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Hi   Guys,   we   are   a   French   (27   years   old)   and   Swiss   (21   years   old)   lovely   couple   who   are  
looking  for  a  little  place  in  a  garden  to  live  with  our  Volkswagen  Van.  We  are  keen  to  stay  
until   the   end   of   January   2016.   We   will   need   to   share   your   bathroom   –   that   is   all.     As   an  
exchange  we  will  gift  you  our  VW  Van  for  free  at  the  end  of  our  time  with  you.  
If   you   like   this   proposal,   if   you   are   generous   or   if   you   know   someone   who   is   interested,  
please  just  share  this  request.  
What  about  us  ?  
After   travelling   on   the   East   Coast   with   our   amazing   Van   for   3   months,   we   came   back   to  
Byron   to   finish   our   Working   Holliday   Visa   here   in   this   beautiful   environment.   Both   of   us  
have  a  job  in  Byron.  
We  are  a  couple  who  like  to  share  life  with  Australian  people.  We  are  happy  to  help  you  if  
you  need  more  hands  to  support  you  in  your  garden  and  or  house.  
We  are  energetic,  quiet  and  clean.  
What  about  the  van  ?  
Our   Van   is   a   reliable   Volkswagen.   For   our   adventure   it   has   been   amazing   and   works  
perfectly,  however,  it  has  300  000  km  and  the  rego  finishes  in  December.  
It’s  fully  decked  out  with  a  king  size  bed,  lots  of  space  and  the  kitchen  has  a  gas  cooker  –  
plus,  every  utensil  or  dish  you  will  need.  We  really  love  this  Van  and  we  hope  it  will  travel  
onto  a  happy  new  home  to  make  its  new  owner  as  happy  as  we  have  been!!!  

Caroline  and  Gabriel  
04  32  18  12  52  


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