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POSTER AFIB 2015 Aurélien Gavelle Mathieu Astranskas .pdf

Nom original: POSTER AFIB 2015 - Aurélien Gavelle -Mathieu Astranskas.pdf

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Ca cer is ased o a utaio of the DNA. Ca cerous cells reproduce the sel es a d i duce alfu cio i the orga
here the proliferate. There
is a lot of ca cers a d a
a s to cure the like


a d he otherap . But these techi ues are ot
% eicie t a d e eed to i d

alter ai es. Prostate ca cer is o e of the ost i porta t ca cers, t ice as pre ale t as lu g ca cer
a d the seco d cause of death fro

We use radiaio therap to cure prostate ca cer
ut there are issues. IMRt ri gs pro le s of
o -precise dose deli er a d the proto therap is er e pe si e. The ai issue ith sta dard che otherap is that e ca ot eicie tl
co trol the gro th of the tu or ecause it is
diicult to ai tai therapeuic pa loads i the
tu or. The ca
e created a d desig ed to
atch perfectl
ith the tu or a d therefore
deli er opi ized treat e t.

ca cer. Gold a opari les are a
atraci e alter ai e for paie ts.

Gree tea as disco ered i Chi a,
ears ago. Gree tea has sho
properies that preve t

ple t of

a er, cardio ascular

diseases, dia etes a d Alzhei er disease. I fact,
the rate of Chi ese e ith prostate ca cer is
i es lo er tha i the rest of the orld.
EGCg Epigallocatechi gallate is a ph toche ical
co po e t of gree tea a d it as used i utriio al supple e ts ecause of it’s stro g a io ida t properies. EGCg has pro ed it’s eicie c to
cure rai , prostate reast a d colo
ca cers. So, e ha e to co i e radioaci e a oparicles, Au1 , ith
the EGCg. EGCg is applied o

Gold a oparicles ca suppl at the
sa e i e i agi g a d
therapeui a iliies, it is called
« thera osic ».

With these a oparicles, e radiate the tu or issue ith eta e issio , the e erg released is
a out , MeV a d gold a oparicle’s half-life is
, da s. The pe etraio ra ge of Au1 is up to
. These co i ed speciicaio s are suicie t
e ough to destro tu or issues
a d to prote t health
arou d the tu or.


surfa e of the gold pari les.

To destro the tu or, the a oparicles ha e to pass
through the cell e ra e. The che ical co ple
EGCG-AuNP has a speciicit to prostate tu or cells,
a ed PC- cells. I fact, it is uch ore tha a
that. O ce the co ple reaches the la i i receptor, La
R, o the surface of the PC- cell, it ge erates a e doc tosis echa is , so the EGCG-

Regardi g the s thesis of the co ple of EGCGAuNP, the researchers i sodiu tetrachloroaurate
ith EGCg i deio ized ater. EGCg’s reducio properies are used to co ert
gold salt i to gold a oparicles ithout
usi g a to ic che ical.

AuNP a e ter the ell a d destro it. It is a « Troja Horse » approach.

For the o e t, there has ’t ee a
ducted o hu a s.

But o ce used, this radioaci e co po e t is eli iated the orga is . Studies sho that h ater

% of the therapeui o ple
is retai ed i the tu or ells. Where are the

re ai i g

the i jecio ,


I fact, a large part is eli i ated i the cells itself i
the reiculoe dothelial s ste . A
s all a ou t of these paricles are
re o ed
the kid e . As sho
the diagra
elo , e ca i d so e
a oparicles i the lood a d i o
-target orga s.

tests co -

We ca co pare t o populaio s a i als:
I the su jects of the co trol group, e i ject
o l a sali e soluio or o l EGCg;
The seco d group, is treated ith EGC-AuNP. We
ca see that ater 1 da s the tu or olu e of
the treated a i als is four i es s aller
tha the tu or of the co trol group.

Tu ors treated:

Rete io of radioaci it i tu ors follo i g i tra-tu oral i jecio of

Aurélie Gavelle & Mathieu Astra skas

To su
arize, as this treat e t has a high
adept ess it is a alter ai e to sta dard radiaio therapies. The dose of radiaio to treat the
tu or is lo . There is a er s all part of health
issues radiated duri g the treat e t. Hg is produced duri g the treat e t, ut at a o to ic
dose, a d it is ell tolerated
the orga is .
Ple t of ca cers like colo , reast or
rai ca cer ca
e treated. So this
tech ic has i teresi g perspeci es
a d represe ts the future of ca cer
treat e t.

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