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Pictions Community
1st Render Maker’s Community

What is it ?
 Pictions is a community only made of Render Makers
 The main goal is to make people who do the same kind of work meet
each other and talk together
 There will be a Teamspeak and in the future a Website

Why ?
 Help builders find a way to contact render makers
 Make render contests in an easier and more organized way
 Prove the build community that render makers are not alone but all
 Give each other expert tips and tricks

In the Future
 Create custom signatures for every members of the community
 Make of the Pictions Community a prove of quality and confidence
 Create events around renders on a server like a build contest
where the winner win a lot of renders for his build …
 Create a Website place where clients can contact the community to
have a render and not one precise person. It could assure Render
Makers to be paid for all their work

If you have any questions feel free to ask …

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