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« Your Ocean, Your Future »
The operating company of the National Centre of the Sea – WORLD OCEAN NETWORK, hereafter known as “the
organising company”, which is a semi-public company with an amount of resources of 1 809 560 €, which has its
headquarters in BRUSSELS (BELGIUM), 89/7 Avenue Louise (Louizalaan), and its secretariat in BOULOGNE-SUR1
MER (FRANCE), Boulevard Sainte-Beuve, is organising, with the partners of the Sea for Society European project , a
free contest called “Your Ocean, Your Future”. This contest aims to communicate and raise awareness on the services
provided by the Ocean and the opportunities it offers, as well as promote the commitment towards a sustainable
management of oceans and seas. It will take place from 12 October 2015 at midnight to 16 November 2015 at
midnight (Paris time), according to the terms and conditions formulated in this regulation.
This operation is in no way organised or sponsored by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Apple or Microsoft.
The contest is announced on:

The Blue Society Facebook page, the Blue Society website ( and the World Ocean
Network website (

The contest can also be announced with an emailing from the organising company and its partners, as well
as with invitations intended for the Blue Society community, or through other communication tools such as
blogs, Facebook pages and partners’ websites.

This free contest is opened to any physical person, either individually or collectively, who is at least 12 years of age,
who has a valid mail address and access to the Internet, and who lives in Europe or in Israel. Each minor participant
must get the prior consent of one of its parents or its legal guardian to be part of the contest. The organising company
will be in a position to ask any participant to justify this authorisation and, as the case may be, can disqualify a
participant who cannot prove this authorisation. The organising company reserves the right to ask the jury to meet
again once the initial winner is minor and is not able to provide sufficient evidence of the authorisation.
The participation in the contest implies full acceptance and compliance with the provisions of this regulation. The nonrespect of the terms and conditions formulated in this regulation will result in the invalidity of the participation.


Partners: Nausicaá National Sea Center (France), EurOcean Foundation (Portugal), IOPAN Institute of Oceanology of the Polish
Academy of Sciences (Poland), AquaTT (Ireland), UGOT University of Gothenburg (Sweden), Ciência Viva National Agency for
Scientific and Technological Culture (Portugal), IEO Spanish Institute of Oceanography (Spain), ADG Costa Edutainment S.p.A
(Italy), Mc2 Aquarium Finisterrae – Science Museums of a Coruña (Spain), MI Marine Institute (Ireland), HCMR Hellenic Centre for
Marine Research (Greece), IMR Institute of Marine Research (Norway), IST Marine Environment and Technology Center of Instituto
Superior Técnico (Portugal), ECSITE The European Network of science Centres and Museums (Belgium), IUCN International Union
for Conservation of Nature – European Regional Office (Belgium), EBN European Business & Innovation Centre Network (Belgium),
NUI Galway National University of Ireland (Ireland), WON World Ocean Network (Belgium), IFREMER French Research Institute for
Exploration of the Sea (France), Studio K (France). Associated partners: IUCN France International Union for Conservation of Nature
– French committed (France), IUCN Spain International Union for Conservation of Nature – Spanish committee (Spain), MadaTech
The Israel National Museum of Science, Technology & Space – Daniel and Matilde Recanati Center (Israel), IRScNB Royal Belgian
Institute of Natural Sciences (Belgium), MNHN National Natural History Museum (France), NHM Natural History Museum (United
Kingdom), W5 Whowhatwherewhenwhy – Interactive Discovery Centre (Northern Ireland), VLIZ Flanders Marine Institute (Belgium).


