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Welcoming Student Kit 2015 /2016
UB bag: one University of Burgundy cotton bag to take shopping
Students guide to University of Burgundy: which gives you all the information that you need to know
during your studies and student life.
A la decouverte de la Bourgogne brochure: ideas and information for travelling in the Burgundy
Côte-d'Or j'adore magazine: information and news about the cultural life and gastronomy in the
SUAPS Brochure: a brochure of the university sports and activities which you can participate in for
free when you present your student card.
Map of Dijon Campus: so you never get lost on campus. 
Culture card: by purchasing this card for 5€ you can access a range of cultural events for a special
price of 5.50 €.
Tourist map of the Côte-d’Or : to plan your trips in the Côte-d’Or.
Map of the city of Dijon: to not get lost in Dijon. 
What to do in Dijon flyer: so you do not run out of things to do in Dijon.
Maison de l'étudiant flyer: to inform you of all the areas accessible to you; for example computer and
internet access and local student organisations.
University of Burgundy choir flyer: for those of you who like to sing.
Invite the world to your table flyer: register to be invited to lunch with the inhabitants of Dijon.
Allowing you to discover the French culture and they can help you discover your own culture!
CROUS restaurant calendar: so you never go hungry. 
Mini Divia pocket plans: for the bus lines and tramways in Dijon.

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