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Moto Guzzi offers a wide range of accessories to make every V7 unique. More than
one hundred parts designed, developed and manufactured by Moto Guzzi, perfectly
interchangeable with the originals and fully approved. There are four recommended
reference styles, but every owner can create their own by mixing and matching with
complete personal freedom to express themselves
The first official Moto Guzzi garage is now at WWW.GARAGEMOTOGUZZI.COM,
where every enthusiast can configure and personalise their V7, discover custom
jobs done by professionals and share their own special
Moto Guzzi has never followed fashion, but on the contrary has always skilfully set new
trends. In its glorious, almost centennial heritage, it has often paved the way to follow both
on a technical and stylistic level. In recent history the new California 1400 represents the
cruiser par excellence of the new millennium, a point of reference with its riding features, a
generation ahead of its time in technical content and performance, but also with an
extremely personal, classic and deeply Moto Guzzi style. On the other hand the V7 Racer
also left a mark, being the first factory series special, full of precious standard parts that
are generally only available as accessories. Such a far-sighted spirit can also be attributed
to the work done by the PADC (Piaggio Advanced Design Center) in Pasadena (California
- USA), a privileged observation point which is located (not by chance) precisely where
new motorcycle trends are born that are then shared with the entire world. The centre
director is Miguel Galluzzi: “The desire to modify your bike and make it unique has always
existed. What has changed in recent years is the selected model to follow. If in the past, for
example, owners preferred undressing a sport bike and mounting a high handlebar, now
bikers have embraced the value of simplicity. Enthusiasts turn to bikes rich in character,
not demanding and easy to modify. Perhaps not ultra-powerful, but in any case still exciting
and satisfying to ride. Bikes that are unique like the individual enthusiasts who own them.
There is no longer a desire to conform, but to the contrary, to stand out. My bike is unique,
like me, it reflects who I am and what I think. As has often happened in the past, Moto
Guzzi was able to go back through the times, opening up this new road, introducing the V7
Racer, made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. It is the first true factory series
special. However, now Moto Guzzi gives you the opportunity to modify your bike with your
own hands, creating your own favourite V7, thanks to a complete range of
accessories. You can transform your V7 following one of four reference worlds that Guzzi
recommends or you can simply follow your own personal taste to create a tailor-made
As for motorcycle customisation, Moto Guzzi stands out by introducing a rich range of
original high quality accessories capable of creating a truly unique level of
personalisation based on clearly different motorcycle styles and riding experiences. All of
the parts have been conceived, designed and made by Moto Guzzi and they are subjected
to strict control test cycles just like any other original part on the bike in order to guarantee
a quality and long-lasting product. Since they have been conceived and fine tuned by Moto
Guzzi they are perfectly interchangeable with the factory parts, allowing you to easily
revert your bike to its original configuration. They are also fully approved and therefore
absolutely “street legal”.

