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Within the framework of my Master's degree, an internship or a project of the end of
studies is asked so that the students can have the necessary skills which facilitate the
occupational integration and the access to the world of the work.
The subject of internship which was me emitted(uttered) it is the study of the project of the
implementation of a small train for supply by compromising(composing) and evacuation of finished
products, the project that I began his study with zero, going of the extraction of the lists of
components up to the implementation of the small train.
This project put me in a situation of a project manager, an engineer and a person in charge
in various domains (Logistics, production, ergonomics, Methods, management of the projects),
because I was obliged to study the project of various sides to answer needs relative to all the
The project needed many changes at the level of the workshop, of the store that I will talk
about afterward.
The summary’s stapes of my work are:

 Observation and discovery of the company with a study of the computing
flows and the logistic organization of the site (5Ms)
 Study of needs in components in every production line
 Definition of needs (way, surfaces, equipments, HR)
 Study of the functioning of the small train (calculate times and Planning (
 Definition of the locations of the stations of exchange in lines
 Setting-up(Presence) of an intermediate Stock and a station of exchange to
the store
Study of the working ergonomics and to answer the standards of the
safety(security) of the work
 Presentation and validation of the hypotheses connected to the
implementation of the small train (need in material and in human resources)
with the direction and managers
 Creation of the specifications, put in consultation, reception of return