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IV: Skills

Chapter IV:

“Lasguns and fancy pieces of technology are all well and good, but I
will trust the skill of my men over those old hunks of metal any day.”
–Last words of Sergeant Wilkins of the Tervalian 19th


o survive on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium, a
Guardsman must be resourceful, insightful, and skilled.
The ability to think fast under the pressure of combat
marks the difference between a Guardsman destined to rise
through the ranks, and one who is doomed to die in the
trenches. A true commander leads his men unflinching into
enemy fire and coolly deals with every problem that arises,
guiding the troops to victory no matter the odds.
In ONLY WAR, these abilities are represented by Skills and
are the basis for a character’s capabilities and the ways in
which he can interact with the Warhammer 40,000 universe.
Skills form an integral part of all characters in measuring their
ability and competence at tasks and allowing them unique
options during game play. More often than not, when
the GM asks a player to complete a task or overcome
a challenge, the player’s character will need to pass a
Skill Test to determine the outcome.


Skills can be used in a wide variety of situations from navigating
the surface of a treacherous death world to commanding troops in
the midst of a raging battle. When a Skill Test is required, it will
be set by the GM based either on the actions of the PC or as a
response to the actions of NPCs and game events. The outcomes
of successful or unsuccessful Skill Tests can vary widely and are
covered in more detail in the individual descriptions of each Skill.

All Skills are based on a Characteristic and when a character makes
a Skill Test he is making a Characteristic Test. If he rolls equal or
less than his Characteristic on a 1d100 then he has been successful,
if he rolls higher, then he has failed. More details on Characteristics
and Tests can be found in Chapter I: Playing the Game.

Jeff ’s character Theleus is attempting to infiltrate a Severan
Dominate outpost and must scale the outside wall. Since this
presents a challenge, and success is not guaranteed, the GM asks
Jeff to make an Athletics Skill Test for Theleus. Athletics is based
on Strength and so Jeff notes Theleus has a Strength of 32. Jeff
then rolls 1d100 and scores a 27. He has rolled less than his
character’s Strength and so has passed his Athletics Skill Test.
Theleus successfully climbs into the outpost without incident.