'. No reservations. Open 5/26-2/18.
SPRAGUE CREEK (On Going-to-the-Sun Road.) About a mile south of Lake McDonald Lodge, the
Sprague Creek campground is sandwiched between Lake McDonald and Going-to-the-Sun-Road.
Only 25 sites, with towed vehicles and RVs prohibited, and one group site reserved until 10 PM
for bicyclists or backpackers. The beauty of Lake McDonald is marred by the campground's
proximity to the highway - traffic, including motorcycles, is both visible and audible well into the
night. The campsite is not convenient to any trailheads so if you want to hike, plan to drive first.
Flush toilets, picnic tables, and a communal bear box are provided. Evening programming at
Lake McDonald Lodge. No showers or reservations. Open 5/12-9/18. $15/night.
ST MARY (On Going-to-the-Sun Road.) Large campground on St. Mary Lake near the St. Mary
Visitor Center. Beautiful views of the lake, flush toilets, running water, shuttle service, and the
small town of St Mary about half a mile away, outside the park. 148 sites, 25 of which can

accommodate RVs/trailers. Advance reservations can be made online or by calling (800)3652267. Open 5/26-9/26. $17/night.
TWO MEDICINE 99 sites, 13 of which can accommodate RV/trailer up to 35'. Campstore in only
building remaining of historic Two Medicine Chalet. Flush toilets, no reservations. Open 5/269/18. $15/night.

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