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Cover - Nuclear War Survival Skills

Copyright (c) 1986 by Cresson H. Kearny
Cresson H. Kearny's additions to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory original 1979 edition are the only
parts covered by this copyright, and are printed in this type print to distinguish these additions from the
original uncopyrighted parts. The uncopyrighted parts are printed in a different type of print (like this).
No part of the added copyrighted parts (except brief passages that a reviewer may quote in a review) may
be reproduced in any form unless the reproduced material includes the following two sentences:
Copyright (c) 1986 by Cresson H. Kearny. The copyrighted material may be reproduced without
obtaining permission from anyone, provided: (1) all copyrighted material is reproduced full-scale (except
for microfiche reproductions), and (2) the part of this copyright notice within quotation marks is printed
along with the copyrighted material."

First printing May 1987
Second printing November 1988
Third printing September 1990

ISBN 0-942487-01-X

Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number 87-60790
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Electronic Edition
The Electronic Edition of Nuclear War Survival Skills was prepared and published by Arnold Jagt.
The book was scanned using an HP ScanJet IIc, OCR (optical character recognition) using Xerox'
TextBridge, and cleaned up using AmiPro for the text and a variety of graphic packages for the
illustrations and photographs. The purpose of this file is to provide for "on demand publishing" of the
contents first, and as an online document second.
Please Note: Due to the limitations of this online version the KFM Templates and other illustrations are
not entirely reliable and should be obtained from the printed version. Send $19.50 to: Oregon Institute of
Science and Medicine, P.O. Box 1279 , Cave Junction, Oregon 97523.
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