To be part of the contest, participants should:
Take a photograph related to the theme « Your Ocean, Your Future ».
Upload the photograph of their choice on the photo contest tab through the Whishpond app or import it
directly from Instagram.
Provide all the information requested.
Then, get their friends and their family voting every day for their photograph.
The participation will be taken into account once the organising company approves it and considers it in
compliance with the regulation of the contest.
The legend of the photograph must contain the hashtag #BlueSociety.
5.1. Each participant commits that the photographs published and shared in the framework of the contest are original
creations, which in no way violate the rights of any third parties, whatsoever they are. In doing so, this regulation
includes the prohibition for the participants to copy an existing work. The participant must be the sole owner of the
exploitation rights attached to these works. As such, participants are responsible for the authorisations of any third
party who contributed, directly or indirectly, to its realisation and/or who believes to have any right to assert regarding
this work. Participants are also responsible for any payment resulting therefrom. In general, participants guarantee the
organisers of this contest against pleas, legal actions or claims which could be brought by any third party for some
reason, on the occasion of the exercise of the rights granted herein and more generally in respect of all the
guarantees and commitments taken in this agreement. Therefore, no participant shall publish or share any photograph
borrowing or using any materials that are protected by the industrial or intellectual property rights belonging to a third
party who would not have given any prior and certified authorisation.
5.2. Moreover, each participant must not publish or share pornographic photographs or some that are contrary to
morals and public order. Hateful, vulgar, racist or xenophobic photographs are also forbidden, as well as any
photographs which could disparage or affect in any way image, private life, honor, reputation and/or consideration of
any person or entity. The organising company expressly reserves the right to rule out, without any justification in the
framework of the contest, any photograph considered as not complying with the validity conditions formulated
hereinabove, or which could harm its image. Every photograph is published under the sole participant’s responsibility.
6.1. At the end of the contest, a jury will select the winning photograph for each category, subject to a sufficient
number of participants. The jury is made of 5 members:
- Ruth HIGGINS, EurOcean (Portugal)
- Helen KLIMMEK, IUCN (Belgium)
- Manuel CIRA, Nausicaá (France)
- John JOYCE, AquaTT (Ireland)
- Cédric HANANEL, EBN (Belgium)
The number of votes obtained will be taken into account in the final decision of this jury.
6.2. Each participant has the opportunity to submit a maximum of 3 photographs per category for the whole duration
of the contest. Despite of the fact that participants can submit several photographs, they can win only once.
6.3. Winners will be contacted within the week after the end of the contest. They will receive a mail that confirms the
nature of their reward and terms to get it. Any winner who does not reply within 7 days after the notification about its
reward will be considered as declining it. The reward will be attributed to an alternate winner.
Winning photographs, one per category of the contest, will be presented to the MEPs during an exceptional event
promoting the Sea for Society project and the Blue Society. This event will take place on 18 November 2015 at the
European Parliament (Blue Society Launch Event).
6 drones Blade 200QX with a total value of 1200€ are to be won (unit price: 199,90 euros).
The organising company reserves the right to proceed to the verification of identity, age and residence country of any
winner before the delivery of the reward. Endowments will, under no circumstances, be exchanged against their value
in cash or for any other endowment. The organising company cannot be considered responsible for the use or the
non-use, even for the trading, of the rewards by winners. In case of force majeure, the organising company reserves
the right to replace the reward to an equivalent one. The non-compliance with this regulation, as well as any fraud or

attempt at cheating, whatever the terms, will result in the outright elimination of the author of the photography.
8.1. The organising company will have the possibility to use winner’s first name, last name, photograph or testimony,
with any media the organising company would choose and in the framework of communication and advertising
operations concerning this contest, without the winner demanding a financial participation in return. However, if the
winner does not want the organising company to use its name, address or photograph for this purpose, it is possible
to inform the organising company by post to Nausicaa – Boulevard Sainte Beuve – 62200 BOULOGNE SUR MER
(FRANCE); or by sending an email to the following address:
8.2. Each participant consents to cede gracefully and exclusively to the organising company and its subsidiaries, in
the whole world and for 6 months, all the reproduction, representation and adaptation rights attached to the
photograph the participant submits for the contest. This consent also applies to any exploitation of the photograph by
Nausicaa or its partners in the framework of the Sea for Society project, on any media for every communication or
campaign related to this contest, and especially for publications on Blue Society website and Facebook page or for
other online and offline communication supports of Nausicaa and its partners. In doing so, each participant proclaims
and assures to be the sole owner of the intellectual property rights for the photograph submitted for the contest.
Therefore, the participant is the only one able to cede the exploitation rights. The entrant also proclaims and assures
that no agreement which could stand in the way of the publication of the photograph has been finalised with any third
party. For its part, Nausicaa commits to mention the winner’s name for any exploitation of the photograph for which
the participant was designated as the winner.
The necessary expenses for the effective participation (internet access for the contest on a fee basis) cannot be
In case of force majeure or events that are independent of its will, the organising company will not incur any liability if
it has to cancel, reduce, extend or postpone the contest, or modify the terms and conditions. In doing so, the
organising company reserves the possibility to extend or reduce the duration of the contest.
11.1. The organising company will solve any eventual protest concerning the interpretation of the rules but will answer
no phone or written request that concern the interpretation or the application of the rules, the mechanisms or the
terms of the contest, and the list of winners.
11.2. Participation to this contest implies the full acceptance of:

This regulation and all its stipulations

The ethical rules in force on the Internet (etiquette on the web, charter of corporate behaviour, etc.)

The rules and laws in force on the French land
11.3. In case of protest, only a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, sent within 30 days maximum after
the end of the contest, will be admissible. Except in case of obvious mistakes, it is agreed that the information
resulting from the competition systems of the organising company can be used as evidence in any dispute concerning
connection items and computer processing of information related to the contest. Before any legal action related to this
regulation (especially regarding its application or interpretation), participants commit to lodge an amicable and
informal appeal to the organising company. Participants have to comply with the French regulation applicable to
contests. Any dispute that cannot be solved amicably will be subjected to the competent courts that the headquarters
of the organising company depend upon, unless unlawful.
The personal information collected in the framework of this contest are processed in accordance with the law of 6
January 1978, called “Information technology, data files and civil liberties”. The winner is informed that its personal
data stored for the contest are necessary for the consideration of its participation and to send its reward.
Under the article 27 of this law, all participants to the contest have the right to access, correct or delete data that
concern them. Any request for access, correction or objection must be made by post to the contest address.


The organising company reserves the right to amend the articles of this regulation, especially those which concern the
contest and rewards, mainly to reflect changes in regulatory or administrative laws, legal decisions, recommendations
issued by organisms responsible for the organising company’s administration of the network and sales policy.


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