In order to facilitate the Guzzisti's choices, four "reference worlds" have been identified:
four customisation formulas that correspond to clearly different styles, following your own
personal taste and still leaving you with the widest possibilities of creating your own
tailor-made V7, selecting your favourite parts from those in the entire range and mixing
and matching. In fact, all of the elements that make up the various configurations are
available for purchase individually in order to further exploit the Guzzisti's imagination
and creativity. Another particularly important aspect is that the elements can be used both
on the new V7 II and on the first generation Moto Guzzi V7 which is already on the road all
over the world. In fact, the new accessories will allow those who have already owned a
Moto Guzzi for a few years to change the look of their bikes, renewing it and thereby
entering the world of special bikes easily and simply.
DARK RIDER: this is the first Moto Guzzi recommended reference style made up of
accessories created to give your bike a Gothic look inspired by the night life scene and the
city. But inspiration for this style can also be found by looking back through Moto Guzzi's
history: Omobono Tenni, the Mandello based brand's legendary rider from the 1930s, was
also known by the nickname “the black devil”. The accessories dedicated to this style
include a black aluminium top fairing, aluminium side panels, aluminium mudguards, a
black tank with the traditional red Moto Guzzi eagle, and wire wheels, letting you give your
bike a blacked-out, but sophisticated and contemporary, look.
SCRAMBLER: there are many available accessories to completely change the image and
profile of your V7, transforming it into a bike that is perfectly suited for use on the road, but
with an offroad look and a strong personality. Now there are exclusive high quality
aluminium satin finish parts. The high two-in-one exhaust, the offroad knobby tyres, the
handlebar cross brace and the offroad footpegs constitute the first step closer to the
"scrambler" world. The long satin finish mudguards, the satin finish number plates the satin
finish guards and the long vintage '70s saddle are the elements that complete the
transformation. An extra touch of personality is also provided by the tool bag and the
handmade leather side panniers.
LEGEND: another immersion into Guzzi history interpreted in a modern key. In the '40s the
Moto Guzzi Alce, a bike used by the Italian Army, was characterised by its reliability,
sturdiness and great flexibility. The configuration that can be achieved with the parts from
the Legend world allow you to reinterpret that extremely fascinating concept. The high
“two-in-one” silencer, knobby tyres and olive green fuel tank, side panels and mudguards
give the bike a strong connotation and a unique look. The high handlebar cross brace, the
black luggage rack, the long saddle (comfortable for 2 people) and the natural leather side
bag complete and enhance this configuration which stems more than any other from the
Moto Guzzi heritage.
DAPPER: this includes a range of accessories developed and made to recreate the Café
Racer world that attracted so much attention on the global motorcycling scene. In fact, the
leitmotiv of the project is to enhance the '70s era through the creation of polished
aluminium accessories (mudguards, injector covers, guards, number plates) and
accessories such as the low semi-handlebar and the single-seat saddle that convey an
attractive riding set-up derived directly from the racing world. Last but not least, the vintage
design handlebar mirrors reinterpreted in a modern key are another prestigious and
exclusive addition.
Already well known because it was introduced with the previous model year V7, is the
RECORD kit formula: this is a name that brings to mind the Moto Guzzi V7 prototype that
broke 19 speed records in the early '70s. The shape of the components in the kit brings to
mind the aerodynamic solutions which were so typical of the 70's racer. The kit is

comprised of a rounded top fairing that houses the V7 single headlight, characterised by
the side profiles that join the fuel tank area and a saddle that encompasses the single seat
tail fairing, shaped to form a spoiler at the end. The sport saddle is made from special twocomponent, fire and waterproof foam material with shape memory, the maximum in
technology derived directly from the sport world. The components are made of fibreglass,
in compliance with approval standards and they are easy to install, thanks to the mounting
brackets (for the top fairing) in laser cut and sandblasted steel. The Record kit is available
for both the Stone and the Special with the addition of the semi-handlebar kit.
In addition to the four customisation formulas, Moto Guzzi also offers numerous
accessories that allow the customer to personalise his or her V7 and make it more
compatible with their own aesthetic tastes or needs.
SEMI-HANDLEBARS: available for Stone and Special, this kit lowers the riding position,
making it just like the V7 Racer. Includes throttle control cables and dedicated front brake
TWO-SEATER KIT: made for the Racer, this includes everything needed to make the bike
a two-seater.
SINGLE-SEATER SADDLE: single-seater saddle to set up the bike in racer mode.
PERFORMANCE SHOCK ABSORBERS: this pair of Bitubo shock absorbers with
separate gas bottle has been designed specifically for the V7 and its particular needs.
They are have adjustable hydraulic spring preload in rebound and compression. Thanks to
the possibility of personalising the calibrations, they are capable of ensuring greater
comfort and better rideability, besides giving the bike a truly unique and distinguished look.
ALUMINIUM SIDE PANELS: The brushed and anodized aluminium side fairings contribute
to making the V7 II profile even more tapered. This style is also reminiscent of the hand
crafted creations typical of 70's races.
TOP FAIRING: The kit includes an unpainted plastic moulded windshield and the
aluminium brackets with relative nuts and bolts for installation.
TANK GUARDS: these are two soft rubbery guards that are applied to the sides of the fuel
tank where the rider's knees rest in order to increase riding comfort.
MOTORCYCLE COVER: this cover is made from black scratch proof material and is made
precious by the Moto Guzzi logo on both sides, and also in the "Eagle" and "Shape"
TOURING WINDSHIELD: the windshield kit is designed to provide better aerodynamic
protection without compromising the aesthetics of the V7. It is type-approved to the
strictest standards (DOT and TUV) and road tested in all conditions by Moto Guzzi test
INJECTOR COVERS: these covers are made in aluminium and are designed to protect
the injectors area from accidental contact with the rider's knees.
SIDE PANNIERS: this kit includes a pair of rigid nylon panniers with an approx. volume of
20 litres. They are covered in waterproof genuine leather and fitted with chromed steel
buckle. The fastening frame in high strength steel and pair of internal nylon removable
bags are also included.
LUGGAGE CARRIER: this prestigious article performs two important functions: on one
hand it is a luggage rack and on the other it is a solid place for passengers to hold on,
thanks to the two built-in handles. This accessory is made in high resistance TIG welded
steel and then chromium plated. It is installed in place of the original passenger hand grips.
TOP BOX BAG: attaches to special luggage rack and made in waterproof genuine leather.
Easily removed using the rear handle.

