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By Kogani

What.. the hell is this ?
The « Point Loyalty System » is a system created for my customers which give them points to buy
« goodies », have more metal, participate to a lottery...
Customers earn points when they sell me items for a certain amount of metal. I'm not really good at
explanations, but you will better understand if you continue below.

Points depending on metal :
1 Key of items sold ► 1 Point
Examples : Customer sells me a Thunderbolt (Field-Tested) for 3 keys => he earns 3 Points. An other
customer sells me a two Specialized Kits for 20,00 ref in total => He earns 1 Point and he has to sell 12,00
ref more for an other ticket.

!! PRIZES !!
You can spend your points to get prizes. You have 3 choices each time for each number of points.

• 1 Point = • 1 Freelance Minimal Wear Skin of your choice
• 1 Item under 0,66 ref (bp.tf prices only)
• 0,33 ref free
• 3 Points = • 1 Ticket for the Big Lottery (check below)
• 1 Freelance Factory New Skin of your choice
• 2,00 ref free
• 5 Points = • 2 Tickets for the Big Lottery (check below)
• 2% metal more for every items you'll sell me in the month*
• 4% metal more for every items you'll sell me in the week*
• 10 Points= • 5 Tickets for the Big Lottery (check below)
• 4% metal more for every items you'll sell me in the month*
• 7,00 ref free

« % offers » can't be cumulated

You are not forced to spend your points immediately, you can keep them in reserve.
But you can keep more than 10 points : if you have 10 points and if you sell me stuff, the next points
earned will not be count.

I hope you will like this original system and if you have any questions, you can add
me on Steam !
Have a good one, traders !

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