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1. Send us your order using the contact form at with the
name of the product, the color, the model and the amount you want. Don’t forget
to indicate your account details so we will be able to add the order to your
account. If you wish, you can combine the your regular order with this one to
save on shipping cost. To do so, you need to leave us a note when you place
your order.
2. Once we receive your order, we will add it to your account and you will receive
your invoice by email. At that moment, you will be able to send us your payment
by Paypal or Interac E-Transfert at Please
indicate the number of the order or the invoice.
3. When your payment will be processed by our team, we will place the order and
send it to you as soon as possible. Usually, it’s should take 5 to 10 business
days. The delay depends of the time it’s takes to receive your products
Conditions :
 Minimal order of 20$ before taxes and shipping cost.
 You must order two (2) different models of fishing spoon. It’s can also be two (2)
different colors of the same model.
 In the case that you want only 1 fishing spoon model or your order is less than
the minimum amount, we invite you to send us your order. We will consider it for
our next order at Ma-Jik. We will contact you when it’s will become available.
However, the delay could be longer than the other orders.
 If you want to combine your regular order with this one, place your regular order
and leave us a note. We will send both orders at the same time and only charge
the shipping cost that apply to the whole orders.
 The order will be placed at Ma-Jik only when the full payment of the order has
been processed.
 The order is non-reimbursable but some exceptions may occur. Contact us fast if
there is a problem.