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Md. Ramjanul Karim
Date of birth:17.8.1991
Olympiakatu 12 D 31
65100 Vaasa,Finland
I Will do my best to contribute to the success of your company through efficiency, diligence and a positive
attitude. I am flexible and have good communication and team work skills. Always ready to learn new things.
Demi chep – may 2011 to April 2015
The Grapes, 76 Narrow street,Limehouse,London,E14 8BP
Responsibilities: Cooking, Food preparation,Kitchen hygiane,delivery restocking ,cleaning and tidy up .
Cleaner -November 2012 to Decembear 2013
The London cleaners , 11 Flamsted Avenue Ha9 6DL
Responsibilities: work as a part time commercial and domestic cleaner. my duty was dusting carpet ,mooping
flore, cleane window , washingup , ironing ,toilet cleaning .
Kitchen Assistant – june 2010 – may 2011
Lupita , 13-15 villier street,London,WC2 6nd .
Responsibilities: Food preparation,chopping vegetabels,celaning and tidy up .
Kitchen Assistant - Novembear 2009 to April 2010
The Littel Greekpie Compamy ,22 Cleveland street ,London,W1T 4JB ,
Responsibilities:Receive delivary ,Chopping vegetabals, dish washing ,Cleaning up kitchen .
Currently studying International cooking ,cataring and hotel service in Vaasa Vocational Institute , Finland.

Completed Certificate in Tourism and Hospitalaty managment, 2014 in the uk .
Completed Higher Secondary certificate, 2008 in Bangladesh.
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Languages: Bengali, English, Hindi and I am learning finnish at school.
Interests:Cooking Family life, politics, gardening, reading.
Joanne Bain, Chef at The Grapes, London
+44 780 97 20 953

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