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Partnership Guide
European Master in Business Studies

Year 2015-2016

Partnership Guide 2015- 2016
What is EMBS?
4 Semesters - 4 Countries
The EMBS - European Master in Business Studies is a
Master’s degree in Management officially integrated in
the new European Bologna system of higher education.
It is composed of 4 semesters in 4 different European
countries :
Italy - France - Germany - Spain,
representing a total of 120 ECTS.

The EMBS programme recruits students from all over
the world and educates them as future business leaders
who are able to create and develop socially responsible
organizations focusing on ethical and social issues and
the prosperity of individuals in the teams/organizations.

One of the first European Programmes








combining a theoretical framework with practical studies.
It is well known for its unique provision of a culturally
diverse environment and high value added business
programme involving business professionals, practitioners
and professors from different countries and continents.

EMBS Seminar 2016 -

Contract of Partnership
The European Master in Business Studies (EMBS) programme offers exciting international
opportunities for hands-on learning. Throughout the four semesters of the programme, EMBS
students are involved in activities that extend their regular lecture-based schedule.

Market Research class
During the second semester EMBS students will execute and deliver a
market research for one company. Lectures provide students with all
methods and tools needed to implement the project. Topics range from
research design to data collection methods, sampling and data analysis.
Benefit for your company: A detailed market analysis in line with the
goals of your company.
Benefits for your company:
A detailed market analysis in line with the goals of your company.

Intensive Program
EMBS students take part in a special multi-cultural project
called the Intensive programme. This programme enables
students to interact within a heterogeneous cultural
environment on business referents (such as entrepreneurship
and social media).
2014: Trento - 2015: Budapest - 2016: Vilnius
Benefits for your company:
Visibility on a European scale.

Annual EMBS Conference
The Annual EMBS Conference provides EMBS freshmen with the opportunity to meet
former EMBS students as well as members of the Alumni association. In previous years,
the conference took place in various European cities, such as Berlin in year 2013, in
cooperation with the ESCP European Business School. During three days, students
participate to workshops, companies’ presentation and other educational activities.
Benefits for your company:
Visibility during the Seminar*
*Promotional activites, logo on t-shirts, advertising the company, possibility to have a speakers from the company.

EMBS Seminar 2016 -

Consultancy Project

During the first semester in Trento, EMBS students
reach an agreement as consultants with a company
to be the focus of their Consultancy Project. Four to
five international students closely cooperate with the
professional managers of the company for a period of
six months. The final evaluation of the project takes
place in the second semester at the University of
Savoie in France.

• Duration: 6 months (October–March)
• Constant






intermediate reports to keep the company up-to-date
on the progress of the project
• Final report with all the findings at the end of the project
• Execution of quantitative as well as qualitative analyses
• Project scope is adapted to your company’s needs and
• Scope of the project and other important information,
such as non-disclosure agreements, are registered in a
Memorandum of Understanding
• Tailor-made solutions for your company
• Groups of students from different countries offering






especially if your company is not familiar with or
does not speak the language of the country.
• New approaches to your problems, fresh ideas and
creative solutions
• Cultural sensitivity
• Contact with the international managers of tomorrow
• Flexibility (e.g. concerning communication)

EMBS Seminar 2016 -

Advantages for your company

General Information

• Market research project with an international approach

Consultancy Project –
Company Persperctive
Ernst Brümmer, Senior Development Manager at Lindner Hotels
Real Estate GmbH ,remembers his experience with the consultancy
What was the consultancy project about?
The students carried out the first part of a customary feasibility study
for four European hotel markets for the LHRE. The data was collected through qualitative
and quantitative methods and served as a support in the decision-making process.
What was your experience when working with the EMBS students on this project?
The students developed a database, which was integrated as a source of information in
the research bases of the LHRE. The collaboration was effective and failure-free.
What was the added value for your company?
The students provided the LHRE with an additional basis of decision-making. The data
was matched with our own evaluation. The extent and validity of the additional data
was very satisfying and a gain for our company. Basically, the added value for us was
a confirmation of the research conducted by our full-time business analysts. The order
and the structure of the report were easily applicable.
Is there anything else you would like to add?
Altogether, the LHRE found that the students showed conscientious and dedicated
commitment for the completion of the first part of a feasibility study. We hereby
acknowledge that the EMBS project made a valuable contribution to our hotel
development projects in the hotel markets concerned.
María Zamácola, Development Director at Neck & Neck:
It has been particularly useful for N&N to have a full vision of the market,
searching for different solutions to problems, which generally arise whilethe
development of a market. It was a great experience. They were professional
people and rigorous researchers. Also, they were a very nice group.
Carlos Millán Murciego. Export Manager (Portugal and Central
Europe) DYDSA:
The students provided fresh ideas. The information that they gave
us was really useful as a first step in both markets. As a matter of fact
we are in touch with some potential distributors that they uncovered
for us. I highly recommend to other companies to get in touch with
the EMBS students.
EMBS Seminar 2016 -

