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Oregon Fishing Guides

Tidewind Sportfishing
Tidewind Sportfishing is located in the Port of
Brookings. The Port of Brookings is noted to be
one of the safest harbors along the coast due to
the direction it faces. The Port of Brookings-Harbor
is also located in a cove, which gives us an
opportunity to fish when often times others can't.
A morning fishing trip is predictably fishable. Later
morning trips are available, weather permitting, for
those who prefer a later start to the day.
Tidewind Sportfishing has been a family owned and operated charter for over 20
years. New owners, Kyle and Andrea Aubin, have grown up working at Tidewinds.
Andrea is the daughter of Jan and Jim Pearce whom had owned Tidewinds for the past
20 years. Kyle has been working on the charter boats since he was 10 years old. He
started as a deck hand, eventually got his 100 ton masters licence through the U.S.
Coast Guard and became a charter boat captain. After years of running the boats he is
now the owner of Tidewind Spotfishing.
There are things that a consumer should know when choosing a charter. First of all,
not all passenger boat licenses are alike nor are all Captain licenses alike.

Oregon Fishing Reports
Are you ready for some uncrowded deep sea sport
How about the relaxing excitement of whale
watching? At Tidewind Sportfishing and Whale
Watching you can experience all of that and more.
We also provide other recreational ocean trips as
well as more serious pursuits like scattering of
You can learn more about our services such as
bottom fishing trips, salmon fishing, tuna fishing,
and whale watching on our rates page.
You can even charter a boat exclusively for your own party of friends and/or family and
it includes tackle, bait, gear, snacks, and fillet. Learn more here. Speaking of fillet... You
can find some excellent recipes to prepare your fresh catch on our recipes page.
Owned & operated by Kyle and Andrea Aubin and located at the Port of BrookingsHarbor, Tidewind Sportfishing and Whale Watching is the angler's choice! Not only is
our crew experienced and helpful, but our captains hold 100-ton Master Certifications
and our vessels are U.S. Coast Guard inspected annually. We also provide
complimentary coffee, tea, hot cocoa and snacks.

For more information please visit

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