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Apple Patterns
These complex pattern strips help to introduce students to a higher level of thinking in regards to
sequencing. Building on these skills will help to improve students’ mathematical skills while not
requiring any use of numbers while working the patterns. This will help to reduce the stress levels
of a child who does not like or is under performing in math.
As students begin to recognize longer and more complex patterns, they can relate those skills to
more complex number patterns as well.
To assemble:
Print pages 4-13 on card stock and/or laminate for durability. Cut the strips apart on the dotted
lines. Then, tape the three strips on each page together to create on long strip, as pictured on
page 1.
Optional: Prints pages 14-16 on card stock and or laminate to provide for the child to continue the
You can also substitute colored buttons, pom poms (as pictured on page 1),
or play dough for a more tactile experience while creating the patterns.
You can store the strips by putting them all together in a clip and hanging
on the wall.

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