TANK COVER: Tank cover band in waterproof genuine leather, featuring handy pocket
and hole for refuelling. Fastens on with 2 screws under the tank rear edge, by removing
the saddle, and a front belt.
TANK BAG: Nylon and waterproof genuine leather tank bag featuring 2 side pockets and
an upper map holder. Fastened with quick hook-ups to the tank cover which can remain
mounted on the tank thanks to refuelling hole, it is easily disconnected and transportable
using the handle.
capacity of about 42 litres, this pair of semi-rigid panniers is ideal for those who do not
want to give up transporting items on their V7. They are made from technical Skay and
hook easily onto the brackets provided in the kit. The reflective profiles increase visibility at
GEL COMFORT SADDLE: dedicated to those who always demand maximum comfort, this
saddle has a gel insert both in the rider and passenger seating area. Its streamlined sides
also allow both feet to rest easily on the ground. The covering recalls the style of the
standard saddle and is enriched by the punched “Comfort gel” logo.
LOWERED COMFORT GEL SADDLE: in this saddle the comfort of the cushion with gel
inserts combines with the practicality of the revised and profile lowered by 20 mm to allow
secure footing on the ground. The covering. The covering recalls the style of the standard
saddle and is enriched by the punched “Comfort gel” logo.

Moto Guzzi allows you to dress your passion thanks to a line of helmets which are
completely new in terms of design and technical and aesthetic characteristics, all of which
prominently display the Eagle Brand logo that embodies motorcycling passion, Italian style
and a rich heritage of sport and industrial success. Alongside the helmets there will also be
a new line of vintage leather and fabric jackets, as well as technical gloves in line with
Moto Guzzi style that allow you to exploit and enhance your riding experience and sense
of belonging to the world of Mandello bikes.
This represents the door to enter the exciting Moto Guzzi customisation world where the
new V7 II range is the star attraction. A virtual space where you can gather information
on the brand new original accessories dedicated to the V7 generation and the
combinations that Moto Guzzi has fine tuned, creating clearly distinct riding experiences.
The new website GARAGEMOTOGUZZI.COM, however, offers much more. In fact, it is
capable of providing the actual garage experience in virtual reality. Every Guzzista can
configure his or her own V7, actually creating a personal and unique special using
drawings, photographs and videos placed on a background that is reminiscent of a
mechanic's workbench. Innovation and tradition typical of the heritage of Moto Guzzi
motorcycles therefore find a meeting place available to all fans of the Larian Eagle. If it is
true that “bike to customise is the beginning of a love affair”, as the home page tag line
points out, then GARAGEMOTOGUZZI.COM is the place where the love affair begins. The
same way the spark plug brings the engine to life, every love affair connected with Moto
Guzzi starts with a spark that ignites your passion for the noble Italian brand. The view of a
prestigious part, the contact of your hand that caresses the tank, the thrill evoked by the
sound of the transversal V engine, or simply the sensation that Moto Guzzi charm is

capable of transmitting: the spark that feeds your passion can be generated in many ways.
The result is always a symbiotic and deep relationship, so deep rooted and strong that
some have managed to turn into their professional activity, as was the case with a few of
the four professional customisers who tell the story of their bond with Moto Guzzi.
Filippo Barbacane (Rossopuro Garage), Stefano Perego (Millepercento Garage), Stefan
Bronold Jr. (Radical Guzzi) and Giuseppe Carucci (South Garage) in the “The Spark”
section, tell about their own experiences that led them to combine passion with profession,
starting precisely with the moment that triggered an irreversible process.
The deep devotion to Moto Guzzi always starts with something unique: all creations can be
proudly shown and shared on the web platform using the special hashtags that introduce
just a rich and interesting social gallery.

Moto Guzzi Press Office - Piaggio Group
Via Broletto, 13
20121 Milan +39 02.319612.15/16/17/18

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