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PPI Tax Calculator
The KBKG Producer Price Index (PPI) Calculator is designed to make calculations as simple as
possible while minimizing unnecessary work. By providing basic data, the calculator provides a
PPI adjusted value while considering the condition of the respective component at the time it
was acquired (accomplished by considering the component’s normal life, quality, and age).
Taxpayers can realize significant benefits from the Tangible Property Repair (TPR) regulations
by identifying building components that have been replaced or demolished in current or prior
years and claiming retirement loss deductions. However, it is often difficult to determine the
tax basis of each component without a cost segregation study. While the IRS agrees that a cost
segregation study can be used for this purpose, they also allow the “PPI discounting approach”
that our calculator utilizes. For more information on the IRS rules related to the PPI discounting
See: T.D. 9689 Guidance Regarding Dispositions of Tangible Depreciable Property.
Calculator Subscription Package
$299 Annually, including:
All calculated fields
Comprehensive calculation report to document your file
Q&A online support
KBKG TPR Package

The KBKG TPR Package is a compilation of templates, checklists, sample deliverables, and
guidelines that CPAs can utilize to implement the Tangible Property Regulations. It provides an
in-depth tool kit that allows you to provide the highest level of service to your clients. » Details
Complimentary Access to the PPI Component Disposition Calculator Until October 15th
Access to the TPR Package is not included.

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