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The purpose of this thesis is to prove that small and medium enterprises now
have the ability to leverage social media to raise brand awareness, increase sales and
compete at a fairer level against global brands than ever before. The thesis will analyze a
successful case of a start-up company called Dollar Shave Club, which posted a viral
video in 2012 on YouTube and saw a great growth in their sales ever since. The
takeaways of this work are that social media allow companies with a small marketing
budget to reach a huge audience. This used to only be reached by global brands with a
big marketing budget. Another finding was that viral marketing campaigns do not
automatically lead to an increase of brand awareness and sales over the long term. The
content needs to be branded and adequate measures need to be implemented after the
viral peak.

DSC: Dollar Shave Club
SME: Small and Medium Enterprise
WOM: Word of Mouth
SNP: Social Network Platform
MS: Market Share
B2C: Business to consumer
CEO: Chief Executive Officer

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