Price of the Partnership Contract

5 000 Euros

How can you help us to reach our goal
• Market Research

/ 1 500 €

• Consultancy Project

/ 800 €

• Intensive Program

/ 300 €

• Annual EMBS Conference / 200 €
If you do not wish to benefit from all the services of
the partnership contract, you can choose European
(IP) or Annual Conference visibility*

* The name of your business, postal and telephone details and Website will be mentioned during the conference/ appear on our goodies

EMBS Seminar 2016 -

Universities and Locations
IAE Savoie Mont Blanc’s offers are dedicated to management training
program which couple excellent teaching and openness to the
professional world. Moreover, taking advantage of its geographical
location (border) and certain territorial dynamics, IAE has benefited from the outset of
an open training offer on the international market and differentiating (tourism, hotels,
event) in the training landscape in regional management.
The institute works in permanent collaboration with economic actors of its territory, it
helps to radiate and which he derives his identity. IAE relies on the Corporate Club (Club
des Entreprises), innovative model of university-industry relations.
The IAE network France has the largest network in France of
management science. Formally established in 1957, the National
Association of IAE network became «IAE FRANCE» in 2014,
initiated and promoted all measures to develop and coordinate the work of IAE. This
networking contributes to the emergence of a common identity to increase national and
international visibility of all these university management schools. It also promotes the
exchange of best practices, cooperation between institutes, educational and scientific

The University of Trento is a public university located in the
north of Italy, in the cities of Trento and Rovereto. Since it was
founded, the University of Trento has focused on the development
of international relations and mobility. Nowadays, the University
of Trento has strategic alliances and partnerships with universities and research centres
all over the world, including West Virginia University, City University London, Aalto
University and Hanoi University of Science and Technology.
Trento is one of the few Italian universities ranking in the THE - Times Higher Education
Rankings 2014-2015. At Italian level, the quality of the University of Trento was
confirmed by the first national evaluation carried out by MIUR (The Ministry of Education,
Universities and Research).

EMBS Seminar 2016 -

The University of Kassel is a German public university situated in
the state of Hessen. The scientific profile of the University of Kassel
is characterized by the fields of Nature Sciences, Engineering, Arts, Humanities and
Social Sciences. The University offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate
study programmes, available for both German and international students. The University
of Kassel has more than 200 agreements signed with higher education and research
institutions all over the world. In addition, it also participates in European mobility
programmes such as Lifelong Learning and Erasmus.

The University of León has two main campuses in the cities of León
and Ponferrada, in the north of Spain. As a young public university,
the University of León has modern facilities and offers a large number
of qualifications, spread across fifty different areas. The University
has eight Faculties, six Schools and two private associated Schools. In
addition, a School of Language and an IT Centre are available.
Recently, the University of León has signed a cooperation agreement with the
University of Washington; it has allowed the installation in León of the second European
Headquarters to learn Spanish, with capacity for 500 students. Outside the degree
courses and research facilities, the University mainly focuses on human development
and offers students support to find jobs and complementary training.

EFMD is a global, membership driven organisation, based in Brussels,
Belgium with offices in Geneva, Hong Kong and Miami. As the
largest international network association in the field of management
development, the EFMD network includes over 800 institutional
members and reaches over 25,000 management development
professionals from academia, business, public service and consultancy
across 82 countries worldwide. EFMD plays a central role in shaping an
international approach to management education and is a unique forum for information,
research, networking and debate on innovation and best practice in management
development. EFMD provides an international platform to bring together leaders in
the management education profession, and membership brings many opportunities for
partnerships, student and faculty exchanges and the sharing of knowledge and ideas.
Company membership has a more European feel and includes Alcatel-Lucent, Allianz,
BP, Capgemini University, IBM, Intel and Haniel, L’Oréal, Novartis and Microsoft.
EMBS Seminar 2016 -

They trusted us



Luca Rocchetti

Elena la Rocca

Marvyn Lambert

EMBS Student

EMBS Student

EMBS Student




+49 1590 515 8944

+39 347 485 4925

+49 1590 517 9431

Chiara Paolino

David Kovacs

Laure Pham

EMBS Student

EMBS Student

EMBS Student




+39 340 663 3850

+49 1590 517 4019

+49 1590 517 4019

General mail:
Stephane Ganassali
EMBS Coordinator
EMBS Seminar 2016 -
• Stephane Ganassali
EMBS Recruitment + Partnership
B.P. 80439 – 74944 Annecy-le-Vieux Cedex
Phone: +33 (0) 450092414

EMBS Seminar 2016 -


• For more information please contact EMBS Team :

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